Revamp - Substitution Chart

Common Substitution Chart

Some substitutions are going to be easy to figure out. Metal bits for metal, gem bits for gem, yarn and such for roots and so on. However, unless you have a nearly photographic memory, it is going to be hard to remember which pre-LU24 vials, glasses, crafted loams, discontinued foods and fungi, etc. belong to which tier, and thus, can substitute for what sorts of post-LU24 items. The below list is not a complete substitution list, but covers the more creatively-named items.

Tier Common Rare
  • worked poison vial, mouthblown glass, isonoid loam = leaded loam
  • sepia ink = T1 app IV or common jewely primary
  • fossil temper = tin, lead, malachite
  • chloro wash, chloro oil, chloro resin, silverberry, birchroot, birchwood, allspice, milkweed, twinleaf, juniper, sassafras, snakeroot, barley, nutmeg, basil, pecan = roots
  • coldwind flounder, turtle meat = tier 1 fish/meat substitute
  • dinoid loam, worn poison vial, tempered glass = flickering dust
  • cochineal ink = T2 adept III or rare jewelry primary
  • poison vial, float glass, trinoid loam = salty loam
  • iron gual ink = T2 app IV or common jewely primary
  • eolith temper = iron, turquoise, electrum
  • stroma wash, stroma oil, stroma resin, fig, spoonleaf yucca, sycamore, withered mushroom, soapweed, tree fern, field maple, radish, vanilla, thyme, black walnut, wheat = tubers
  • golden cichlid = T2 fish substitute
  • lined poison vial, muffled glass, tetranoid loam = shimmering dust
  • suzuri ink = T2 adept III or rare jewelry primary
  • advanced poison vial, enamelled glass, hexanoid loam = pliant loam
  • carbon ink = T3 app IV or common jewely primary
  • neolith temper = carbonite, gold, agate
  • thylakoid wash, thylakoid oil, thylakoid resin, beetleweed, poison oak, wild hyacinth, bellflower, wild leek, wild birch, wild garlic, plantain, almond, blue succulent, cinnamon, marjoram, rye = belladonna root
  • octopus tentacle = T3 fish substitute
  • sealed poison vial, patterned glass, heptanoid loam = sparkling dust
  • indigo ink = T3 adept III or rare jewelry primary
  • exceptional poison vial, iridescent glass, pentanoid loam = supple loam
  • carmine ink = T4 app IV or common jewely primary
  • paleolith temper = feyiron, velium, opaline
  • granum wash, granum oil, granum resin, sage, sneezeweed, bitter nutmeg, cypress, red oak, black oak, sumach, tarragon,honey, shallots, cashew, rolled oat = tussah root
  • blackwater snapper = T4 fish substitute
  • flawless poison vial, opalescent poison vial, octanoid loam = glimmering dust
  • woad ink = T4 adept III or rare jewelry primary
  • superb poison vial, flashed glass, enneanoid loam = bonded loam
  • lac ink = T4 app IV or common jewely primary
  • xeolith temper = fulginate, bloodstone, diamondine
  • golgi wash, golgi oil, golgi resin, moonflower, peppertree, lacquer, cinchweed, ginseng, turnip, saffron, kiola nut, corn, cardamom, wormwood = ashen roots
  • immaculate poison vial, acid etched glass, decanoid loam = luminous dust
  • alizarin ink = T5 adept III or rare jewelry primary
  • exquisite poison glass lustrous glass, unodecanoid loam = soluble loam
  • ardent ink = T4 app IV or common jewely primary
  • mezzolith temper = indium, beyrillium, nacre
  • meso wash, meso oil, meso resin, amaranth, chamomile, date, foxglove, mulberry, valerian root, cloves, coriander, macadamia nuts = succulent root
  • red herring = T4 fish substitute
  • leaded poison vial, brilliant cut glass duodecanoid loam = lambent dust
  • cerulean ink = T6 adept III or rare jewelry primary


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