RoK: Crafter Sokokar Quest

It's a froglokdragonlizard? Some creative other cross-bred somethingorother? It is a sokokar. On day 2 of the expansion, I had already heard almost every possible creative mis-spelling and misnaming by players for this little fella, but whatever you end up calling him, he's your ticket to speedier transportation in Kunark. Handy hitching posts are found throughout Kunark, and as of GU56, you can travel from any of them to any of the others in the same zone just by hailing the Sokokar Tamer nearby. You just need to have your own sokokar.

But there's a catch (there's always a catch, right?) The catch is that you can't just go out and buy one of these little fellas, or capture one found in the wild and tame it. You have to quest for it.

Yes, I'm aware that there are lots of level 68+ mobs in the area, and that they like to hit like out-of-control Mack trucks with no brakes. Yep, fully aware of it. I have the holes in my robes to prove it, too! Domino's aware of it too, thankfully!

If you are a level 65+ adventurer, you can go talk to Borbin Happens at Dreg's Landing in Kylong Plains and complete the adventurin quest series. That quest series starts with Cutting Your Teeth By Cutting Theirs (Writeup provided by the 'Zam network.)

However, if you are at least a level 65 crafter (and if you're below 65 in both, there's really no need to be out there snagging resources, other than for pure greed purposes!), have we got the quests for you! These will not be danger-free quests, as you will have to sneak through some aggro areas for some of it. However, if you're going to be out there harvesting enough that you are using the sokokar posts, you are well used to dangerous areas from harvesting.

(Note that you can now do BOTH the adventuring and the crafting lines, when you reach the appropriate levels, instead of doing just one or the other, like it was at the release of this expansion.)

Before you go running out there, if you want to plan ahead and save yourself some running, you are going to need a total of 32 ferrite clusters, 28 redwood lumber and 70 smoldering coal in order to run through all these. Picking up the coal in your hometown crafting instance will get you the "best price" (1g per) for it.

When you are all stocked up and ready to go, speak with the lovely halfling lady simply known as "Jones" on the Dreg's Docks, and she'll tell you all about what Borbin and the adventurers are up to, while asking you to help with some of the crafty tasks that will make their jobs easier.

Fangs Away!

Reward: This is a level 68 crafting quest that will award you with "at least" 14g 81s 38c (plus the 50g for the minimum cost for the fuel) +400 faction with the Residents of Teren's Grasp, crafting xp, and achievement xp for completing the quest.

Resources Needed: 20 ferrite clusters, 20 redwood lumber, 50 smoldering coal (buy the coal at your hometown wholesaler before you leave, to get the best prices on it).

Premise:It seems Borbin got a bit too enthusiastic about having adventurers collect drolvarg fangs, and it is up to Jones, and you, to figure out something to do with them. She's more than happy to hand you a recipe book called "101 Things To Do With Fangs, volume 1" as well as 10 drolvarg fangs.

After perusing the book, you decide to make some fang tipped arrows. There is a handy forge over next to the mender in Dreg's Landing, if you don't wish to travel to craft. Each batch of arrows will require 1 fang, 2 ferrite cluster, 2 redwood lumber and 5 smoldering coal, and you will need to craft 10 batches of them.

These crafting combines use the cross-skill geomancy arts (which no longer show the skill level on your persona sheet. Thankfully it isn't one where you have to raise your skill, as it increases automagically when you level.

Quest Text

You say, "Hail, Jones"
Jones says to you, "Hello there stranger! Good to see more friendly visitors coming to the area. Just call me Jones, everyone else does! I work for the Lieutenant here, we help maintain this landing for Teren's Grasp. And who might you be?"
You say to Jones, "I'm _____, nice to meet you. And what is Teren's Grasp?"
Jones says to you, "That's our main outpost, along that path up to the west. As you may have heard, there's intense fighting going on between the Di'Zok sarnak and the Sathirian iksars around this area. Those of us who aren't allied with either can find it quite dangerous. Fortunately, Teren's Grasp is tucked out of the way up in the hills and so far they've left us alone."
You say to Jones, "Sounds as if you're pretty safe up there then."
Jones says to you, "Well, Teren says that's just because they don't know about the outpost yet. With Bristlebane's blessing it'll stay that way! But we're ready for any contingency if they do decide to attack us. I think we're fairly safe for the moment though."
You say to Jones, "Why's that?"
Jonessays to you, "Well, as you can see, we're not exactly hiding our port here. I think the iksar and sarnak are just too busy killing each other to worry about us. Now, when one of them finally wins the war, then we may have to worry about the outpost. In the mean time, I have more pressing worries on my mind ... like what to do with five hundred and twenty-seven bags full of drolvarg fangs!"
You say to Jones, "What's a drolvarg?"
Jones says to you, "Filthy dog-like beasts, vicious with a weapon and barely intelligent enough to hold it the right way up. The Sathirians sometimes use them as mercenaries, though you'll often find them causing problems all on their own."
You say to Jones, "And, uh, why on Norrath do you have five hundred and twenty-seven bags full of their teeth?"
Jones says to you, "Oh, well ... Borbin here, he's always encouraging visiting adventurers to go hunting them down, and they bring back the fangs as proof so they can collect the bounty. He used to ask them to bring back the ears, but I put my foot down on that! Bags full of rotting ears is not something you want lying around on a hot day, let me tell you. At least the fangs keep well. But I'm at my wits' end what to do with them, I tell you."
You say to Jones, "Ever considered making them into something useful?"
Jones says to you, "Oh, a bit of a crafter are you? I never had the patience for it myself, but if you can figure out something to do with all these fangs, I'll be eternally grateful."
You say to Jones, "I believe I do have an idea ..."
Jones:Jones says to you, "I'll be happy to give you a bit of coin for your troubles. Oh, and I should warn you, the merchants around here do tend to overcharge strangers though, if they don't like your face. I doubt my budget can extend to refunding the kinds of fuel prices they charge if you get on their wrong side, so you might want to shop around a bit."
You say to Jones, "Thanks for the tip, I'll be back in a bit."
If you have all your supplies with you, head to the forge by the mender to craft. Just ignore that little gnome next to the mender that keeps staring at you while you work. He's probably never seen a crafter of your caliber at work before. Finish off the ten combines (100 arrows) and bring them back to Jones.
You say, "Hail, Jones"
Jones says to you, "Did you get rid of those fangs for me?"
You say to Jones, "Yes, I did. Ta da ... fang-tipped arrows!"
Jones says to you, "Oh, that's brilliant! I can hand them out to the drolvarg hunters when they go out to get more fangs. I'm sure the rangers in particular will use up hundreds of these arrows in one outing. And here's some coin towards your fuel costs, thank you so much."
You say to Jones, "It was nothing, really. All in a day's work for a crafter."
I received 64g 90s 42c - the listed quest reward, plus 50g for the base fuel costs, and a few coppers of credit for the resources, I'd assume. As a level 70 crafter with vitality, it was roughtly 18% of the level for the 10 combines (including pristine discovery,) plus quest hand-in.

An Eye in the Sky

Reward: "at least" 14g 81s 38c, +400 faction with Residents of Teren's Grasp, tradeskill xp (about 5% at level 70) and achievement xp for completing a quest.

Premise: They need some surveillance of Karnor's, and it seems Borbin and the adventurers are busy. It'll be a bit dangerous, but she can't wait for Borbin and the adventurers to return. Pray that some of those adventurers are out and about to trim down the drolvarg population a lot, and run, weave and dodge until you get the location message (discovery xp and all) for Karnor's. (Hint: It is that big brown structure past the ruins and the lake to the NE. I found it easier to swing to the NW of the ruins, swinging wide of the skeletons, then ran across the fallen pillar that spans the lake. Then aim for the top of the hill and pray folks have cleared some of it!)

Jones says to you, "Really, thanks again for the help, I know I couldn't have done it anyway! I tell you what though, Borbin's been talking with Hailena Hoss, who trains the native essarr hawks. She dropped one of them off this morning, Borbin was planning to ask one of the adventurers to release it near Karnor's Castle to do some surveillance."
You say to Jones, "And ...?"
Jones says to you, "Well, the thing is, they're all still busy killing drolvargs, you'd think they're enjoying it or something ... So I was thinking, you're clearly resourceful and fast moving, I'm sure you could do it just as well. Plus, you're here! Just sneak up close to the castle and release the hawk, it's trained to do the rest."
You say to Jones, "And where exactly is this castle?"
Jones says to you, "You can just about see it from here. Head north between the hills and the river till you pass the ruins, then turn east, you should see it from there easily enough."
You say to Jones, "Well, I'll give it a try!"
Jones says to you, "It'll be a bit dangerous for you I'm afraid, but since Borbin has all the adventurers busy collecting more fangs, I don't think we want to wait around for them to get back. I do appreciate your help, and good luck!"
You say to Jones, "Thank you."
Take the essar hawk that she gives you and make your way up to the castle. Once the hawk is released, return to Jones for another chat and your reward.
You say, "Hail, Jones"
Jones says to you, "Did you release the essarr hawk?"
You say to Jones, "Yes, I did."

Sticking My Ore In

They need someone to make up some imbued ore for trade with the nearby giants, as part of an attempt to get them to help with the drolvarg problem. Of course, helpful person that you are, you'll make some for them, right?

Reward: "At least" 19g 81s 38c, +400 faction with Residents of Teren's Grasp, tradeskill xp, and achievement for finishing the quest.

Premise: Receive the Giant Book of Imbuing (lore, no trade, no value), containing the recipe "chest of imbued ore"

Resources Needed: 3 ferrite clusters, 2 redwood lumber, 5 smoldering coal

Jones says to you, "Oh, great! Well done, I hope it wasn't too dangerous for you. Erm... say ... I don't suppose you happen to know anything about mountain giant metalsmithing?"
You say to Jones, "Er ... what exactly about it?"
Jones says to you, "The mountain giants have been at war with the drolvargs for a long time. Borbin has been trying to negotiate with the giants to help us fighting the drolvargs, and it looks as if he might finally be making some progress. Apparently they use some kind of magically imbued ore to forge special weapons that give their fighters an edge in combat. If we can provide them with enough ore, I think the deal will be sealed."
You say to Jones, "And where do I come in?"
Jones says to you, "Well, seeing how you did such a good job with those arrows, I was hoping you could make up some imbued ore for us to trade. What do you think?"
You say to Jones, "I'll give it a try."
Jones says to you, "Thanks, you're a lifesaver! And don't worry, we'll send some burly axe-wielding type out to actually do the trade, just bring it back here when you're done."
You say to Jones, "I'll get right on it."

If you planned ahead and made sure you had the resources and fuel in advance, head over to the forge near the mender again, and hammer out that chest of ore. That odd little gnome next to the forge keeps clearing his throat. I hope he's not catching a cold!

I received 20g 82s 38 copper. Even taking into account the 5g cost for the fuel, not a bad little bit of w*rk once you have the resources! Again, it was about 5% tradeskill xp in 70 for the hand-in, plus a little over 2% for the single combine (including pristine discovery).

Preparations for the Rescue

Premise:Oh noes! One of their favorite sokokar, Lynchpin, was captured by the drolvarg! Everyone's making plans to get her back now that they've located her, and a rescue is being planned. Can you help and make some bolt cutters that the would-be rescuers can take with them? Jones gives you a handy "Escape Artist Essentials, volume 1" (lore, no trade and no value, of course!) containing a recipe for "sturdy chain cutters." You will need to make 3 sets of them (The resources listed below cover all 3 combines.)

Reward: "at least" 29g 81s 38c, +400 faction with residents of Teren's Grasp, tradeskill xp, and achievement for completing the quest.

Resources Needed: 9 ferrite clusters, 6 redwood lumber, 15 smoldering coal.

Jones says to you, "Thanks so much for your hard work, this should be perfect for the job. I'll let Borbin know we're all ready to arrange the deal. I hope I can get his attention, he's been very distracted since he heard the bad news this afternoon."
You say to Jones, "What news was that?"
Jones says to you, "Lynchpin, one of our sokokar, was captured today by a drolvarg ambush. She's one of our best breeding stock and I imagine the drolvarg are planning to get a high price for her from the Sathirians. Everyone in Teren's Grasp and Dreg's Landing alike absolutely adore her, so the whole outpost is talking about it and making plans to get her back. "
You say to Jones, "What can be done about it?"
Jones says to you, "We sent out a few more hawks to gather information, and we think they have her chained up inside one of the hollow trees near Karnor's Castle. They're probably awaiting further orders on where to take her. We probably don't have a lot of time before they move her again, so we're sending out a few adventurers to try and get her free. Actually, I was rather hoping you might be able to make some sturdy chain cutters they could take with them, just in case they're needed. Are you good enough at the forge to wangle up something like that?"
You say to Jones, "I've never tried making that sort of thing before, but I'll certainly give it a try!"
Jones:says to you, "I appreciate it, please hurry."
You say to Jones, "I will."

That gnome standing next to the mender probably thinks you're flirting with him. Just sidle up to the other side of the forge and try to ignore him, k? He's mostly harmless.

On hand-in, I received 29g 88s 40c (which covered the 15g fuel costs, with enough left over to be considered a reward.)

Jones says to you, "Thank you so much for working on those chain cutters for me."
You say to Jones, "You're welcome, I hope she gets back safely."
Jones says to you, "As do I! I'll hand these out straight away, there's a party just about to leave now. "
You say to Jones, "Let me know how it goes!"

Is It Good News?

Check in with Stewlin Vincent up in Teren's Grasp to see how the rescue attempt fared. (Not sure how to get safely up to Teren's Grasp? RoK Travel for the Lost Crafter can give you some pointers!)
Jones says to you, "If they're successful, the party will most likely return to the main Teren's Grasp outpost where they can keep her safe and check her for any injuries. Next time you're in that area, look for Stewlin Vincent at the sokokar post up there. He'll be able to let you know how it goes!"
You say to Jones, "Thanks, I'll ask Stewlin next time I pass through."
Jones says to you, "I hope the news will be good!"

It is good news! She's safe and sound, and Stewlin happily rewards you with a young sokokar of your very own. They'd love to get that message out to the Kunzar's Edge outpost, if you'd not mind too terribly much. Stewlin will be happy to teleport you out there (and on landing, you will get xp/achievement xp for exploring another new area), and there will be a sokokar post nearby that you can use for a safe return again afterwards.

Stewlin Vincent says to you, "Lynchpin is back safe and sound!!!"
You say to Stewlin Vincent, "She is? Wonderful news, congratulations."
Stewlin Vincent says to you, "Thank you so much, Jones told me all the help you've been. I'd like to thank you with this young sokokar I've been training. He's one of Lynchpin's offspring. Not quite as fast as Lynchpin, but he's got good blood!"
You say to Stewlin Vincent, "Thank you very much."
Stewlin Vincent says to you, "Listen, I wonder if you have time to take the good news up to our folks up at Kunzar's Edge. I haven't had the time to send a message yet, and I know they'll want to know Lynchpin is safe. Would you mind?"
You say to Stewlin Vincent, "Sure, if I can get there safely. Can I take the sokokar there?"
Stewlin Vincent says to you, "The sokokars can only take you to landing points they've already visited, so you won't be able to fly your young sokokar there directly yet, he hasn't traveled that far. However, I can teleport you directly there. Let Hroar know the good news and he'll spread the word. Oh, and there should be a sokokar post nearby that you can use to get back safely."

(This last statement isn't quite true any more. The quest dialog wasn't changed to reflect the GU56 travel changes. But take the teleport anyway. It's a LOT faster.)

On top of enabling you to use the sokokar flight paths, the young sokokar item lets you summon a fluff pet version of the sokokar to follow you around. (However, you do not need to have the little guy summoned in order to use the posts.)

Hold onto your hat! The moment you respond that you are ready, Stewlin is casting the spell to transport you to the outpost.

You say to Stewlin Vincent, "Sure, I'm ready to go."
You say, "Hail, Hroar Kalacious"
Hroar Kalacious says to you, "What do you mean by suddenly appearing here?"
You say to Hroar Kalacious, "Sorry to drop in so suddenly. Stewlin Vincent in Teren's Grasp sent me to let you know that Lynchpin has been recovered."
Hroar Kalacious says to you, "Oh, working for Teren's Grasp are you? Well, that's different. Thanks for the news, I'll pass on the word. Make yourself at home here, and you'll find the sokokar post on the coast up by the west wall there. And watch your step climbing down the tower, we don't need to be scraping up any more clumsy crafters who think they can fly."
You say to Hroar Kalacious, "Er, thanks, I think."

Once you finish telling Hroar the good news, you'll need to find the nearby sokokar post to fly back to Dreg's Landing. If you face the ocean, the post will be up the hill to your left, overlooking the ocean.

Reward: 7g 96s 21c, +800 faction with the Residents of Teren's Grasp, tradeskill experience, achievement for completing the quest and a young sokokar.

Added Mum Comments

All in all, I got a bit over 50% of level 70 on my carpenter, some nice achievement xp from doing the quests as well as from wandering around, my pet young sokokar, and a bit of faction with Teren's Grasp.

It should be noted that it is not enough faction to shop and such with many of the NPCs in Teren's Grasp. While this region has crafting equipment and fuel vendors, they're not actively trying to lure pure crafters into the area. Their focus is more on defense than creativity.

The quests took a bit of time, especially when I kept stopping to run around and harvest and such, but it was definitely worthwhile! I loved the dialogue, and it nicely parallels what is going on at those same stages in the adventurer's version of the quest.

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