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Revamp Notes - Harvesting

If you did NOT get here from the master tradeskill revamp document, you will want to click the link above for details on what else is changing at the same time as these harvesting changes.

One portion of LU24 will be changes to harvesting. Simplified, this will mean:

  • The "It was trivial for you to _____ the _____" messages will go away.
  • Total failures to harvest anything from a node seem to only happen when you are not at max harvesting skill
  • Each node will produce harvestable items 3 times, just like now, but each of those harvests can yield anywhere from 1 to 11 items (more on that below, as it needs more explanation)
  • There will be woodworker-made harvesting tools to cut down the amount of time needed on each harvesting attempt, but your biggest timesaver will still be the increased yields mentioned above
  • As part of the potion and poison revamp, all fungi nodes will be removed, and any old fungi that you have in inventory will be able to be used in place of roots of the appropriate tier in recipes.
  • The variety of items harvested from food and fish nodes will be slightly cut back
  • Your chance for obtaining rares will slightly increase if your skill is significantly higher than what is needed for that zone, but there are caps to keep it from being unbalanced.
Some of the above, however, needs more explanation. However, please realize that, as I write this, the changes are still on Test, and will be until June 14. This means things can change.

The multiple yield harvesting will be in effect everywhere BUT on the newbie isles.

One, Three ... Many!

With each successful harvesting attempt, one of several things can happen:
  • You can receive a single common resource
  • You can receive 3 of the same common resource
  • You can receive 5 of the same common resource
  • You can receive a rare (this includes imbue items, which the game considers "rare")
  • You can receive a rare plus 10 of a single common resource
Anyone able to harvest in specific zone has a chance at any of the above events. While higher skill can slightly increase your chance of higher yields, never forget that we are always at the whim of the RNG (random number generator) and we'll all have good days and bad days harvesting. We can just do that harvesting significantly faster now.

The Fungi Removal

Fungi will no longer be used in potions and poisons, so they are going to be removed from the harvesting tables. Again, this is NEW information as of June 9: any old fungi that you have in inventory will be able to be used in place of roots of the appropriate tier in recipes.

The Foodstuffs Changes

Food from the garden nodes in each tier is going to be whittled down to a fruit, a vegetable, tea, and coffee. (This means nuts, spices and grains are going away.) Often one fish in each tier is also being removed. Any now-obsolete food items will be able to act as substitutes in recipes of the same tier. This is a new update as of June 9. All of them but fish/meat will substitute for roots of the appropriate tier, and fish/meats will substitute for still-existing fish/meats in recipes.

So far, the food harvest changes are looking like this:

  • Tier 1 will no longer have: barley, nutmeg, basil, pecan, coldwind flounder, turtle meat
  • Tier 2 will no longer have: vanilla, thyme, black walnut, wheat, golden cichlid
  • Tier 3 will no longer have: almond, blue succulent, cinnamon, marjoram, rye, octopus tentacle
  • Tier 4 will no longer have: honey, shallots, cashew, rolled oat, blackwater snapper
  • Tier 5 will no longer have: raw saffron, kiola nut, corn, cardamom, wormwood, (no fish changes)
  • Tier 6 will no longer have: cloves, coriander, macadamia nuts, red herring
  • Tier 7: stays as-is on the food front
Please do realize, also, that foods will be changing to be more like Tier 7 currently is. You will need lots and lots of roots to make up for the smaller variety of harvestables, and you will sometimes need other odd harvestables as well (such as loam from the ore nodes for a stray drink here and there).

The Loam Harvests

The new loam breakdown for alchemists looks like this for common/rare:
  • T1: leaded/solidified
  • T2: salty/alkaline
  • T3: pliant/malleable
  • T4: supple/ductile
  • T5: bonded/fused
  • T6: soluble/alkalai

For the Log Parsers

For those who like parsing data, the new harvesting messages that go to your chat log follow this basic format:

You mined 1 [leaded loam] from the blemished ore.

You have found a rare item!
You forest 1 [Severed Fir] from the felled high plains arbor.

You acquire 10 [sullied high quality deer pelt] from the animal den.
You have found a rare item!
You acquire 1 [High Quality Deer Pelt] from the animal den.

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