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Summer Ethereals 2020

These are newly-re-re-readjusted screenshots and notes after the event went live on Jun 24, 2020.

Normally I do not touch stuff that isn't dealing with tradeskills, housing or events that contain house items and the like, but there is enough demand for the following that I am making an exception.

The summer ethereal vendor for 2020 is Et'Koria in the Wracklands at /way 50, 133, 767 (up near the "alien cube" that is above the tegi area). Various items on them unlock during different phases of the summer ethereal event. The event started on live servers on June 24. Wave 2 begins Aug. 18, while Wave 3 begins on Oct. 13. Ethereal coins will be rewarded for Blood of Luclin weekly quests, with further details to be listed near the bottom of the page.

From the patch notes:

Each Blood of Luclin solo or heroic weekly mission will grant Peculiar Medallion's, which may be spent at the Ethereal Merchant located within the Wracklands. Completing weekly missions in higher tier dungeons will grant an increased reward amount. So a weekly mission completed in a solo mission will grant the base reward, but completing weekly missions in a Heroic will grant the base reward plus a heroic bonus amount, Challenge or Expert dungeon will grant increasingly larger bonus rewards.

Wave 1 Cloak, Wave 2 Earring, Bracelet
Also Wave 2
Wave 3 (ignore Ethereal Mastery, it was removed)


These prices are the prices as of June 2, when the platinum cost was removed.

The leveling information I have at this time is for the cloak, and while the safe assumption may be that all the items will level with the same costs, that may or may not be the case. Until we have developer confirmation, or we can check for ourselves in Wave 2, it is just a hopeful guess.

NOTE - Cloak to Belt Conversion

In addition to the belt that is unlocked in wave 2, another belt has been added ... sort of.

You can examine your Cloak of Peculiar Allies and convert it into a belt with the same stats as the cloak. If you have leveled it, the items used to level it will be returned to you. Any infusions added to the item will be lost during the conversion. This is a one-time, one-way conversion. Once you turn it into a belt, you cannot turn it back into the cloak.

Earning Currency - Amounts and Mechanics

The information in this section is courtesy of Whilhelmina of the French language EQ2Artisans site.


Grab a weekly, run it, you'll get 12/24 coins depending on membership from Ethereal Ahoy. (any weekly works)

Grab a heroic weekly, you'll get a separate 12/24 coins for that heroic weekly. Bumped to 16/32 for all-challenge/ Bumped to 18/36 for all expert.

Alts can level items for free once one character has leveled 3 of the items to level 5

  • You need 600 coins for all items + rune on an alt, aka 25 weeks if only running a solo (so only getting credit from Ahoy)
  • You need 2760 tokens to buy everything and level to max on your main so between 29 weeks and 21 weeks to get everything (18 weeks if you run everything expert and get baddies every week - outdoor heroic)

Tokens per week:

  • If you run 3 indoors heroic, you'll get 24 (ahoy) + 3x24 = 96 tokens a week.
  • If you run 3 indoors heroic + manage to get a baddie, you'll get 120 a week.
  • If you run 3 indoors heroic at challenge level, you'll get 120 a week (+24 if you get baddies)
  • If you run 3 indoors heroic at expert level you'll get 132 a week (+24 with outdoors)

96 = heroics ; 120 = challenge ; 132 = expert without outdoors 120 = heroic + outdoors ; 144 =challenge + outdoors, 156 = expert + outdoors

Number of coins needed on your main
3030 = 300 (items) + 300 (rune) + 2430 (shards) (add 300 if they ever put the class rune back)


24 from Ahoy + 3x 24 solo outdoors + 1 x 24 solo indoor = 120 tokens/week (23 weeks for a main, 5 weeks for an alt)

24 from Ahoy + 3x24 solo outdoors + 1x 24 solo indoor + 1x24 outdoors heroic = 144 tokens/week (20 weeks for a main, 5 weeks for an alt)


I am keeping them here just for reference, but as of June 19, they were removed from the Test server. It is "unlikely" that they will return.

Folks had been upset about the stats on the below runes. And when I mean upset, I mean to the point of rudeness in Discord and the forums. The response from the devs was two-fold:

  • Be CONSTRUCTIVE in your criticism. Calling stuff "junk", "useless", "trash", etc doesn't help the process at all. Suggest ways in which something specific could be adjusted to make it better. Explain why something is perceived as problematic.
  • The runes are still in flux and being worked on. They may not even be staying, given the amount of non-constructive noise there is about them.

If you have constructive feedback, there are three ways you can make sure the devs see it - the forums, Discord, or the in-game /feedback command. Please provide details and be civil - this is a rough time for EVERYONE, including the devs, and taking out all your frustration on them is going to make it less-likely that your comments will be addressed.


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