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GU118 Items of Note

August 10, 2021 sees the release of Game Update (GU) 118: Toil and Trouble. There's quite a bit going on with this update, and I wanted to highlight several things of interest to crafters and decorators.

First will be several items that need no (or very little) additional comments. Then will come several items that will need more information and/or eye candy once the GU is live and the servers are back up.

Say No More!

This section is pretty self-explanatory:

  • MARKETPLACE: Players who have requested access to the furniture recipes from past expansion pre-orders rejoice! You may now purchase the following recipe scrolls on the Marketplace: Dhalgar Home Builder's Kit, Deepwater Retreat Recipe Book, City of Mist Home Builder's Kit, Sprocket's Interlocking Plane Builder's Kit, Sanctus Seru Promenade Furniture Recipes, and Reign of Shadows: Furniture Recipes: Shar Vahl (I have lost count of how many players have requested this because they missed one or more bundles for one reason or another.)
  • MARKETPLACE: A button has been added above the preview UI that opens a separate window for previewing the selected item.
  • MARKETPLACE: A "Recent Purchases" category has been added to the Marketplace which will list the last 6 items you purchased (that are applicable). Does not include purchases before this update.
  • MARKETPLACE: When viewing items in the Marketplace, you should now be able to zoom in / out and move the preview up / down, similar to the Dressing Room preview window.
  • MARKETPLACE: UI can now be resized vertically to show more items.
  • HOUSING: Your current house layout will auto-save whenever packing all of your house items. This layout can be loaded normally like other saved layouts. (No more panicking when you accidentally pack a home!)
  • MOUNTS: The mount window can now store 200 mounts.
  • ITEMS: Crude Halas Bed and Halas Double Bed - House items can now be properly stacked.
  • ITEMS: Corrected a bug that caused Recuso Specialized Reconnaissance Helmet to lose several harvesting bonuses when they were moved onto a spell effect.

Items Needing Explanations

Players are already running wild discovering All the Things, and I've been working over my lunch break to catch up.


"The loyalty merchants in Qeynos and Freeport have been updated. You will find that Noble Taig Rhul is selling several new items, Noble Tark Validus is selling a new appearance mount, and Noble Toowik Mclure has decided that he no longer wishes to sell outdated level 90 stat gear. Instead, appearance-only versions of his former gear offerings are now available, along with appearance-only crates of the level 85 heroic armor crates."

Zowie. That's a lot of appearance gear! If that's your thing, it looks like anything with "Unfailing" or "Velious" in the name is new in the sense that it is new to the appearance-only lineup on Toowik. Also, a "Halasian Bear Helm" has been added to him, so questers in Frostfang Sea no longer have to hold onto an incomplete quest in order to have your own bear head helm. (Sorry, this one won't talk like "Griz" from the Frostfang Sea timeline, but he still looks cool!)

The Loyalty Realtor merchant, Taig, is carrying several new items. There's An Indoor Pool (sorry, no swimming allowed!), and a large set of Book Dominoes that you can topple to your heart's content. Both the Tranquil Bonsai and Harmonious Bonsai, that used to only be available via claim are now available for purchase. Additionally three paintings from Deserts of Flame have been released: "The docks at sunset", "Eternity's tomb unveiled" and "The enclosure at Poet's Palace."

Last, but not least, The Loyalty Merchant NPC, Tark, carries a brand new appearance mount, the "Golden Cloud." Yes, those of you who have been asking for a cloud mount that can be used as a flying mount can now be floating through the skies on a lovely nimbus of gold! While Daybreak is moving away from having every mount be capable of converting into a house item version, this cloud most definitely can be converted.

Halasian Bear Helm
Harmonious Bonsai
Tranquil Bonsai
Eternity's tomb unveiled
The docks at sunset
The enclosure at Poet's Palace
Golden Cloud (mount)
An Indoor Pool
Book Dominos


"A lone crafter took a foray into dusty furniture vaults and found quite a few interesting items that had never been made available to Norrathian homeowners. Recipe books have been created for some of the more desirable items and have been released into the Marketplace. Check out the Forgotten Furniture scrolls in the in-game /marketplace for more information!"

  • Forgotten Furniture: Haunted House Items
  • Forgotten Furniture: Kitchen Items
  • Forgotten Furniture: Outdoors and Crafter Items
  • Forgotten Furniture: Household Items
  • Forgotten Furniture: From Dungeon Maker to Home
These books each contain over 20 recipes for heirloom furniture. Books are level 2 artisan to scribe, and use level 40 resources, so TLE servers also can make these items. The kitchen set is at the top of the page, the dungeon set is pictured above the "Items Needing Explanations" header, and the other 3 sets are pictured below.

Forgotten Household Bundle
Forgotten Haunted Bundle
Forgotten Outdoors/Crafter Bundle

The New section of the Marketplace has lots of other goodness in it, too. The other new items on top of the above-mentioned recipe books (Forgotten Furniture ones and the building sets from collector's editions) include two toques (chef hats, really), one plushie and two mounts. The Magical Palomino Plushie is of note because some decorators had been asking for a horse that had no saddle, and this is the first one available, to my knowledge.

Blue Toque
Burgundy Toque
Magical Palomino Plushie
Plaguemage's Flying Carpet


Six red tradeskill collections have been added to Luclin overland zones. In order to spot these collections, players will need to have completed the appropriate expansion's tradeskill signature line. (BoL and RoS)

You'll need to have completed the Piercing the Darkness line for the 3 BoL overland zones (Blinding, Aurelian Coast, Wracklands) and have completed the RoS tradeskill line for the 3 collections in RoS overland zones (Echo Caverns, Savage Weald, Shadeweaver's Thicket).

Bowl of Stale Spices
Failed Omelets Collection
The Blinding
Shadow Haven Square Rug
Non-Mysterious Objects Collection
Aurelian Coast
Ssraeshza Transporter
Tegi Amulet Making Collection
The Wracklands
Vibrant Purple Crystal
Grumbles Collection
Echo Caverns
Unlit Shadeweaver Brazier
Lighting the Way Collection
Savage Weald
Pile of Fordel Scrolls
Failed Signals Collection
Shadeweaver's Thicket

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