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GU117 - Returning Old Furniture

Game update 117 was released to the live servers on March 30, 2021. Along with the expected content, the following appeared in the patch notes:

Verica Redbrand [Housing Merchant] in the city of Fordel Midst received a shipment of items Norrathian merchants were no longer interested in selling. She has added the following items to her store: a storage barrel, wooden cask, a rope bundle on a small hook, a feeding trough, a rope bundle on a large hook, a rein bundle on a large hook, a group of three candles, small redwood room divider, a small teak table, and small tynnonium brazier.

These items are currently selling for 10 silver apiece.

A Feeding Trough
A Group of Three Candles (see note!)
A Rein Bundle on a Large Hook
A Rope Bundle on a Large Hook
A Rope Bundle on a Small Hook
A Small Teak Table
A Storage Barrel
Small Redwood Room Divider
Small Tynnonium Brazier
Wooden Cask

NOTE: "A Group of Three Candles" do not preview well. They are lit candles, and they are a light source.

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