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Furniture - Painting Backs

Decorators tend to be creative sorts, and often find alternate uses for a variety of things, including the backs of paintings. Unfortunately, an item preview does not let you view the back of the paintings, so there are frequent questions in the /antonia_bayle.homeshow channel about which paintings have what backs. Thanks to the efforts of a community member volunteering her time, we now have the start of a gallery of painting backs.

This gallery is in no way complete, and is not likely to be for quite some time, due to the number of paintings within the game, but it is a lovely start!

A pristine broadcloth painting
A pristine canvas painting
Also used for:
Emerging into East Commonlands
Entering Unrest
Memorable View Of Rivervale Bank
Remnants Of A Sarnak Stronghold
Remnants Of Guk
View Of Old Freeport
View Of Old Qeynos
Welcome To Iceclad Ocean
A pristine fine landscape painting
A pristine fine painting of a stone building
A pristine oil painting of a brick castle
Also used for:
a pristine oil painting of a castle
a pristine oil painting of a sea shore cliff
A pristine oil painting of a knight
A pristine oil painting of a stone castle
A pristine painting of the sun god
A pristine rough linen portrait
A pristine rough linen scenery painting
A pristine sackcloth portrait
Also used for:
a pristine linen picture
a pristine cloth portrait
a pristine linen portrait
a portrait of a teenage girl
a pristine roughspun portrait
a pristine ruckas portrait
Blue-Tinted Impressionist Painting

Non-Crafted Paintings Need Love Too!

Beasts of Cazic-Thule
Also used for:
Guardian Of Flame
Kaladim’s Ancient Guardian
Remnants of Cabilis
Remnants Of Feerrott
Entering Crushbone
Also used for:
Emperor Crush’s Throne
Hidden In The Mists
Karnor’s Entrance
Servants Of Veeshan
The Dangers Of Kael Drakkel
To The Forest Floor
Painting: A Quiet Harbor View
The Age of Turmoil
The Pinnacle of Knowledge

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