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EQ2 Fashion Gallery Additions

These images are taken from various previews, and will be sorted into the proper fashion gallery pages "eventually."

CoE (levels 93-95)

Handcrafted Chain
Mastercrafted Chain
Handcrafted Plate
Mastercrafted Plate
Handcrafted Woven, Cloth, Martial
(Druid leather, mage cloth, brawler leather)
Mastercrafted Woven, Cloth, Martial
(Druid leather, mage cloth, brawler leather)


The Tears of Veeshan expansion added level 90 essentials and advanced recipe books.

Advanced Armorer Volume 90 contains recipe for Eye of the Fearcreep, which is a head slot crafting headpiece. It is pictured below on Niami's head in the two symbol pictures.

Advanced Jeweler Volume 90 also contains recipes for two secondary/ranged symbol items, Symbol of Daarspire and Symbol of the Fearcreep.
Symbol of the Daarspire
Symbol of the Fearcreep

Tailor Essentials Volume 90 contains the recipe for the Gi of the Ashen Artisan, which is a crafting tunic. Advanced Tailor Volume 90 contains a statless cloak, Majestic Guild Cloak

Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 90 contains recipes for 5 house item greatswords

Mounted Ethereal Greatsword
Mounted Greatsword of Growth
Mounted Greatsword of the Flame
Mounted Greatsword of the Frost
Mounted Obsidian Greatsword


Game Update 100 saw the release of a new Zek storyline with new zones. Blood iron armor that dropped in these new Zek zones/instances could then be reworked by armorers and tailors into better versions. It was all a jumbled chaos that quickly seems to have fallen by the wayside, but here's what it looked like:
Leather Invader's/Oppressor's
Leather Sentinel's/Tyrant's

Kunark Ascending

Crafted Twark (handcrafted) and Bloody Tooth (mastercrafted) gear fashions:

Crafted Armor Appearances - plate, chain, monk leather, female then male other leather, cloth
Crafted Armor Appearances Back View - cloth, male and female leather, monk leather, chain, plate

Utterly missing from my site at the moment are images pertaining to AoD (due to a server crash back then eating the preview), GU63 (Wakening Lands recipes), AoM armor and ToT armor. I'll work on those as I can.

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