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Sometimes words just aren't enough, and you need to SEE something to understand it. This page will be a gathering place for all the various tradeskill- or housing-related videos. You can also find them on YouTube under "EQTC Mum" for the videos that I have done, and under "Building Inspector" for all the lovely house item videos that Ocarinah has done.

Crafting Quest Walkthroughs

Reign of Shadows

Blood of Luclin

Chaos Descending

Other Videos from Mum

House Item Previews from Ocarinah

Again, these are on YouTube on the "Building Inspector" channel, but they're mixed in with all of her housing tours, so I'm going to include the item previews here.

Note that she often does a full narrated version as well as a shorter silent version, and those will be listed below as either "full" or "silent". If there's no mention of which it is, then it is a full version.

Visions of Vetrovia

  • Vacrul Castle Home Building Blocks (recipes come with the Collector's Edition and the Premium Edition of the expansion) full narrated version and the short and silent version.
  • Grimalda Goodhand (Dent and Scratch Merchant) in Renfry's Basement is a vendor that is only accessible to those who have completed the first eight quests of the new tradeskill signature line. Her items are ... um ... gently loved ... or something like that, for those who appreciated battered and broken items. Oaky has done a full narrated version as well as a short and silent version.
  • House Item Preview: Visions of Vetrovia Expansion - Vetrovian Carpenter's Primer Volumes I-V. Enjoy these many items in a full narrated version and a shorter silent version.
  • House Item Preview: Visions of Vetrovia Expansion - Advanced Vetrovian Carpenter's Volumes I-V. Yes, our phenomenal Oaky is still at it following the trail of house items that I scattered all over the place! She has done a full narrated version and a shorter silent version.
  • Crafting Mission Rewards Video.

Reign of Shadows

Blood of Luclin

Live Events

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