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BoZ: Test Your Mettle

This is the tradeskill signature line for the Ballads of Zimara expansion. It requires that you be a level 125 crafter in order to begin. While there is mail that is sent to you as a level 125 crafter, it merely points you to the starter NPC and is not required to actually start the quest.

The main signature line consists of eight quests. There are 5 additional side-quests, however, that are needed to unlock the tradeskill dailies for the expansion.

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Main Signature Line

Test Your Mettle: The Sky is the Limit

The Skywatcher Sodality (seen in the BoZ prelude quest) have asked you to follow up on the debris that rained down upon Norrath by speaking with a hooluk named Oreen in the Barren Sky. He is located on Whisperwind Isle, below the wizard spires.

After speaking with Orren you are sent to the Thundering Steppes to collect a sample of the debris, which is located just off the docks. Grab a sample and bring it back to Orren.

Orren sends you to a mysterious group of hooluks that have been long-hidden from the world. Take the cloud pad on Whisperwind Isle, and select the new location listed upon it: Splendor Sky Aerie.

You are looking for a hooluk named Goldbeak, but she is not in the Sanctuary area of Splendor Sky Aerie at this time. Instead, you speak to her nestmate, a hooluk named Hydona to complete the quest.

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Test Your Mettle: Time to Preen

While Goldbeak is out gathering ore samples, perhaps you could help Hydona with a personal crafting project? She is busy finishing up a custom jewelry order, but would love some preening oil. She gives you a basic rundown of why/how preening oil is used, and gives you the needed ingredients and (autoscribed) recipe. Combine the feather wax, linseed oil and scented water on the all-purpose crafting station next to Hydona, and then speak with her again. She will have you apply it. (This is just progressing through the dialog, not a physical application.) Speak with her some more to complete the quest and progress to the next.

Reward: coin, status, tradeskill xp and Hooluk Preening Oil house item.

Test Your Mettle: W.H.O.O.?

This is a good time to remind the reader that following the instructions in the quest journal are necessary. Do not just get into a zen crafting state and assume that because the quest recipe scroll that you autoscribed had two recipes in it that you should craft them back-to-back without reading your journal! You're a 125 crafter, you should know by now that journal steps are not optional. :D

Goldbeak has still not returned from her ore-gathering expedition and Hydona is becoming worried that something may have happened to her W.H.O.O., which has not been upgraded for use around creatures impacted by the invasion debris.

The "Wondrous Hooluk Obfuscation Object" (W.H.O.O.) helps hooluk crafters get around without being attacked by various aggressive creatures. A new version of it, including adjustments due to the emanations from the invasion debris needs to be crafted.

First, you need to craft a Processed Norrathian Sample (recipe was autoscribed) using the sample you obtained in the first quest from the Thundering Steppes. If you somehow lost the sample between quest 1 and quest 3, you can head to the Steppes while on this quest step and get another one. In order to craft the processed sample, you will also need 5 Zimaran coal, and 1 aerated mineral water. If you do not have either of the fuel summoning devices upon you, there is a fuel vendor within Sanctuary.

Speak with Hydona again.

THEN craft the W.H.O.O. Basic. This requires the Defunct W.H.O.O. given to you at the start of the quest, the Processed Norrathian Sample that you just made, and 5 Zimaran coal and is crafted on the workbench. (You can use the all-purpose crafting station beside Hydona.) Then speak with Hydona once again.

Reward: coin, status,tradeskill xp, and the clickable W.H.O.O. Basic. (Keep this even if you don't plan on using it, as you will need it for later steps!)

So what is this W.H.O.O.-thing and why should you care about it? This neon cyan hand may be just a cute novelty if you are a level 125+ adventurer, but if you are a "squishy", you might just fall in love with it as a method of safe harvesting.

Be in a safe spot, you are about to leave your body behind. Click on the W.H.O.O. in your inventory, and then click on the hand that appears practically on top of you. You are now possessing the hand. You won't have your harvest buffs, nor your move speed buffs, but you will have immunity from attack from the local mobs. The only thing you can do while in this forum is run around and harvest within the zone. You cannot collect shinies, do adventuring quests or attack mobs. Dispelling the buff will send you back to where you were when you clicked on the W.H.O.O., so you cannot use it to hop zones.

The W.H.O.O. Basic can only be used in Splendor Sky Aerie. The W.H.O.O. Advanced, that you will make in a later quest can be used in Splendor Sky Aerie and Zimara Breadth. Eventually you will craft a W.H.O.O. Ultimate, which will be a permanent ability in your knowledge book, which can be used in Splendor Sky Aerie, Zimara Breadth or the Aether Wroughtlands.

Test Your Mettle: Where?

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Test Your Mettle: The Breadth of the Matter

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Test Your Mettle: The Width of the Breadth

Reward: coin, status, tradeskill xp and a Crafty Hooluk plushie.

Test Your Mettle: Bivouac Building

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Test Your Mettle: Aetheric Safety

Reward: coin, status, tradeskill xp, the Scrubscale crafting mount and the ability to research your advanced recipe books in Splendor Sky Aerie. Side-quests with Burnish also unlock.


These quests unlock after completion of "Test Your Mettle: Aetheric Safety", and are available from Burnish, a small golem located in the same camp in Aether Wroughtlands as you used for the last two quests in the signature line.

Disassemble: No!

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Disassemble: A Rocky Beginning

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Disassemble: Hide if You Can

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Disassemble: Tricking the Eyes

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp.

Disassemble: A Different Approach

Reward: coin, status, and tradeskill xp. Daily tradeskill missions with Burnish, who has moved to the other side of the bivouac area, also unlock

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