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PoP Crafted Food, Drink and Snacks

All of the below items are crafted by provisioners. Data was collected and compiled by Discord member Artar. The full chart from Artar also includes ingredients needed for each recipe. (While I didn't feel up to retyping everything and compressing it into an html table that would fit most web browsers, those who want such data can see a copy of the image file containing that information.)

I still need to check the durations on an alt who has no increased durations for food/drink.


The rare matron's cobbler recipe yields 10. All other foods yield 6. Matron's Cobbler has a 404 out-of-combat health regen, the other foods have 363.6

Item NameDurationStats
Matron's Cobbler6 hours 15 min5.2% to all attributes, 3.7% max health, 11% potency, 232.3 crit chance
Stormwrought Twist37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 1% dodge, 15% crit chance
Stormwrought Stew37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 1.5% doublecast, 15% crit chance
Roast Talpidae37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 1.5% multi-attack, 15% crit chance
Greatmole Sandwich37.5 min3.4% to all attributes,3.3% strikethrough, 15% crit chance
Breaded Cichlid6 hours 15 min1.8% to all attributes, 0.6% dodge, 8.3% crit chance
Jerk Talpidae6 hours 15 min1.8% to all attributes, 0.8% doublecast, 8.3% crit chance
Fried Nightmare6 hours 15 min1.8% to all attributes, 0.8% multi-attack, 8.3% crit chance
Stormwrought Casserole 6 hours 15 min 1.8% to all attributes, 1.8% strikethrough, 8.3% crit chance


All drink recipes yield 6. There is no rare drink recipe. These drinks all have a 363.3 out-of-combat power regen.

Item NameDurationStats
Nightmare Brew37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 3.0% chance to hit, 6.0% max health
Double Distilled Jack37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 4.0% mitigation, 6.0% max health
Tincture of the Storm37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 30% potency, 6.0% max health
Obsidian Void37.5 min3.4% to all attributes, 3.6 weapon damage bonus, 6.0% max health
Flame Ember Juice6 hours 15 min1.8% to all attributes, 1.7% chance to hit, 3.3% max health
Blackjack's Distillation 6 hours 15 min 1.8% to all attributes, 2.2% mitigation, 3.3% max health
Stormwrought Tea6 hours 15 min1.8% to all attributes, 16.5% potency, 3.3% max health
Endless Void6 hours 15 min1.8% to all attributes, 2.0 weapon damage bonus, 3.3% max health


Snacks are a new category with PoP. They are short-duration buffs that will stack in addition to food and drink. They cannot be auotconsumed, but must be manually clicked from inventory.

Item NameDurationStats
Gua-bao30 min Base auto-attack multiplier +0.2
Fairy Bread10 min Base auto-attack multiplier +0.4
Khandvi30 min+4.2% block
Tejuino10 min+6.3% block
Nanaimo Bar30 min+10 crit bonus overcap
Dolma10 min+20 crit bonus overcap
Totopo30 min+200 crushing, ranged, slashing, piercing, aim
Jaffa10 min+400 crushing, ranged, slashing, piercing, aim
Ada30 min+200 defense, parry, aggression
Atole10 min+400 defense, parry, aggression
Tapas30 min15% hate gain
Arrowroot10 min30% hate gain
Houska30 min+200 subjugation, disruption, focus, ministration, ordination
Chebakia10 min+400 subjugation, disruption, focus, ministration, ordination

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