Oceansfull 2023

Having a hot summer? It is almost time to cool down with the annual celebration of the bounty of Prexus! Oceansfull will run on the live* servers from the start of August 10, 2023 and run through the end of August 23, 2023 (Pacific timezone). This year the event includes 12 new items from the clam shells and 21 returning ones**. (**With a bit of a twist, see below!) In addition to returning quests and the collections from past years, there will be one new quest, one new collection in the Awuidor event dungeon, and a level 1-119 scaling version of the level 120+ Awuidor dungeon.

*Special Rules Servers Availability:

Basic Details

For those new to the event, or who need a bit of a refresher, here is some background information on how the event works.

This small summer event is centered on eleven locations near the oceans of Norrath, where you will find celebrators and purple shinies. There will be giant clams to plunder for their pearls in the nearby waters, and those pearls will give you gifts from the sea. Some of these locations also have quest-givers.

Ocean's Edge?

Yes, the email announcement is a bit cryptic with regards to locations. Norrath (and beyond) includes a lot of ocean-front property. Only 11 of those zones are going to be used for the celebration, however. In each case you are looking for a small group of othmir, shooting off random fireworks. The locations are as follows:

The shells will have the same rewards, no matter which zone you visit, so pick whichever zone works the best for you when trying to gobble up the bounty from the shells. You WILL however, need to visit at least 3 zones to get the shinies for the overland collection, and to visit at least 4 zones if you wish to complete all of quests.

Wait - Diving?

Yep. Diving. If you don't have racial or class-based water-breathing, and don't have a Fishbone earring, you will want to invest in either otter totems (craftsman recipe), or make a rebreather (tinkerer recipe). You'll be underwater a lot if you want to get all the goodies from the giant clams, and to obtain and complete the new 2023 quest.

Giant Clams?

Giant clams will be found at the bottom of the ocean in the general area of the othmir celebrators in each of the above locations. They cannot be tracked, but are rather large.

Click on the shell, and it will open up and contain a dark, pearl-like gift. (It will be named "____'s gift", with your name in the blank if you are the one who opened it.) Clicking on the gift will then result in one of the possible items. There is a 10-second-ish delay (guesstimate, not timed) after clicking to open one shell before you can click on another.

New to Plunder

There are 12 new items that come from the gifts in the shells. Additionally, the Summer Jubilee currency will also be randomly available instead. (Silver Jubilation coins.)

Black Perch Plushie
Dangling Fishhook
Glowing Coral Pearl
Glowing Reef Pearl
Omen's Call Rowboat
Opaline block set (see Notes)
Petamorph Wand: Brackish Seahag
Poisonous Mudhopper (housepet)
Purple Brain CoralPod
Sea Breeze Shell (see Notes)

Siren's Ensnaring Mace & Sharktooth Sword


In addition to these new items, the shells will also grant you:

But There's More!

Between the new and returning items, there are plenty of things on the loot table for those shells. Players being players, though, want MORE of the old items to return, somehow without diluting their chances to get various items from the shells.

Kaitheel to the rescue! There are more returning items that can be obtained, but they can only be obtained if you are up to a bit of dancing. {grin}. Travel to any of the Oceansfull camps and move into their little circle to start dancing and to receive a limited duration Othmir Tribe Blessings. This buff allows you ten minutes to access a different loot table that only contains several other returning items from past years. You will NOT receive any of the new items or the tokens while under this buff, nor any of the returning plunderables that are mixed in with the new offerings. If you want to go back to getting the new items before the buff drops off by itself, you can click the buff off early. The returning items that are on this secondary list are: Awuidor Marble Tile block recipe, Oceansfull Algae Fins Illusion, Coral Guardian Plushie, Swimming Othmir Shellcracker Plushie, Siren's Alluring Hatchet, Whirling Water Basin, Ocean's Floor Dais, Siren's Pearlescent Shell, Driftwood Bench.

New Quest

"Salt Encrusted Treasure Hunt" is the name of a new quest for 2023. The quest starter is randomly obtained while playing the shell game, and the starter must be examined in order to start the quest. Once you have started the quest, simply continue to harvest the clam shells and you will randomly obtain an update. Once all quest updates have been found, you will be sent to one of several zones to soeak to an NPC regarding the collection. You will be rewarded with Silver Jubilation Medals (3?) as well as a Sunken Treasure Chest house item.

While the Sunken Treasure Chest initially appears to be just a simple wooden chest that would drop the most basic of chest loot in the game, it has an animated effect to it. To check out the effect on the chest, along with the Sea Breeze Shell from the Clam Shell Game, check out the following short (silent) video:

Hidden Achievement

There is one hidden achievement, complete with a prefix title, for opening 25 of the shells.

Returning Collection

There is a nine-piece collection for an appearance cloak. Each zone has three pieces of the collection, so you will want to visit at least three zones to complete it. The breakdown is as follows:

The reward is Saltscale Cloak:

I do not have details on the new "Sounds of the Sea" collection from the Awuidor event dungeon at this time.

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe of Maj'Dul updated her spreadsheet again this year. Thanks again! The Oceansfull tracker is in XLS form and there is also a PDF version..

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