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Tinkerfest 2013!

Ahhh, Tinkerfest. The time of year to celebrate things gnomish. Things that go "click!" "whirr!" "ping!" and most especially "BOOM!". (Musn't forget the boom, it is Mum's favorite part of the event!) The celebrations this year will run from July 26 through August 13, 2013. (A bit of extra time was added to the end of the event, so that those of us going to SOELive would also have time to join in the celebration.)

Watch where you step, however! It seems that in most major areas where gnomes congregate, Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs will be sprouting out of the ground for you to harvest. I suspect many of you will want lots and lots of cogs. (Major cities will have at least one cog-strewn area, plus spots like the Dropship Landing in Moors of Ykesha, the gnomish pirates area outside of Thurgadin, etc. also have spawn spots.)

You will also want to learn the basics of the gnomish language, if you don't know it already, as most of the quest NPCs won't give you the time of day if you can't be bothered to understand their tech-talk during their festival.

Since I am massively crunched for time, those of you NOT familiar with this holiday might want to check out the previews from past years for additional details:


This year introduces the first Tinkerfest Achievements. Three of the four achievements reward house items, and unlock the ability to purchase more from Tinkerfest merchant Myron. (The fourth achievement is not pictured below, but it is for the Tinkerfest aether races.)

You will find images of the three rewards pictured down in the Buy-Only section of the preview, since Myron will be happy to sell you more, once you complete the achievements.

Quest Love

Professor What's quest is mentioned down with the images of the Tinkerfest galvanic clothing. The other new quest this year starts with smoke coming out of one of the buildings in Gnomeland Security. (Picture at the top of the page.) You might want to stop and see if anyone inside needs help. Don't forget to snag a gas mask when he tells you to do so, though! (You don't get to keep it, sadly, but it is a fun look for a brief while. :D)

Several returning quests are also to be found, as you can probably guess from their inclusion on the Tinkerfest quest achievement pictured above. The "If They Only Had a Brain" quest even includes a couple new house item clockwork beetles as possible rewards. (Corroded Clockwork Beetle and Corroded Clockwork Grappler Beetle)

New 2013 Crafted Goodies

There are 25 crafted items in the main new Tinkerfest recipe book, and then there are 3 outfits that master tinkerers can make (using a quest reward outfit at the base). (Vendor Myron in Gnomeland Security sells the new goodies, vendor Tarly, standing beside him, sells goodies that are returning from past years.)

Carbonite Spin Wheel
Rhodium Spin Wheel
Xegonite Spin Wheel
Clock Assembly
Gear Assembly
Crane Wrench
Empty Hanging Parts Bin
Full Hanging Parts Bin
Galvanized Entry Plate**
Grand Tinkerer's
Long Bench
Grand Tinkerer's
Short Bench
Inventor's Beloved Rug
Illustrated Schematic
Ratcheted Sprong Arm
Tinkered Transmetal
Lava Infused Coreplate
Block of Corrugated Wood
Half Block of
Corrugated Wood
Narrow Divider of
Corrugated Wood
Railing of
Corrugated Wood
Rounded Tile of
Corrugated Wood
Short Column of
Corrugated Wood
Stair of Corrugated Wood
Tall Column of
Corrugated Wood
Tall Divider of
Corrugated Wood

**Galvanized Entry Plate is a functional door that has the "Use" option to open and close. Of course, silly gnomes got oil on the rug, but not on the door hinges, so it opens and closes with a squeak, but that's a small price to pay for gnomish construction, right?

The items pictured above use the shiny tinkerfest cog ground spawn as their primary and Tier 3 (level 20-29) resources. A tinkering skill of 25 is required to make these items. (Suggestion: If you think you might level someone as a tinkerer during the next year, you may want to have them pick up the no-trade recipe books now, and store them until you are able to scribe them, otherwise, you will have to wait another year to get these recipes.)

The Outfits

Professor What, in Gnomeland Security, needs your help. In return, he will gift you with a set of Tan Galvanic Attire. A stylish master tinkerer (400+ skill), however, might want some variations on the shoulder. Some new master tinkerer blueprints on the Tinkerfest vendors have the recipes needed to customize your look a bit. (The basic tan galvanic set is at the bottom center of each image, with the 3 variations pictured above it.) Note that there is a flying disk behind Professor What that will transport you to the proper quest location.


Several new items will be vendor-only. The Gearskifs are ground mounts and 300 shiny tinkerfest cogs each. The Kajiggers are flying mounts and 500 shiny tinkerfest cogs each. The three furniture items require Tinkerfest achievement unlocks before you can buy them.

Myron's Mechanized
Myron's Retrofitted
Myron's Whirlblade
Ceiling Mounted
Lightning Rods
(Achievement unlock)
Floor Mounted
Lightning Rods
(Achievement unlock)
Perpetual Motion
(Achievement unlock)
Emerald Canvas
Oscillating Kajiggers
Pine Canvas
Oscillating Kajiggers
Red Canvas
Oscillating Kajiggers

The Bigger Picture(s)

First, I'll give you the "big picture(s)", then the smaller thumbnails.

Benches, wrench and blueprints
Bins both empty and full, and a light
Corrugated blocks to go with the tile we already have
Two disassembled items - just like a gnome to leave stuff lying around!
Nonmoving wheels attatch to wall with posts - and a lovely (functional!) door!
You can tell a tinkerer lives here. How? The oil stains on the rug!
I can just see someone making a HUGE mechanical spider
with this ratcheted sprong arm. (This is the default size,
as are the blocks beside it, so you can get a feel for scale)

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