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Sadly, many of the links that I had are now defunct, as more fan-run pages have closed up shop. List has been massively trimmed as of January 9, 2017

General EQII Links

  • No set of links is complete without mentioning the official EverQuest II site as well as their EQ2 Forums ).
  • Feldon's EQ2Wire is a long-running EQ2 news site that not only has a character/item/guild search ("EQ2U"), but now also has forums! (I would like to request that folks who use ad blockers enable them for eq2wire.com as well as www.eqtraders.com and all their subdomains, as we're both fan-run sites that rely on that advertising revenue to stay running. ~Mum)
  • The EQ2 Wiki is pretty much the go-to for quest information these days - just be aware of the huge amounts of ad spam if you're not logged in to it.
  • EQ2 Interface has lovely ways for you to customize your user interface, including one mod that will allow you to display both an adventuring and an artisan xp bar at the same time.
  • EQ2 Zam has info on quests, events and such.
  • EQ2 Maps and Quests stopped being updated back in 2013, but if you're looking for maps of older lands, it is still a good resource.
  • IGN has an EQ2 Wiki Guide - I haven't used it, myself, so know little about it.

Class-Specific and Special-Interest Links

  • Looking for the perfect T-shirt to celebrate the fact that you're a gaming geek? Off-Line has some great T-shirts, including many with an EQ or EQII theme
  • Gwydhar does some fabulous character portraits (amidst all of her other lovely art) if you wish to have one of your favorite characters immortalized. We got to see her in action at the 2008 Fan Faire.
  • Able Gamers is a site specifically for disabled gamers.
  • Domino blogs! Check out The Domino Effect
  • Adornments! Those searching for a list of older adornments might find the adornments guide at h0b0.net to be useful. Sadly, it hasn't been updated recently, so I would not recommend it for level 100 characters.

Crafting in Other Lands

  • Of course, for those playing EQ, there is the site that started it all for us, EQ Traders Corner

The Lighter Side of Gaming

  • The Guild - if you've never heard of The Guild, an often humorous web series about a bunch of gamers, you should check it out!
  • GU Comics - everyone needs a dose of humor now and then, and Woody gives us his humorous views of life in (and out) of EQ and other games. (Several images of his are scattered around the site, with his permission.)
  • WTF Comics contains some lovely old EQ-related comics. 'Mum and Ngreth made a cameo appearance in one issue, and you'll find a few pieces of custom art on the site that he graciously made for us.
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL is another online comic that we enjoy. Mum's favorite so far, of course, is the one on skilling up RL baking!

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