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Blood of Luclin Furniture Gallery Part III - Block Sets

This is part of the Blood of Luclin Crafting & Housing Clearinghouse. Information on this page is from the beta and can change without warning. This is the THIRD chunk of furniture images that goes with the BoL Furniture Gallery and has been split out due to page size and naming conventions.

These two block sets don't follow the same naming conventions of other block sets, have nice long names to type, and may add an extra piece here and there. I've shorted the names in the table to make it easier on my hands, with details under each section below. Again, let me note that I don't have source information for these or anything else in the BoL furniture pages ... yet. That will have to wait for now.

Marble Seru Tileset

All items in this section have "Marble Seru Tileset:" as the start of their item name (such as "Marble Seru Tileset: Railing"). Variations in shading are my fault during editing - they are a better shading match than this. This entire set comes from Sanctus Seru research, and is split into 3 volumes and one loose "Floor Tile".

Brick Floor Tile
Circular Brick Slab
Floor Tile
Large Brick Doorway
Large Brick Wall
Large Windowed Brick Wall
Long Windowed Brick Wall
Rectangular Brick Block
Rectangular Windowed Brick Wall
Square Brick Block
Square Windowed Brick Wall
Tall Brick Column
Tall Brick Wall
Tall Windowed Brick Wall
Thick Brick Column
Triangular Brick Lintel
Windowed Brick Wall

Query going in on the Long Windowed Brick Wall graphic now.

Seru's Duplicitous Tileset

All items in this section have "Seru's Duplicitous Tileset:" as the start of their item name (such as "Seru's Duplicitous Tileset: Railing"). This set comes from the Carpenter's Primer ("essentials") books.

Large Square Windowed Stone Wall
Large Stone Arch
Large Stone Doorway
Long Windowed Stone Wall
Rectangular Stone Block
Round Tile
Square Windowed Stone Wall
Tall Rectangular Windowed Stone Wall
Tall Stone Column
Tall Wall
Teal Block
Teal Floor Tile
Thick Stone Column
Thin Windowed Stone Wall
Triangle Tile
Wide Rectangular Windowed Stone Wall
Flat Patterned Wall

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