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Welcome to the quests section of EQ2TC! Questing in EQ2 is relatively straightforward, with you hailing an NPC, receiving a response, and being given one (or more) response options. Most items that need to be "collected" go directly into a virtual quest satchel to be stored until you complete the quest, saving you from trying to remember which piece of what you got where, and who it goes to! Your quest journal will also give you hints on what you need to do next for a specific quest and will keep track of a staggering number of quests at the same time. Often, your hardest task will be remembering exactly where to find your quest NPC when you're ready to complete the quest!

Still to be cleaned up and integrated:

  • NEW! Level 125 Ballads of Zimara: Test Your Mettle tradeskill signature line and side-quests for the BoZ expansion. Still needs to be completed and integrated below.
  • GU122 - D.I.R.T.Y. Work A proper quest guide still needs to be written
  • Level 60+ Delightful Doors - Level 60+ crafting quest series to unlock the ability to purchase your level 60-69 advanced books and gives you a recipe for several doors. A proper quest guide still needs to be written.

For the Beginner

While you can skip directly to the tradeskill tutorial (or skip them altogether), we recommend that you do all three of these quests, in the order listed, to start your career off with the instructions and supplies that you need.
  • Tutorial: Learning to Harvest - This quest was changed a bit with GU56, and now rewards you with both a harvesting bag you can carry around, plus a 36-slot harvesting box for your bank
  • If I Had a Hammer - lets you craft a travel speed charm then sends you on to the Crafting Tutorial NPCs in town (requires completion of Tutorial: Learning to Harvest)
  • Crafting Tutorial - teaches you the basis of crafting, plus rewards you with several of your artisan recipe books

Pure Tradeskill Quests

The "Grandmaster Series"

These are all included above, but this makes it easier to see what belongs in this questline, as they need to be completed in order.

  • Level 20+ Journeyman Service - Level 20+ crafting quest for a T3 advanced recipe book
  • Level 30+ Tradesman Service - Level 30+ crafting quest for a T4 advanced recipe book and cloak (requires completion of Journeyman Service quest to obtain)
  • Level 40+ Advanced ____ Service - Level 40+ crafting quest for a T5 advanced recipe book (requires completion of Tradesman Service quest to obtain)
  • Level 50+ Advanced Journeyman Tasks - Level 50+ crafting quest for a cloak and a house item. (requires completion of the Advanced ____ Service quest to obtain)
  • Level 60+ Senior Crafter Service - Level 60+ crafting quest for formal wear and a level 60-69 advanced crafting book (requires completion of the Advanced Journeyman Tasks quest to obtain)

Special - Crafting-related Guide Quests

Quests offered by members of the Guide program on various servers at various times.

Adventuring Quests with Tradeskill Component/Reward

Nothing to do With Crafting, but Wanted by Adventurers and Decorators:

The quest Cellar Cleanup - An Introduction to Crafting on the Isle of Refuge, was made obsolete with the changes made to new character progression in LU19. We'll keep the link here for posterity's sake. Farewell, Dreak! You were good to us tradeskillers! It is now joined by the old "Seeking a Tradeskill Profession" quest, that has been replaced by the new crafter tutorial.

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