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DoV: Crafting Quests Overview

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion preview. As with all other parts of the expansion preview, information was gathered during the beta testing phase, and last-minute changes are always a possibility. Note that this expansion contains content for level 85+ crafters.

This is meant as a rough overview of the tradeskill quest content in the DoV expansion. Full quest guides will be along later -- in some cases, not until after expansion launch. However, this guide should give you a rough idea of the high points, so you can plan your initial questing in Velious accordingly.

A Note About Faction

It should be noted that crafters can earn faction with 3 different groups: Othmir Artisans, Iceclad Pirates, Forgemasters of Thurgadin. However, at this time, two of those factions have no rewards, and the third (Forgemasters of Thurgadin) will be needed not only for faction recipe books, but also will be required to progress with "What Dreams May Come" (Prayer Shawl quest). You will be doing some daily faction questing once you are done with the questlines, should you wish to work on that quest and/or get your recipe book(s).

A Note About Recipes

These quests will give you recipes for various house items, as well as unlock the ability (with the proper faction/questing) to buy specific faction recipes in Thurgadin, and special recipes in Drunder. Your level 90-95 advanced books, however, are obtained in Withered Lands for the 91/92 books, and from The Captain's Lament for the level 90 advanced book.

Links to Detailed Writeups

Iceclad Ocean

If you use the othmir to travel from Sinking Sands to the Great Divide, you will be in the portion of the Great Divide known as Iceclad Ocean (thus says your map). This area includes Fina's Retreat, which is home to the othmir, the Snowfang Gnoll camp, the Tower of Frozen Shadows and surrounding areas. (If, instead, you travel by bell to the Great Divide, you will end up on the docks outside of Thurgadin, and will need to take a griffon mount to Iceclad

As you step off Lodizal's back and enter Fina's Retreat, you will find a Far Seas Supply Division representative, Matthew, to your left. He wants to start trade discussions with the othmir, and you are elected to be the go-between. During the course of your crafting quests in this area you will trap and cook crabs, trap a "monster", help an injured othmir, help some pretty doggone helpless/clueless gnolls, and even play matchmaker a bit. There will be lots of crafting combines, a bit of swimming around, and a LOT of running back and forth.

You'll earn some decent money, a tiny bit of Far Seas Supply Division faction, some Othmir Artisans faction, some neat house items (some of which you'll be able to make for yourself in the future), and a new crafting chestpiece.

Trapped Iceclad Crab
(quest reward item)
Windswept Frostflower
(ground spawn house item)
Preserved Parsnip
(quest recipe)
Traditional Othmir Drum
(quest recipe & plays music!)
Othmir Folding Table
(quest recipe)
Insulating Cushion
(quest recipe)

You can read more about the Iceclad Ocean Crafting Quests here (this writeup includes the Thurgadin docks quests as well.)

Thurgadin Docks

Once you have completed setting up the dinner date for Arjon and Finnegan in the Iceclad quest series, Finnegan sends you on to the Thurgadin docks, where there are two quest NPCs to work with - Oomba the ogr-, erm, gnomish pirate, and Fenwick. Oomba's quests "just" give xp/aa/coin/Iceclad Pirate faction. Fenwick's quests will give the same, and then, for high-end tinkerers (400?) lead to a few extra tinkering quests. The final tinkering quest will include a recipe that the tinkerer can keep, that is both a lovely house item, and a needed component for one step of "What Dreams May Come", the Coldain Prayer Shawl Quest.
Gnomish Pirate Spirits

Yarr! {hic} I don't know if Brell is pleased with that offering, but I know I'll put it to good use!

The City of Thurgadin

Find the elevator leading up from the Thurgadin docks, and hang a left at the top, and you will find one of the two entrances to the city of Thurgadin. Once inside, both Eirik in the main crafting area and Aggi in the bar area will have quests for level 85+ crafters.

Eirik and Beyond

Eirik will send you out the other entrance to Thurgadin, behind the waterfall, to collect some herbs from ground spawns (which also happen to be lovely house items, as well as used in a later quest, so feel free to go back out there collecting at a later time), do a bit of cooking, and drop an offering to Brell off for him. Not only will you get some lovely house items out of the deal, and some needed Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, but his final quest triggers an NPC in the temple who then sends you out to the old battlegrounds to find his mother, Tora.

Tora's quests, which include minor crafting, some ground spawn grabbing and the like will lead to the start of "What Dreams May Come", the tradeskill heritage quest for the Coldain Prayer Shawl.

Spiceleaf Herb
(ground spawn/house item)
Coldain Saucepan
(quest reward)
Coldain Chalice
(quest reward)
Coldain Utensils
(quest reward)

Aggi and Beyond

Aggi is going to have you traveling all over Iceclad, but I suspect you will find all the running around worth it. While doing her quests, you will not only get quest recipes (that you keep) to make several house items, but you will be introduced to Capru up in the Goahmari village, who is the starter for the crafter flying mount quest. (See warning beside his picture below)

Square Cage
(quest recipe)
Round Cage
(quest recipe)
Gnomish Cannon
(quest recipe)
The Thurgadin Crafting Quests writeup is now in place, as is the Crafter Flying Mount Quest writeup.

Make sure to pet one of Capru's spiderlings once you have finished speaking to him for Aggi's quest, to open up the start of the flying mount quest for crafters! Do NOT squish one, unless you want him angry and refusing to speak to you for a day.

Flying Mount Quest

So, you want to fly the (un)friendly skies, eh? Well, just like with the adventurers, it will take a bit of time and patience. However, when you're done, you will have your very own Boreal or Frost Gryphon (your choice), with a speedy 150 flight speed, and 75 ground speed. (Note that there is a chance that you can be knocked out of the sky if you get too close to something aggro.)

Frost Gryphon
Boreal Gryphon

It should also be noted that you cannot cast, harvest, and such, while airborne, so while this may let you swoop around quickly, you're going to have to actually land before you can harvest.

Once you have spoken with Capru for Aggi's quests mentioned above, and have pet one of his precious spiderlings, Capru will have you perform several tasks for him - a bit of crafting, a bit of traveling to trap food for his pets, some more traveling and ground spawn grabbing, some more crafting, some more traveling to find something to help him with his dreams, and a bit more crafting. At this point, since the dreamcatcher he wants you to craft requires crystalline spiderling silk, he lets you start collecting such silk from the named spider beside him, Ktlk. You will be able to right-click Ktlk once per day to collect two of these precious silks, and trust me, there will be lots more uses for them, so snag them when you can!

There you are, proudly handing him the Snowfang Dreamcatcher that you made for him (and likely already planning on making another for yourself), and instead of rewarding you, Capru asks you to come back the next day. ...

He really wants to be sure of you before he takes the next step, which is, a day later, to offer you the care of a baby gryphon. (This will be in the form of an inventory item that will allow you to call the baby gryphon pet.)

Summon the baby, and you will find that once every 18 hours, you can do another of his 5 quests (feeding, grooming, bandaging, "fetch", more feeding), until he is grown enough to ride. (Yes, this means an almost 5-day delay once you get the baby, before you can ride him, but adventurers get the same delay with their baby, as well.)

Snowfang Dreamcatcher
(quest recipe/house item)
Gryphon Fur Conditioner
(quest recipe/house item)
Silken Padding*
(quest recipe/house item)

*Note that the silken padding quest combine uses special no-trade crystalline spiderling silk for the 5 padding that Capru requires on that quest step. When/if you wish to make more for your home, you use the tradeable crystalline spiderling silk that you collect from Ktlk.

Are We There Yet?

Nope ... if your brain is half as full as mine is, though, it may start leaking out your ears before I get done with this "brief" overview.

What Dreams May Come - The Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl

Note that the trigger frequency on the above image was changed (lowered) near the end of beta, and further tweaks may happen before launch.

Oh, yum. That "beneficial spell cast" refers to the use of crafting reaction arts, and has the chance to give you a free autocomplete of the combine without using any resources.


Ok, now that folks have found their drool cloths, or replaced their keyboards after shorting them out from all the drool, here's some basic information.

Once you get the quest starter from Tora (remember: Eirik -> Ailfrig (Brell Temple) -> Tora), you can only do 2 steps, up to gathering up Lorekeeper Solstrin's notes, before you will have to stop and wait on faction.

The questlines from Thurgadin will get you to 21,000 faction with the Forgemasters of Thurgadin, and Lorekeeper Verdandi will require 40,000 faction before she will speak with you in more detail. Don't panic, there's a way to get more faction, and I'll cover that in a moment. For now, though, realize this means you won't be finishing this quest in the first few days after launch, so I have some breather time to put together a lovely, detailed quest writeup (thanks in large part to some beta folks who provided walkthroughs that I can flesh out appropriately)

Once you get past the faction hurdle, you will be putting in a lot of time running around, crafting, running some more, and in short, doing a lot of legwork in order to recreate this historic item. If you also adventure, you sort of expect that sort of mammoth undertaking when doing a heritage quest, so it is good to get into that mindset now. This won't be any instant gratification.

Mind you, the original shawl in EQ was a mammoth undertaking, too! (8 painstaking shawl combines with lots of work involved), and you are now trying to repair/re-create it.

While you work on re-creating this lovely shawl, you will find that you will need combines from all 9 primary crafting classes (as well as those gnomish pirate spirits from the tinkerers). Thankfully, as with the Proof in the Pudding combines, the bits are heirloom, so you can juggle amongst crafting alts on the same account.

When all is said and done, though, you will have one final test of your crafting skill. You will be doing timed combines that can kill you if you flub a reaction art, so you are going to really earn this lovely item.

Obviously, if this isn't your cup of tea, and you're more of the instant gratification sort, this isn't a requirement for progression or anything like that. Many of us, however, will be masochistic enough to do this quest ... several times. :D

The start of the What Dreams May Come writeup can be found here

Are We There YET?!?

Almost! Almost!

Additional Forgemaster Faction

Once you finish all of the Thurgadin quests, Mikk, in the crafting area in Thurgadin, will offer you repeatable quests for faction. Some will be crafting combines, one will be harvesting Velious dens for meat, another will be gathering ground spawns. (Recipes for the combines are on the desk in front of Mikk.)

"Just One More! ..."

Have you completed "A Gathering Obsession" for that little brat Qho? Didn't you get tired of him asking for just one more favor? Then another? Then another? Well, if you've finished that quest series and you're a level 90 crafter, you will find some mail in your mailbox the first time you zone into Thurgadin.


Yes, he's going to send you out to the SF expansion to harvest tier 9 resources, but it gets worse.

He ends up following you around Velious for a bit.

Why on earth would we allow a thing like that? Well, I think most of us were hoping we could drop him off an icy peak, or feed him to the dragon Yelniak, deep inside Thurgadin, or some such. However, his mother will reward us well for putting up with the little bra- ... darling.

How about a pack pony that can follow you around? Not enough of an incentive? How about if I tell you that this pack pony is so talented that you can tell him to go harvest a specific tier of resources for you, which you can then collect 3 hours later? (Akin to what the guild harvester NPCs can do.) Wouldn't that make things like grinding tinkering so much easier, especially if you are prone to depleting your guild storage depots faster than you can fill them when you go on a crafting binge?

If your answer is a resounding "NO! it isn't worth it", just ignore the email. He'll send you a second mail in two weeks time if he doesn't hear from you (on the off-chance that mail delivery failed due to server merges and the like), and then leave you be.)

For myself, I plan on grabbing the pony and then figuring out how to do away with the kid. Maybe some slow-acting poison ...?

Complete quest writeup for The Return of A Gathering Obsession can now be found here

Progression - Which What is Tied to Which Where???

There are multiple quest branchings, and while some things must be done in order, not everything mentioned above is tied together. Um, yeah, sounds confusing when I try to explain it that way, so let me give you some examples:

  • The Iceclad quests are tied together, and you won't be able to get the quests from the gnomish pirates on the Thurgadin docks until you have done the other Iceclad quests.
  • The Thurgadin quests are in two semi-independent chunks. One chunk leads eventually to the prayer shawl quest, the other chunk leads you to the starter NPC for the crafter flying mount quest. You will eventually want to do both chunks of quests for the faction, but which part you start with is up to you. You can do the Thurgadin quests before or after the Iceclad quests.
  • The Blessed Coldain Prayer shawl will definitely have to be after you've done all the Thurgadin quests, and many of the dailies from Mikk.
  • The new signature quest for Qho is totally independent of the other DoV crafting quests, provided you meet the requirements

Are We Done Yet???!?!?

Later game updates added yet more content to the DoV crafting line. Specifically, quests in Eastern Wastes for the othmir, and for Brontis in Drunder.

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