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If I Had a Hammer

In order to be offered this quest, you must have completed "Tutorial: Learning to Harvest"

After completing the harvesting tutorial, speak with one of the following NPCs (who happen to be conveniently standing close to the harvesting tutorial NPCs from the previous quest):

  • Kelethin: Grull Silverstump in the Nursery area
  • New Halas: Bull The Crafty (Mender) in Pilgrim's Landing
  • Qeynos: Henk Newfield in Oakmyst Forest
  • Freeport:Fangtarn in The Ruins
  • Gorowyn: Gram Vorbent near the Gorowyn Beach Griffon Station
  • Neriak: Dalvos D'Nar in Hate's Envy (Darklight Woods)

You were noticed while you were out learning to harvest. How would you like to try your hand at making something out of those harvests now? Speak with one of the NPC's listed above and accept the "If I Had a Hammer" quest. Then collect the recipe from beside the NPC (a piece of fluttering paper that is labeled as "a recipe" when you mouseover it. Then grab some coal from the "sack of coal" on the ground. Open up your inventory (C) and find "Recipe: Lucky Wolf Charm" in your bags. Right-click and scribe it.

You may notice that the recipe says that it needs a level 2 Artisan to scribe. If you weren't already an artisan, this quest series has quietly turned you into one, so that you can scribe the recipe.

If you still have the resources from the harvesting tutorial in your bags, you're set to begin crafting. Otherwise, harvest, buy, trade, what have you, to get a tin cluster and a lead cluster. (It doesn't matter how you get the resources, only that you have them on-hand for the recipe.)

Double-click on the Mender's Anvil at the NPC's feet. Your recipe window should come up, and show the recipe for Lucky Wolf Paw. (If the recipe doesn't show up, did you remember to scribe it as instructed in the previous paragraph? :D)

Highlight the recipe, click create, and make yourself that charm! If you're totally new to crafting, you can either play with the 6 icons that show up at the bottom of the crafting window or totally ignore them. You will be given explanations of those 6 reaction arts in the main crafting tutorial that you get after this quest.

Speak with the NPC again after you have made the charm in order to obtain a quest update. You will then be instructed to speak with a tradeskill tutor in town to learn more about crafting.

You will also get to keep the charm, which is a lovely starting charm for beginning adventurers/crafters. It will require that you be a level 5 adventurer in order to use it, but that is very easy to do! The charm gives you: 5 STA, 5 health, 5 power, along with unlimited charges of a 30-minute 17% travel speed buff.

So, just who are these tutors in the city? So as not to confuse things, speak with the one in the same city area where you completed the rest of this quest:

  • Kelethin: Ikile Harmonia outside of Tunare's Pages
  • New Halas: Glin Hammerhelm in the Raven's Roost area of New Halas
  • Qeynos: Jason Merrytoe in the Ironforge Exchange Building in North Qeynos
  • Freeport: Vissa D'Dbth at the Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport
  • Gorowyn: Rozokal Niba'mok in the Wards in Gorowyn
  • Neriak: Szinjss X'Vemtor, NE of the Dockside Markets in Neriak

Speak with them to gain +250 faction with your home crafting society, crafting xp, 1 silver 89 copper, and a house item book for your home. Continue chatting with the NPC to learn more about crafting and to start the crafting Tutorial series.

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