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KA Carpenter Furniture

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Crafting and Housing Preview for the expansion that is released on Nov. 15, 2016.

The group shots can be found here. Meanwhile, work is progressing on the 93 thumbnails needed to cover all the new carpenter items (30 rare, 63 handcrafted). Please excuse the dust, as it is a LOT of images to edit, upload, and hand-code into tables!

Note that there is only one candle (the handcrafted Ritual Candle) that is a strong light-source. All of these others braziers, chandelier, sconces, etc. are ornamental only.

Mastercrafted Furniture

These mastercrafted items all require Shadebark as their primary ingredient. Details on how to obtain shadebark (and other rares) are included in the Crafting and Housing Preview.

Cabilis Kneels
Cae'dal Bookcase
Cae'dal Bowl
Cae'dal Brazier
Cae'dal Chest
Cae'dal Long Rug
Cae'dal Merchant Table
Cae'dal Round Rug
Cae'dal Round Table
Cae'dal Sconce
Cae'dal Stained Glass
Chalp Great Door*
Cobalt Platform of
Zou Kunnen
Cobalt Window of
Zou Kunnen
Ochre Platform of
Ochre Window of
Ornate Dalnir Chandelier
Ornate Dalnir Sconce
Ritual Bed
Rose Platform of Paixao
Rose Window of Paixao
Statue of the Kly
Torsis Low Planter
Torsis Rounded Planter
Verdant Platform of
Pingyuan Diqu
Verdant Window of
Pingyuan Diqu
Violet Platform of Paixao
Violet Window of Paixao
Viridescent Platform of
Pingyuan Diqu
Viridescent Window of
Pingyuan Diqu

*functional door opens and closes

Handcrafted Furniture

Broken Tooth Container
Broken Tooth Covered Jar
Broken Tooth Crate
Broken Tooth Plate
Broken Tooth Pot
Broken Tooth Vase
Cae'dal Inkwell
Chalp Brazier
Chalp Long Stone Slab
Chalp Square Slab
Chalp Stone Slab
Dalnir Barrel
Dalnir Chair
Dalnir Coalscuttle
Dalnir Divider
Dalnir Double Bed
Dalnir Keg
Dalnir Long Table
Dalnir Low Table
Dalnir Pedestal
Dalnir Water Bucket**
Etched Metal Wall Rack
Etched Metal Weapon Rack
Goblin Skull Candlestick
Kaesora Intricate Carving
Kaesora Ritual Carving
Lab Cage***
Long Faded Torsis Banner
Long Regal Torsis Banner
Long Torsis Crate
Ornate Dalnir Chest
Reinforced Torsis Barrel
Retort Flask
Ritual Candle
Rounded Flask
Sample Vials
Scuffed Torsis Floor Tile
Short Faded Torsis Banner
Short Regal Torsis Banner
Simple Dalnir Chest
Sturdy Torsis Barrel
Torsis Bench
Torsis Bookcase****
Torsis Bottle
Torsis Brazier
Torsis Crate
Torsis Display Bowl
Torsis Ewer
Torsis Long Table
Torsis Merchant Barrel
Torsis Merchant Canopy
Torsis Merchant Chest
Torsis Merchant Crate
Torsis Merchant Desk
Torsis Merchant Stand
Torsis Pedestal Lamp
Torsis Pithos
Torsis Sconce
Torsis Square Table
Torsis Square Vase
Torsis Tall Amphora
Torsis Urn
Torsis Vase

  • **contains water, which, naturally, doesn't preview well. :D
  • ***Chain is extremely long and some of it extends beyond the default ceiling placement. It is thus most suitable for very high ceilings, or some situation where you won't have the chain extending into any room above it.
  • ****Bookcase is not only double-wide, but also double-sided. Shelves have proper placement surfaces, too!

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