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RoS Researcher Items

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

Once you finish the RoS Crafting Signature Line, you will be able to obtain and complete research requisitions from four different NPCs. Three of them reward a shared currency that can be spent in those three areas, and the fourth in Echo Caverns has a separate currency.

These research requisitions will be relatively straightforward, with only one extra detail compared to the BoL research requisitions. The RoS ones will also require a rare, which does not show in the initial harvesting quest. You will be able to see the rare in the recipe that has been autogranted when you received the requisition, and if you don't have one of the particular rare in your bags, then when you finish the harvesting of the commons, it will ask you to obtain the rare. This can be harvested, bought, grabbed from your depot, etc.

After you have all of the required ingredients, you craft the item requested and hand it in to receive 8 of the research currency (16 if you are a member), and a mission reward crate. You will also progress the current research a small amount.

Here are the items that can be researched:

Echo Caverns - Fivalt

Requisitions from Fivalt, located next to Piccolo in Echo Caverns at /way -67, 177, -104 will be offering "Opportunistic Research Requisition" which will reward an Empyral Mission Reward Crate and 8 Pico (currency)

Crumbling Ancient Stone Archway
Crumbling Ancient Stone Bridge
Crumbling Ancient Stone Turn
Emerald Fungus Grove Mushroom
Expansive Loda Kai Wooden Bridge
Fungus Grove Fungal Platform
Fungus Grove Terraced Mushroom Platform
Gilded Fungus Grove Mushroom
Spacious Molded Tegi Complex
Spacious Molded Tegi Mansion

In addition, this researcher will research one "Phantastic" raid weapon recipe, and two versions of the Reflections of the Grandmasters vol. V - one version will be a cheaper single-charge version of the recipe, the other will be a more expensive version that has unlimited uses to the recipe (these reflections recipes are for the five different RoS raid boss guild hall trophies). Additionally, there is one "Unlock: Placeables of the Loda Kai" which will unlock an unknown number of housing items based on the Loda Kai in Savage Weald.

Fordel Midst - Purihni

Purihni "The Edge" Fordel III can be found in the Bazaar at /waypoint -51, -1, -8 Requsitions will be "Edge Research" and will reward an Empyral Mission Reward Crate and 8 Recuso Field Voucher (currency).

an Old Stone Mill
Colossal Beast Rib
Gigantic Beast Rib Bone
Petamorph Wand: Luclin Owlbear
Petamorph Wand: Sacred Wolf
Petrified Giant Rib Bone
Rumbling Prismatic Gem (housepet)
Green Marble block set
Helm added to the vendor Feb. 9, 2021

This researcher also has recipes for 3 "Phantastic" raid weapons.

Fordel Midst - Gundeg

Gundeg can be found at his forge in the Bazaar at /way -52, -1, 18 Requisitions will be "Anvil Research" and will reward an Empyral Mission Reward Crate and 8 Recuso Field Voucher (currency)

Adult Savage Shrub
Long Grimling Wooden Barricade
Petamorph Wand: Cavern Needlite
Precarious Hanging Banner
Precarious Hanging Tapestry
Rolling Balanzite Gem (housepet)
Short Grimling Wooden Barricade

This researcher also has recipes for three "Phantastic" raid weapons.

Savage Weald - Erdani

Requisitions from Erdani in the Savage Weald (/way -417, 96. -315) will be called "Weald Field Research Requisition" and will reward an Empyral Mission Reward Crate and 8 Recuso Field voucher (currency)

a Loda Kai Hammock
Distillery Barrel Table
Distillery Crate Counter
Fordel Midst Council Table
Murk Slug (housepet)
Roughspun Tent
Sacred Badger (housepet)
Sacred Stag (housepet)
Sacred Wolf (housepet)
Sacred Tiger Plushie
Vex Thal Blue Flame Brazier
Vex Thal Blue Flame Chandelier
Vex Thal Blue Flame Hanging Lantern
Vex Thal Blue Flame Sconce
Vex Thal Blue Flame Torch
Vex Thal Blue Flame Wall Torch
Vex Thal Violet Flame Brazier
Vex Thal Violet Flame Chandelier
Vex Thal Violet Flame Hanging Lantern
Vex Thal Violet Flame Sconce
Vex Thal Violet Flame Torch
Vex Thal Violet Flame Wall Torch
Vex Thal White Flame Brazier
Vex Thal White Flame Chandelier
Vex Thal White Flame Hanging Lantern
Vex Thal White Flame Sconce
Vex Thal White Flame Torch
Vex Thal White Flame Wall Torch
Vex Thal Arcane Teleportation Stand

This researcher also has one recipe for a raid scepter.

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