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DoV: The Return of a Gathering Obsession

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion. Note that while this expansion contains content for level 85+ crafters, this specific quest requires level 90 in your crafting class.

Level 90 crafters who have already completed A Gathering Obsession will receive an email from Qho, requesting more help. You must be level 90, you must have completed the above-linked quest, and you must have not only zoned into Thurgadin to receive the mail, but then actually read the mail, before Qho will speak to you in the Isle of Mara.

Quick Side-Note

As a side-note, when I found this mail in my mailbox in beta, I came close to curling into a fetal position before I quickly IMed Domino with "Eeeevvvilllllll!" She snickered,knowing that I meant it in the best possible way. I'm still randomly twitching at the thought of dragging the little brat around several more times! Breathe deeply. It will be over relatively quickly, compared to the original 8-tier harvesting fest!

Quest Details

Qho, initially happy with all the goodies you already got him, has realized that he's missed out on some of the more newly-discovered lands and harvests. Naturally, he's still too young to go out on his own, and he doesn't want to wait until he matures a bit more. Yep, he's a definite member of the "Gimme" generation, and he wants it NOW!

Since some traveling erudites told him about Odus, won't you "please please please" go get him some of the harvests to study?

Head out to either the Sundered Frontier or the Stonebrunt Highlands, and bring him back 50 each of: sumac, kejekan palmfruit, lapsang tea leaf, amber, quicksilver, bamboo shoot, marr cherries, giant octopus meat, seahorse roe, caynar nut, mottled pelt, and titanium ore.

When you return to Qho with the items, he seems to realize that he annoyed you a bit, so he is genuinely happy to see you return with bulging packs. You once again state that it will be the last time you will ever go harvesting for him.

I can hear you heave a sigh of relief as he starts to speak:

"Oh, it will be the last time you go harvesting for me, I know it! Because I have wonderful news."

Please please please let it be that his parents are going to let him go get his own harvests from now on. Pleeeeeeeaaaassseeee.

Well, bowl me over with a feather, his response is not what I expected!!

"Yes! Isn't it wonderful? I can't wait to get out there. I hear the Far Seas traders saying they're reestablishing trade routes to the long lost continent of Velious, and I'm sure there's lots for me to look at out there."

That sounds way too good to be true, and you're going to kick yourself later, but you decide you'd better check with his mother, in the shed to the east of him, to see what she has to say on the matter.

Lian Augren says to you, "You must be ___, the friend Qho is always talking about. Thank you so much for your kindness to him, it was remarkably generous of you to offer to take him out to see the Great Divide."

But, but, but ... agreed to WHAT?!?! He said he'd been allowed to leave and go harvesting!

"That's right, provided he is accompanied by a responsible adult, of course. I must say I wasn't expecting him to be able to find anyone to take him, but he said you could do it."

Ohyes, it is time to speak again with the "special" little darling about his lie. Imagine that, he's already packed up and waiting for you.

"I didn't lie! I won't ask again, because you're going to take me there in person!"

Ugh. You definitely didn't agree to that, but when you point that out to him, you find that he is more than willing to use blackmail when begging won't work.

"My parents already gave permission, you can't back out now! I'm going to follow you around forever until you agree. Please? This is the only way I'll ever be allowed out of here!"

And so, off you go, with Qho trailing along behind you. Maybe you can drop him off a cliff or something?

Your first stop in the Great Divide will be the part of Fina's Retreat where Mira, Misa, the banker, etc are. Climb up onto the snowback and gather one of the Windswept Frostflowers ground spawns. While it is doubtful that it will be enough to satisfy him, you check in with Qho anyway.

"These are such pretty flowers! Look at the purple! I picked a whole bunch! But I don't like the furry creatures around here, they smell like fish. Can we go see the dwarf city? Do they have any harvests?"

Harvesting inside the city? Not likely, but at least they have a lovely remembrance park there, and of course the moment that you mention it, Qho has to see it.

Of course, it is very pretty, but he's disappointed that there is nothing to harvest. Maybe you can ship him back to his parents now?

"No! Wait! I want to see the mountains above the city too, I bet there's wild herbs and things growing there."

Of course, they have some herbs there, and you can make one more stop, but that will be the "last". (Yeah, right, who are you trying to kid? You know Qho has a different concept of what the word "last" means than you do!)

Harvest one of the ground spawn goahmari herbs then talk to Qho again. Yes, yes, they have a nice scent, but lets get the little darling back to his parents now, please?

"Okay, okay, I guess so. I can tell you're angry at me, and I suppose I don't blame you. But please ... one last thing before we go?"

This better be the last, last, LAST. Right? But what else can he want? A trip to Yelniak so you can "accidentally" feed him to the dragon, or even just drop him down one of the chasms surrounding him?

There were no harvests to gather in Thurgadin, but I'd like a souvenir to remember my trip. It may be years and years before I get to come back! Will you buy me a souvenir? Just one little tiny small thing, maybe something to remember the beautiful park?"

Hmmm, there's a souvenir merchant on the way to the dragon's area, so why not stop in and shop? If he decides there's something more "last" to do, you can always just drag him to the dragon next, right?

Thankfully, Merchant Hagus (338, -292, 246) has a Thurgadin Souvenir Snowglobe for 5 platinum, 83 gold, 20 silver. Yerp, souvenirs are getting spendy these days! Will it be enough to satisfy Qho?

Sigh ... it's sad, but I suppose I am ready. I can see this is a very dangerous area, and I really do need to grow a bit bigger before I can come on my own."

Huzzah! Finally, the child gets a clue! Quick! Take him home before he changes his mind!

Speak again with Lian Augren, who seems to appreciate your time and patience.

"You've gone above and beyond the call of duty in showing him around, ____. My husband Terai and I would like to thank you by offering you one of the pack ponies that we raise. You'll find they are very well trained, and almost as good as Qho here at picking up harvests as they travel."

You receive 18 gold and change, which isn't much of a payment considering what you spent on the kid, BUT you also receive the Artisan's Pack Pony. Scribe the scroll into your knowlege book, summon up that pint-sized pony, hail him and ... what's this? He wants you to pick a harvesting tier?!

Yep, that puny little pony is not "almost as good as Qho", he's worlds better! I have this mental image of him kicking and biting his way through various nodes, then flinging the resources into his packs. Regardless of how he does it, hail him in another 3 hours, and he'll dump the contents of his packs on you - harvests from whichever tier you asked him to gather. Remember, don't look a gift horse .. erm ... pony ... in the mouth. He may not appreciate you questioning his methods of obtaining resources. ;D

What if I Lose Him Mid-Quest?

If Qho gets lost, or you die or such, while dragging the little brat around, return to Mara and hail his mother. She'll be happy to have you as a surrogate babysitter again! ;D

Am I Done Yet?


At crafting level 93+, you can, after completing a couple of pre-requisites, continue this questline with "A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave" and upgrade your pack pony so that it can bring back holiday harvestables when holiday events are running.

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