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Nights of the Dead 2010 Crafting

Recipe scrolls are only available during the Nights of the Dead event (This year from October 14 through November 8, 2010 - note that is a day earlier a start than was originally posted!). Once you have scribed the recipes, however, they can be crafted at any time you want during the year, as long as you have the proper ingredients (Nights of the Dead candies as primary, plus tier 2 resources and fuels). This event was also covered in my GU58 Preview.

The Recipes

The three recipe books will be sold in the home city main crafting society buildings (Ironforge, Coalition of Tradesfolk, Ravens of the North, etc.) by a special Nights of the Dead vendor. Nights of the Dead candies are body drops off various mobs. See the chart at the bottom of this page for more details on candy names and mob types.

Celebrations of the Dead III

This recipe book is new in 2010:
Apple Harvest
Baneful Pokers
Banner of the Bitten
Blackhearted Chaise Lounge
Classic Pine Box
Creepy Covered Chair
Doomed Di'Zok Skull
Eerie Green Glass Candelabra
Jar of Spindly Black Legs
Jar of Wings and Scratches
Long Baneful Rug
Nights of the Dead Frosted Cookies
Petrified Bone Tile
Pumpkin Chaise Lounge
Ruby Red Glass Candelabra
Scary Candied Apples
Scary Shrouded Chair
Spiraling Spiderweb
Sticky Spiderweb
Swinging Bone Collection

Celebrations of the Dead II

These recipes were added in 2009 and are available for purchase again this year.

Baneful Arm of Decay
Baneful Bonds
Baneful Bone Arrangement
Baneful Bone Mound
Baneful Skull on a String
Baneful Bottle
Baneful Sarcophagus Lid
Blackhearted Bone Display
Blackhearted Stockade
Charred Banner
Demolished Sarcophagus
Femur Meal
Platter of Pestilence
Unsealed Stone Coffin
Vacant Sarcophagus
Wriggling Baneful Cocoon

Celebrations of the Dead

These recipes were added in 2008 and are available for purchase again this year.
Wall Shackles
Pumpkin Pie
Shackled Human Skeleton
Butcher Block
Alchemical Flasks
Sinister Pillows
Sinister Cauldron
Sinister Spider Eggs
Orb of Death
Sinister Chandelier
Sinister Tapestry
Sinister Sconce
Captive Audience
Sinister Candelabra
Shackled Elf Skeleton
Chained Blightbat
There is also one appearance only clothing set in this book:

The above recipes from all three books require the Nights of the Dead candy drops (detailed below) and tier 2 common harvestables.

Quest Recipe - Special Mirrors

In addition, the haunted house quest in Loping Plains gives you a recipe as one of the choices - a level 10 (all crafting classes), 10-charge, heirloom recipe book: "Notes on special mirrors". This book allows you to make 10 combines (yield 2 on pristine) of the Vampiric Mirror and/or Wispy Vampiric Mirror, using tier 2 resources and the Nights of the Dead candy drops. (The Wispy version looks exactly like the original Vampiric Mirror, but it is not solid in the center, allowing folks to walk through it.)


Mob Drops

While the Nights of the Dead event is active (Oct. 15-Nov. 8), various "scary" things can drop special candy (body drop - mobs can be grey), that can be used in this special holiday crafting. These various creepy, crawly, slithery critters are pretty much the same as past years:
Cubes (Vermin's Snye, etc.)Candy Corn
Flesh FeedersCandy Corn
GhoulsGummy Worms
GoblinsChocolate Buttons
GolemsNutty Chocolate Bar
Gorgers (LP, etc.)Cherry Gumdrops
GremlinsGum Ball
HarpiesFruit Flavored Hard Candy
LamiaGreen Chocolate Buttons
MummiesCotton Candy
NightbloodsRed Licorice
RatsJelly Beans
ScorpionsChocolate Bar
Shadowed MenLicorice Candy
SkeletonsPeanut Brittle
Spectres (SS, Silent City)Fudge
Spinechillers (Void storms, etc.)popcorn balls
SpidersLicorice Rope
VampiresChewing Gum
WerewolvesWere Cupcake
"Wiggly Things"*Caramels
ZombiesGummy Worms
*Centipede-types, etc in the sewers were mentioned


New in 2010 is a gigglegibber goblin near the main crafting societies that will trade in any 20 assorted Nights of the Dead candies from the list above for 20 candy corn (which can also be used in any of these recipes). This may save you some needed inventory space if you have 3 of one type, 5 of another, 1 of another etc. (Thank you Kaitheel, or whomever did this one!)

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