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AoM: Carpenter Furniture

This is part of the Altar of Malice Crafting/Housing Preview

Note that as of this page's creation on Oct. 3, all Ghorkaal furniture still has no collision. We continue to sumbit /bug reports on it.

Due to screenshots being disabled on beta, and the fact that even "just" using the windows snipping tool adds in a chunk of time to the screenshot process, these aren't our normal 200x200 icons, but rough crops of snips from the dressing room. More gallery-friendly icons should be available after launch.


Benched Rowboat
Ghorkaal Bookcase
Highhold Round Rug
Small Fishing Boat
Unusual Egg
Weathered Rowboat
Wide Crate
Barrel of Fish
Broken Eggshell
Ghorkaal Chair
Hay Trough
Highhold Dousing Trough
Highhold Rectangular Rug
Ratonga Paw Plant
Violet Leaf Frond
Barrel of Fish Bones
Double Pink Leaf Fronds
Ghorkaal Desk
Highhold Forge
Highhold Runner Rug
Water Trough
Zavith'loa Ferns
Double Violet Leaf Fronds
Full Weathered Barrel
Ghorkaal Table
Highhold Wall Sconce
Highhold Office Rug
Wrapped Hay Bale
Zavith'loa Hanging Flowers
Elegant Weighing Scale
Ghorkaal Bed
Ghorkaal Chest
Pile of Netting
Pink Leaf Frond
Sturdy Bellows
Weathered Oar


Highhold Armchair
Crimson Highhold Sofa
Highhold Bookcase
Embroidered Highhold Sofa
Highhold Small Desk
Highhold Guest Chair
Highhold Long Table
Elegant Nightstand
Highhold Table
Spherical Topiary
Spiral Topiary

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