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Relic Armor Gems

Once again, here is something that doesn't deal with tradeskills, but that my community is having a hard time finding elsewhere. I hope it saves some of you some frustration and confusion!

Relic armor is high-end KoS armor that is created from mob drops. Players must obtain the base no drop armor in KoS raid zones (Lyceum, Vyemm's Lab, Deathtoll), then bring the piece(s) plus the appropriate dropped (tradeable) gems to Keortor Talyse in Solusek's Eye for final creation. (He is located down near the Forge of Ages at -67, -625, -48.)

Gems needed are determined by your class (NOT armor type) and the slot:

Fighter Classes - appropriate Relic piece plus:
  • Chest: 3 Pristine Moonstones
  • Legs: 3 Exquisite Emeralds
  • Shoulders: 3 Exquisite Malachites
  • Forearms: 3 Exquisite Onyx
  • Head: 3 Exquisite Opals
  • Hands: 3 Exquisite Peridots
  • Feet: 3 Exquisite Pearls
Mage Classes - appropriate Relic Silk piece plus:
  • Chest Piece - 3 Pristine Chrysoberyls
  • Legs - 3 Immaculate Bloodstones
  • Shoulders - 3 Immaculate Nephrites
  • Forearms - 3 Immaculate Gold Beryls
  • Head - 3 Immaculate Sapphires
  • Hands - 3 Immaculate Garnets
  • Feet - 3 Immaculate Amethysts
Scout Classes - appropriate Relic piece plus:
  • Chest: 3 Pristine Ruby
  • Legs: 3 Flawless Azurite
  • Shoulders: 3 Flawless Rose Quartz
  • Forearms: 3 Flawless Turquoise
  • Head: 3 Flawless Amber
  • Hands: Flawless Red Beryl
  • Feet: 3 Flawless Jade
Priest Classes - appropriate Relic piece plus:
  • Chest: 3 Pristine Obsidians
  • Legs: Refined Black Pearls
  • Shoulders: 3 Refined Adamantines
  • Forearms: 3 Refined Quartz
  • Head: 3 Refined Aquamarines
  • Hands: 3 Refined Topaz
  • Feet: 3 Refined Rubies

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