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Tinkerfest 2019

If you are new to this yearly live event, there's a section at the bottom of this page to give you the highlights that you'll want to know.

Do you like things that go "Click!" "Whirr!" "Ping!" or, most importantly, "BOOM!!?" If so, Tinkerfest might be for you! This annual event celebrates all things gnomish, especially if those things go boom in some spectacular manner. This EQ2 event will run from July 18, 2018 through August 1, 2019.

What's New?

For live servers, there is one new quest this year and one new recipe book. In addition, there are ten returning quests (including a massive public quest), two returning collections, aether races in four locations and six returning achievements.

For the TLE server, Kaladim, Qeynos and Freeport will have shiny tinkerfest cogs to harvest in the gnomish areas of those cities, and there will be a special vendor selling a few themed items for cogs.

New Crafted

Myron in Gnomeland Security is selling the new Tinkerfest Blueprints 11.0. which gives you recipes for the following items:

Carbonite Power Node
Conductive Wire
Iceclad Plated Long Bench
Iceclad Plated Short Bench
Iceclad Plated Tinkerer's Research Table
Mechanamagica Spark Case
Mounted Circuit Plate
Portable Carbonite Heater
Rusty Carbonite Springs
Xegonite Clock Assembly
Xegonite Gear Assembly
Rusty Metal Cutout Blocks*

*=The full set of Rusty Metal cutout blocks are in the larger picture just above this "New Crafted" section. I did not do individual preview images for each one.

New Buyables

Myron in Gnomeland Security also sells the following items. (Note that he also sells the new crafted items listed above, for 2 shiny tinkerfest cogs each, so it is good to make note of the following buy-only items.) Meanwhile, Tarly, who stands near him, has past recipe books and past buyables as her offerings.

I know, from questions I get with every single event, that people tend to look at the pictures and ignore the notes section, but really, there are several notes, and they DO contain important information! :P

Ancient Clockwork JVII Plushie
8 cogs
Automated Ore Grinder**
5 cogs
Cognatic Bixie Bopper Plushie
8 cogs
Hinged Mega Console**
30 cogs
Large Iron Fence
5 cogs
Petamorph Wand: Spidermech Defender
4 cogs
Statically Charged Rug**
5 cogs
Swift-Kicking Pedipowered Leaper**
350 cogs plus 1 platinum tinkerfest cog
Tinkered Containment Vessel
5 cogs


1. The Automated Ore Grinder has a graphics issue that makes the actual animated grinder part not show up for balanced or lower graphics settings (i.e., high performance and such) unless you are practically on top of the item. Art has a fix for it, but we don't know if it will be available when this hits live. If it is still having "disappearing" issues for the grinder, be aware that it should automagically be fixed once the art gets updated.

A look at the grinders

2. Hinged Mega Console - yes, it is a functioning "door" that can close and open.

3. Statically Charged Rug. The animated effect does not show in the preview. Pardon the pun, but it is quite ... striking. Here is a quick video of the effect.

4. Swift-Kicking Pedipowered Leaper. Yes, it is a leaper mount. Yes, there is a house item version of it. Yes, you will need 1 of the heirloom currency Platinum Tinkerfest Cogs that come from some of the quests (including the new one). The house item version also places with the boot part sunken into the ground. We have reported it in to see if it can be fixed, but you can also just move the item up manually.

New Quest

Quest "A Clockwork Snafu" can be obtained in the Moors of Ykesha. You will find him up on a platform at /loc 1755, 472, 912. The quest will involve some minor at-level combat with quest spawns.

I generally don't do non-crafting quest writeups. Since there's one spot that already tripped a couple of us up, however, when you are sent to Sinking Sands, you are looking for a hoverclank on the Skystrider Launch Dock (where the flying ship from Moors docks). Click on it to fly to the needed destination.

In addition to 1 Platinum Tinkerfest Cog (or more if member doubling) the quest rewards your choice of a Snafu Clockworker IX plushie or petamorph wand. The graphic is the same for both, and pictured below are the front and back views of it.

Quest Trackers?

As mentioned above, we have a goodly number of quests/achievements/collections for this event. If you need a spreadsheet to track which alts have done what, here is a newly-updated Tinkerfest quest tracker for 2019 in XLS form, and there is also a PDF version. (Trackers are courtesy of Casdoe from Maj'Dul. Thanks again!)


Ocarinah had videos of the new items made within a day of the event hitting the Test server. Thanks much for all your continued help, ma'am!

Are You New?

Is this your first time at this event? Or is your memory fuzzy enough that you need a refresher?

  • Gnomeland Security in the Steamfont Mountains is the main hub for this event, with portals from all "celebration" areas sending you back to the main hub in Gnomeland. (Celebrating gnomes, surrounded by harvestable cogs and purple shinies, can be found in all home cities as well as the docks of Thurgadin, the gnome area in Solusek's Eye, and Dropship Landing in the Moors)
  • The shiny tinkerfest cogs, used for shopping and for crafting, are harvestable "!" items in all celebration areas. They can also be brought back by an upgraded pack pony (100 per 2-hour run).
  • The second purple shiny collection (added in 2016) requires that you have completed (and handed in) the first purple shiny collection. Once you have done so, half of the collection can then be found in the Gnomeland Security area; the other half of the collection will be found in Qeynos and Freeport in the celebration areas.
  • You will need to know the gnomish language (from a language trainer if you're not a gnome) in order to obtain some of the quests.
  • Vendor Tarly in Gnomeland Security will sell all of the past Tinkerfest recipes for you while Myron will sell the current year's recipes. You will need some shiny tinkerfest cogs before you can buy the books, so scrounge up a few before you go shopping.
  • The quest tracker mentioned in a section above will be a godsend if you are trying to run more than one alt through the event. Quest details for all the quests can be found on the wiki's Tinkerfest article.

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