Tier 7 Node Locator

Figuring out which island in KoS to hop to in order to find needed resources can be rough. Here's a quick cheat-sheet to help out. (Note that Loping Plains from the EoF expansion has all T7 node types, so the below only applies to the various islands in Kingdom of Sky, which has clear divisions of node types in many areas.)

Tenebrous Tangle

Zone Den Fish Ore Roots Shrub Stone Wood Notes
Bixie Isle X X many heroics
Breeding Grounds X X X many see invis heroic agros
Fear Tainted Isle X X many heroics, much agro sharing
Gazer Isle X X X many nonheroic agros
Ravasect Incursion Point X X 60-61^ agros
Temple Grounds X X X X lowest-level of all KoS areas
Vultak Scavenging Site X X many patrolling agros

Barren Sky

Zone Dens Fish Ore Roots Shrubs Stones Wood Notes
Blackwind Isle X X X X X X see invis agro
Cloudmist Isle X small isle, much agro
Isle of Aversion X X
Isle of Awakening X X X X X X X
Isle of Desolation X X X X X X
Isle of Discord X X X X X X
Isle of Eaglewatch X
Isle of the Guardians X X heroic agro
Isle of the Watchers X X
Prisoner's Isle X see invis agro
Strifewind Isle X X X X X X
Whisperwind Isle X X X X X

The Bonemire

Zone Dens Fish Ore Roots Shrubs Stones Wood Notes
Cacotoxic Stain X X X X X X
Carrion Briar X X
Drednever Crash Site X X X X X X many droag see invis
Halls of Fate X X See invis agro all over
Isle of the Ravasect X X X X X 'ware stealthed agro mobs!
Shattered Weir X X X X X X

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