SOELive 2014 Notes

These notes are in no particular order, and will only cover a fraction of what was discussed at SOELive. (There were too many conversations going on in too many places, as usual!)

Standard Disclaimer

Please note in the following that when it was something that players requested, and there is a note saying that the devs will "look into it" or that they "want to do it", etc., it does not mean we will ever get whatever it was, or that it will happen any time soon. Looking into it means just that -- they'll discuss it, figure out what sort of time and/or technical contortions it can take, and see if it is feasible. It isn't a promise that they'll actually do it, just that they'll research and discuss it. Saying that they want to do something, again, doesn't mean they WILL do something -- their schedules and priority lists are always changing, and there's a HUGE backlog pile of stuff they "want" to do, but other stuff is higher on the priority list.

News From SOE

Expansion The next expansion will be Altar of Malice. It will be released to All Access members on November 11, and to free-to-play on November 25. (ToV will be bundled with the expansion, so those needing both expansions can buy Altar of Malice and get both ToV and AoM.) Level caps (adventuring, crafting, guild) will raise to 100 and 96 to 100 will be treated as a new tier (full round of new recipes, new harvesting tier, etc.) There will be 25 more prestige points for adventuring, and 25 for crafting, and both will include new prestige trees. The tradeskill prestige will include one that allows the gathering of special resources (that will be harvest-only, not something you can get from goblins and ponies). It was also mentioned that tradeskillers would have "some" best-in-slot gear for raiders and casual players alike. (Some will still be best from drops, but we're supposed to be able to make some really desirable stuff with the expansion.) Beta for the expansion should start in late September or early October. It will include 2 overland zones, 2 contested zones, 14 heroic zones, 6 raids, 6 advanced solos and 4 avatars.

Other Goodness from the Devs In many cases, it was unclear when the items mentioned would be happening. In other cases, I just can't decipher my notes well enough to be sure. When a rough date was mentioned, I have included it.

Requests From Players

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