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Nights of the Dead 2023

The days are getting shorter
and it makes you very sleepy
But dark things are a'stirring
and the nights are getting creepy

Welcome to Nights of the Dead (NoTD) 2023, which will run from the start of October 13, 2023 through the end of November 7, 2023. (Somehow it seems really fitting that this Halloween event starts on Friday the 13th! ~Mum) The event will be available on all servers, although the special rules servers will not have access to the "Headless or Tails" Public Quest due to expansion availability. Note the end date for the event was changed from November 2 until November 7, 2023.

What's New?

In addition to all the returning quests and content, the following new features will be available this year:

  • New recipe book
  • 13 New items sold by Lil' Boo
  • New collection quest
  • New reward possible from gravedigging
  • New dropped quest from gravedigging
  • New Crafting Recipes

    Lil' Boo, who can be found in your home crafting society, will happily sell you "Celebrations of the Dead XVI", which contains recipes for the following items:
    Burnt Sienna Brick (full block set)
    Grisly Warning
    Leaning Cornstalk
    Macabre Bone Arrangement
    Pumpkin Pillow
    Pumpkin Round Pillow
    Scarab Carapace
    Stunted Cornstalk
    Unrest Torture Instrument
    Unrest Torture Slab
    Unrest Torture Table
    Cage of Rattling Chains

    *Cage of Rattling Chains was a late addition to the recipe book, after the event was already live.

    New Purchased Items

    Lil' Boo in your home crafting society area also sells other new items. (Haint, who will be nearby, has you covered for any returning purchased items.) All items other than the illusions can be purchased for candy corn while the illusions will cost silver.

    Bat To the Bones*
    15 candy
    Cadaverous Construct Plushie
    15 candy
    Damaged Cornstalk
    10 candy
    Dancing Skeletal Pygmy Plushie*
    15 candy
    Mahngavi Crypt Door
    30 candy
    Nights of the Dead Gnome Vampire Illusion**
    Nights of the Starving Skeleton Costume
    Petamorph Wand: Skeletal Pygmy
    5 candy
    Poison Mist Frame
    30 candy
    Standard Autumnal Window Pane
    10 candy
    Standard Autumnal Window Pane
    10 candy
    Undead Basilisk (housepet)
    25 candy
    Poison Cauldron Frightflyer*
    500 candy

    *Video of the animated items can be found here.
    **The Nights of the Dead Gnome Vampire Illusion: Will not preview (you'd need eyeball bleach if it did due to the clothing not showing!). It will match your character's gender, and your clothing appearance.

    New From Gravedigging

    When out and about gravedigging, watch for a "Mystic's Crystal Orb" to drop directly into your inventory that will need to be examined to start the quest "From Regions Beyond" Additional items needed for the quest will drop and automatically update the quest while you are gravedigging. Reward is the phenomenal animated Mysterial Spirit Board. Additionally, a new item can be found from the gifts obtained during gravedigging - the Golden Wrapped Mummy.

    Mysterial Spirit Board
    Golden Wrapped Mummy

    New Collection

    The "Starving Skeleton Bones" collection will be available during the Nights of the Dead event for those who have already completed the "A Swinging Wake" collection. Two pieces to the collection are in Qeynos/Freeport, two pieces are found in Nektulos/Loping Plains, two pieces are found in Neriak/Kelethin and two pieces are available from Gorowyn/New Halas/Maj'Dul.

    Starving Skeleton's Blazing Heart

    Quest Tracker?

    This event has been running for many years, and has quite a bit of new and returning goodness going on. Casdoe from Maj'Dul has kindly updated her quest tracker in XLS form as well as her PDF version of the tracker. Thanks again!

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