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Frostfell 2015: Windows into Wonderland

Ah, Frostfell! That time of the winter when reindeer -- and snowballs -- really fly!

Thanks to some wonderfully thoughtful holiday elf magic, I am able to put together most of the preview before even running amok in the Frostfell Wonderland Village. I'm going to take full advantage of the time-saver, and pamper the dregs of this 2-week-long cold instead of scrabbling for story inspiration. This article will be large enough without the extra "gravy" on the side anyway. :D

Frostfell 2015 will run from December 10 at 8 a.m. Pacific to 7 a.m. Pacific on January 7. (This event requires a patch day turn on/off due to all the extra zone art involved and such.)

Unfamiliar with Frostfell?

Magic closets to the Frostfell Wonderland Village will appear in every home city, transporting you to a rather icy and snowy wonderland. In addition to the Frostfell crafting instance, there are plenty of other returning quests for the avid Frostfeller, as well as one new quest series that will be available to those who own the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion.

As with past years, harvestable presents are scattered around the zone, with 55 different types of Frostfell-specific resources to be gathered (plus you may harvest a few discontinued Santa gifts!). Several Gigglegibber vendors in the zone will sell you recipe books (3 new ones, plus all the ones from past years), shopping bags for the Frostfell harvestables if you need them, and special Frostfell fuels. The recipes need to be crafted upon the special Frostfell equipment that is available both in the Frostfell Wonderland Village and in home versions of the stations that are quested ... ish..

If you're harvesting for your Frostfell crafting supplies, don't forget to use harvesting kits and the like to speed up your harvesting. The upgraded pack pony will also be a boon, as you can send him off after holiday harvests for the duration of the event.

New Crafted

There are three new Frostfell recipe books this year.

Frostfell Outfits You Can Make VII

Chillburn Club, Chillburn Longbow, Chillburn Buckler, Chillburn Mage Staff

Merry and Bright Frostfell costumes

Left 2 models:
Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Vest, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Boots, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Bracers, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Gloves, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Cap, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Greaves, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Sleeves

Center 2 models:
Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Vest (repeat), Merry and Bright Frostfell Shoes, Merry and Bright Frostfell Handguards, Merry and Bright Frostfell Collar, Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Pants

Right 2 models:
Merry and Bright Frostfell Robe, Merry and Bright Frostfell Hood

Frostfell Feasts and Decorative Crafts VII

Pink Poinsett Flower in Alabaster Pot, Pink Poinsett Flower in an Envious Pot
Festive Blizzard Bramble, Cool Blizzard Bramble
Gingerdread Man Plushie, Chocolaty Gingerdread Man Plushie, Sugary Gingerdread Man Plushie
Shadow Pine Wreath, Festive Pine Wreath, Holiday Snack Bowl

Scholarly Pursuits for a Festive Frostfell VII

Sugar Plum Wizard Star, Yellow Dazzle Wizard Star, Merrily Oversized Snowglobe
Merrily Frosted Horizontal Window Pane, Merrily Frosted Vertical Window Pane
(complete with snowfall effect!)
Baked Gingerbread Triangle Tile, Ice Chunk Triangle Tile, Ice Brick Triangle Tile

New From Giggawat and Garsleblat Gigglegibber

These two gigglegibber goblins have been selling us recipes and random decorations for years. This year they have two new snowglobes for sale.

Deathknell Citadel Snowglobe and the Qeynos Castle Snowglobe

New From Gerbi Frostfoot

Gerbi Frostfoot (who requires a quest unlock, if you haven't unlocked him in past years), sells various items in return for frozen tokens of e'ci.
Convincing Santa Glug Beard*
Close-up, price tag and all!
Petamorph: Tundra Slimer
Massive Snowball, Trout Ice Sculpture, Sea Turtle Ice Sculpture, Icy Blade Sconce

*=This is *just* the beard, for a hatless but bearded look. If you want the Santa hat and beard combined, you need to see the Santa gifts section below.

New Gifts from Santa Glug

Every 18 hours, you can hail Santa Glug in the Frostfell Wonderland Village and receive a random gift from him. In addition to some returning gifts from past years, Santa will also be giving away several new items:
Poinsett Flower in Alabaster Pot, White Frosttail Reindeer (housepet), Scamper Wheel Snowglobe
Blizzard Elk Antlers
Official Santa Glug Beard and Hat
Wicked Gumdrop (fluff pet)
Gigglegibber Frostfell Cushion

New Quest Line

You WILL need to own the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion to do this quest. You will NOT have had to do any factioning (adventure or tradeskill) in order to be safe inside Maldura. You will have -39K with Shields of Maldura (from handing in "Special Delivery", which is part of the questline) when you get there, and the guards will glare, but leave you alone.

Since the city of Maldura had been cut off from the world above for so long, they aren't familiar with Frostfell. Help an apprentice Frostfell fae bring the spirit of Frostfell to a sad gnemlin girl, and then help her bring back decorations and the like to Maldura. You will find the quest starter, Jarith Icewing, at 332, -23, -1513 in the Frostfell Wonderland Village.

One of the 5 quests rewards you with a tinkered snowglobe, and the final quest in the series rewards you with a holly leaf frostfell cap. (I am not doing a full quest series walkthrough. They're all pretty straightforward quests as long as you read instead of just clicking through quest dialog at high speed. :D)

Harvesting Gifts?!

New this year, based on player feedback, you will be able to randomly harvest some of the Frostfell gifts that used to be given out by Santa that have been discontinued (Stateley Frosfell Candles, Somber Frostfell Candles and Etched Frostfell Snowflake are all we've verified) from the frostfell present nodes. The upgraded pack pony can also randomly bring them back when he brings you holiday harvests.

Quest Tracker?

Since Zam no longer updating their holiday quest tracker, Casdoe of Maj'Dul put together a Frostfell quest tracker spreadsheet that you can download. I am hosting a copy of it here on the site for those who want to snag a copy of it.

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