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DoV: Thurgadin Crafting Quests

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion preview. Note that this expansion contains content for level 85+ crafters.

Also note: I did not use all the quest dialog, but I tried to include enough to give you some of the flavor of these lovely little storylines. ~Mum

Welcome to Thurgadin, home of the Coldain dwarves! For those newly-arrived to Velious who want to visit this historic city, you will wish to take the griffon at Fina's Retreat to the Thurgadin docks. From there, you will want to take the elevator up, then turn left to find the large door that will zone you in to the city.

Since there are two entrances/exits to Thurgadin, to save on confusion, I will refer to this zoneline as the "Harbor" and the other zoneline as the "Waterfall" zoneline.

You will find two crafting questlines in the city, as well as a red glowie collection, and a daily crafting quest (which opens up after you've done the two crafting questlines). All but the red glowie collection will earn you Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction.

You can work on either set of questlines first, depending on what you want to get started on first. Eirik's quests lead to the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl starter (this is also the line that will get tailors and armorers access to their appearance armor recipes), Aggi's quests lead to the flying crafter mount starter.

Eirik - Ailfrig - Tora

You will find Eirik, and the all-important crafting area, in the northwestern part of the Thurgadin ring, standing next to the stove and keg. (866, -274, 136)

Healing Leaves

Eirik says to you, "Curses and confoundations! Blast it to Brell!"

Ah, the dulcet tones of a grumpy dwarf! Further chat with him has him calling you a young whippersnapper, no less!

It seems that he is feeling the ill-effects of his many years, and isn't up to the task of gathering ingredients for his famous healing stew.

Turn left out of the crafting area and head to the next intersection and turn left to zone out behind the Thurgadin waterfall.

Walk through the waterfall, and look for the ground spawn spiceleaf shrub for the needed spiceleaf herbs. You will find them on the ground beside the river as well as on the lower banks beside it. You might also want to note that they're also a house item! (The ground spawn will always be harvestable, so if you don't grab more while on the quest, you can always grab more later.)

Spiceleaf Herb
Coldain Chalice

Return to the crafting area with 4 of the herbs and speak to Eirik for your reward.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold, Coldain Chalice

Healing Stew Brew

Now that you have the herbs, Eirik would like you to cook up some healing stew. (He provides you with the recipe, the herbs, and the brontotherium meat, you need to provide 1 aerated mineral water and 1 ethereal kindling.

Craft it up on the stove and keg beside Eirik, and speak to him again for your reward.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold, Coldain Saucepan

Coldain Saucepan
Coldain Cooking Utensils

Blessings for the Grandson

After sampling the stew, Eirik explains a bit more why he needed the stew.

Eirik says to you, "Me grandson is just returned from the battlements, and he's been badly injured by the Rime. This stew'll help him heal. Would ye also take a small bowl to the temple o' Brell and leave an offering for me grandson for me?"

Head left out of the crafting area to the first intersection, and then head right at that intersection to head into the temple. Walk up to the small altar at the end of the temple and click on it to leave your offering.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold, Coldain Cooking Utensils

Don't leave the temple just yet!

Once you have placed the offering, a dwarf named Alfrig will appear and suddenly speak to you as you are walking past.

News From Home

Alfrig says to you, "Pardon me, are you one of the travelers who brought the news of the Dain's ring?"

Chances are, you are clueless as to what he's talking about, but he'll be glad to give you a few details before he asks you for a favor.

Alfrig says to you, "I must see if my family has heard the news yet. Say, I don't suppose you're likely to be traveling past the site of the old Ring War, are you? "

If you weren't already planning on going, you will want to change your plans and head that way to speak with his mother, Tora. Follow the river to the end, then head northeast to the Ring War Battlefield.

Aggro warnings: there are some aggro wolves in the area, and if the ring war public quest is in progress, you may also find some grumpy giant ghosts around. Both are very easy to avoid.

Head out the waterfall exit, follow the stream to the end, then head northeast to the Ring War Battlefield. Sometimes you will find the ghostly dwarves and giants reliving their ancient battle, but the giants are easy to dodge.

You will find Tora at 110, -344, -607 (and now that you have visited this area on foot, the gryphon post is now accessible on the gryphon travel map).

Speak with Tora and give her the message from her son.

You say to Tora, "I'm ____. I have a message from your son; he said if I passed this way I should let you know "the old Dain's ring is said to have been found"."

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

Hunting for History>

While Tora is grateful for the news, she tries to send you on your way, since she feels this historic area should only be for coldain, not for outsiders.

This, of course, stings your pride, and you suggest that, as a skilled artisan, you would be of assistance in searching out the artifacts and relics. She is a bit dubious, but willing to give you a chance.

Tora says to you, "My son always did talk too much. You're right though, I am very short-handed and could certainly use the skilled hands of a crafter to uncover these delicate relics. Hmmm. Very well, let's see how you do, but you'll need to start by making yourself some tools."

She will give you an Archaeological Grade Ice Pick Recipe, which you will need to craft at the forge. There's one located conveniently near her. The ice pick will also need 2 titanium, 1 mottled pelt, 1 ethereal coal.

Once you have crafted the pick, head over to the area with all the frozen giants and dwarves, and look for the small white lumps on the ground. Keep clicking on them until you get the update for the axe handle, then return to Tora.

Tora says to you, "Ah! This is a remarkable find! I do believe this is the handle of the battleaxe of General Bragmur himself! See the carvings? See the clan mark?"

She then goes on to explain who General Bragmur was, as well as more details about the Ring Wars and all the ghosts in the area.

Tora says to you, "We think the sudden nature of their death has trapped them here, reliving the wars endlessly. That's why I am here, I hope to find a way to free the ghost of my ancestor and those who fought with him, so they can finally proceed to the Halls of the Creator."

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

The Cutting Edge

Tora is hoping to recreate General Bragmur's axe, so she can speak with him. Can you go back and see if you can find the axe head?

Head back to those lumps of snow, and keep searching until you get an update. (It may be pretty fast, it may take enough searches to work your way into lump respawn.) When you find it, return to Tora.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

Ritual Gathering

Tora says to you, "Yes! It fits perfectly, this is the correct blade, and the axe is once more intact. I hope that using this as a focus, I may be able to get through to General Bragmur's spirit. However, I also need some herbs to burn for the ritual. Could you gather them while I prepare?"

There's a small pool nearby with the ground spawns that you need. You should be able to get into harvesting range without aggroing the steam walkers in the pool. Collect three and return to Tora.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold.

Inside the Vision

Tora will then want you to place the herbs on the fire (click the fire), then put your hand on the axe, which is now on the table in front of her. Do so, and you will be transported into a small instance containing Tora and General Bragmur's ghost.

I won't repeat all the lovely details during your long chat, but the short version is that he'll tell you more about the battle, and how he died, slain by his fellow coldain's release of the waterfall during their last stand.

Poor Tora can only hear your side of the conversation, and cannot see her ancestor at all, so you bring her up to date with the conversation.

Tora says to you, "Oh, ____. How could I explain to an outsider? This is the great shame of the coldain. Our ancestors believed there was no other option left to stop the giants. We had no idea those so killed would be trapped in the moment, unable to pass on to the Halls of the Creator."

She is pretty distraught, and wants you to speak with Bragmur more, to see if there is some way to free all the trapped coldain spirits.

Bragmur is finally realizing the enormity of the situation when you explain that the war has been over for 200 years.

General Bragmur says to you, "Trapped for eternity! This is not the afterlife I looked forward to. But I don't know how to free us, I'm just an old soldier. I'm not even alive, apparently. Surely only the blessing of Brell has the power to help us now. I saw Him once, it was a sight I'll never forget."

He goes on to explain more about where and when he saw Brell, about the power of Brell's blessing, and about a crafted coldain style prayer shawl that Brell had blessed.

When you explain to Tora that Bragmur feels that only Brell's blessing would free them, Tora's hopes are dashed.

Tora says to you, "Brell has not been seen on this continent since the gods left Norrath. It's generally assumed our actions to end the final battle displeased him. I don't think he's going to stop by for a visit any time soon."

However, maybe just his blessing from the prayer shawl would be enough, if the blessed coladin prayer shawl could be found? The dwarves seem to have lost track of it, but you're willing to do some checking here and there to see if you can find out more.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold.

What Dreams May Come

At this point, Tora gives you the quest starter for the tradeskill Heritage Quest: What Dreams May Come. (That writeup will be a separate article "soon.)

Aggi & Capru

Meanwhile, back in Thurgadin, you've got another questline to complete, and you will need the faction from it, among other things, if you plan on working on the above-mentioned heritage quest.

You will find Aggi in the Velium Keg area of Thurgadin, at 698, -311, 359.

Gnomish Negotiations

Aggi gets right to the point and asks if you are looking for work.

Aggi Stonefist says to you, "We could surely use all the help we can get, with the Order of Rime pressing the attack in Storm Gorge. I'm trying to come up with some new ideas to help the defense. Would you mind assisting?"

It seems that they want more portable gnomish cannons out on the battlefield, and would like you to ask the gnomish pirates for a recipe so that they can make more.

Head out the Thurgadin docks exit, and take the elevator down so that you can speak with Fenwick. He is glad to hand over a recipe that doesn't require any advanced tinkering, and back up and in you go to bring it back to Aggi.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

Cannons Away

Aggi is grateful for the recipe, but would like it tested out before they begin making a bunch more. Could you make and place one?

She hands you the recipe for a Gnomish Cannon, and you can run over to the crafting area in the city to access a work bench. You will also need 1 titanium, 1 quicksilver, 1 amber, 1 ethereal coal.

When you finish creating the item, you will also note that it is a lovely house item, so you will be happy to know that you keep this recipe at the completion of the quest, for later crafting.

Head out the Thurgadin Docks exit and hang a left to go through the arch, up the ramp, and out the other side. Your map should have the area highlighted, and you will also find a green glowie at the right spot (roughly 731, -375, 864). Click on the glowie, then return to Aggi in Thurgadin.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold, plus the gnomish cannon house item recipe stays in your recipe book.

Gnomish Cannon

Gilded Cages

Aggi Stonefist says to you, "Good work, ____. If it tests out well, I'll assign a team to make more. In the mean time, I have another plan I'm working on: I'd like to obtain some trained hawks for surveillance and carrying messages. Would you start by making me a few cages?"

You receive a recipe scroll for Practical Bird Cages. Note that there are two recipes contained within it, for round and square cages. Both are house items and you get to keep the recipes. However, for now, just make 3 of the square version for Aggi.

Head to the woodworking table in the crafting area and bring along 6 sumac, 3 titanium, 3 ethereal sandpaper (enough ingredients for 3 combines. Craft the three, then return to Aggi for your reward.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold, plus you keep the recipes for the two house item cages.

Square Cage
Round Cage

Far Seas Negotiations

Aggi has ordered a trained hawk from the Far Seas traders. Could you travel back to Fina's Retreat and collect it?.

Take the Thurgadin Docks exit, and either evac back to Fina's Retreat, or fly back to the Icy Fingers post (I think that's what the flight map calls it!). Speak with Matthew, collect the hawk from him, and return to Aggi.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

Wings Away

Of course, now that you've got the hawk, she would like you to release in on a short test flight. Head out the Thurgadin Docks exit and go back to the battlements near the Rime to release it (inventory item right-click). The map should have a highlighted area, and you should receive some on-screen text when you hit the right area, somewhere around 760, -378, 843. Release it and return to Aggi for your reward.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

Scouring the Peaks

The flight was a success, and Aggi would like to get more hawks to train.
Aggi Stonefist says to you, "Yes, I hoped we could find some hawk nests to get the eyas - that's a young hawk hatchling. I often see hawks flying around the mountain peaks over Thurgadin. Could you hike up there and search for nests?"

Ohboy, time to play mountain goat! Head out the exit that leads to the Thurgadin waterfall.

You will be heading east, then south and up the mountains to get to the area that is highlighted for the quest. To make it a bit easier for you, I've circled the target mountain on the below map. Most of the area is pretty safe, but you'll want to hug the mountain when you reach it, so you don't blunder into any of the Order of Rime by accident. The entrance to the goahmari village, which is where you end up, is at roughly 342, -38, 623.

Thankfully, you only need to do that run once per alt, as the griffon post in the village unlocks on your first visit.

Goahmarhi village circled

Once there, speak with Capru, who is in the first tent on your left, surrounded by spiderlings.

Capru says to you, "Good day, stranger. I am Capru. Please be careful where you tread, my little friends are fragile."

Whatever you do, do not click on the spiderlings and use the squish option (or whatever it is called). If you do, Capru will become angry, and will not speak with you again for a day. This will delay your tradeskill flying mount quest. You now can't say I didn't warn you! :D

Capru, who is a critter lover and a pacifist at heart, thinks it is a very bad idea to train the young hawks for such a task. Happily (for him), it isn't the right season.

Capru: says to you, "You wouldn't be able to find any younglings at this time of year anyway; the hawks breed only rarely, during their mating season. There will be no new hawk eggs in the near future."

Before you return to Aggi with the news, be sure to right click one of the little spiderlings and use the "Pet" option. This endears you to Capru, so that he will start you on the crafter flying mount quest. (Which will be a separate writeup.)

Then return to Aggi for your reward from her task.

Reward: 1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, 29+ gold

Mikk and the Dailies

If you have completed all of the quests above for Eirik, Tora and Aggi, you should have 21000 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction. Mikk, in the Thurgadin crafting area will now offer you a daily quest for additional faction, so that you can eventually finish the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl quest, as well as purchase the faction recipe books sold near him. A new daily is offered every night at 11 p.m.Pacific.

  • Stoking the Flames - Mikk wants you to gather 10 firewood from around Fina's Retreat for the Thurgadin signal fires. Head back to the ice floes near Lodizal and look for the ground spawns then return for your reward: +1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction, and 60+ gold.
  • Anti-Rime Ammunition - craft 5 portable cannons. Recipes are in a book on the desk in front of Mikk. Each cannon requires 1 each titanium, amber, quicksilver and ethereal coal, combine is on the forge.+1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction and 60+ gold
  • Icy Artifacts - go to the old ringwar site and examine chunks of ice until you find 5 relics, then return to Mikk. +1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction and 60+ gold
  • Explosive Powder - craft 5 explosive gnomish cannon powder (alchemy table, etheral candle). The other supplies that you need are from the Gnomish Powder Supplies jar on his counter, and the recipe book in front of him if you have not already scribed it. +1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction and 60+ gold
  • Supplies for Thurgadin - harvest 4 brontotherium meat. +1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction and 60+ gold. Requires 400 trapping skill
  • Defending the Defenders - craft 5 "sturdy" coldain armor. Recipe book is in front of Mikk if you need it. Each requires 1 titanium, 1 quicksilver, 1 amber, 1 ethereal coal. +1500 Forgemasters of Thurgadin faction and 60+ gold
  • Dwarven Fuel - cook 5 hearty/hardy stew for the Coldain. Steaks and herbs are in a bucket in front of Mikk labeled "Brontotherium Steak Mix". You will also need 1 aerated mineral water and 1 ethereal fuel per combine.

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