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DoV: Crafter Flying Mount Quest Series

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion preview. Note that this quest series, like the rest of the expansion content, is for level 85+ crafters.

After you have been sent to the goahmari village by Aggi in the Thurgadin Crafting Quest series, you will be able to begin the quest for the crafter version of the flying gryphon mount. You must right-click and "pet" one of the spiderlings after you finish speaking to him for Aggi, at which point he will have a quest feather over his head and will give you the starting quest. (You can come back later and do so, if you missed this little detail when up there for Aggi.) Do NOT use the squish option on one of the spiders, or the angry bug-lover will not speak to you for 24 hours. He really loves the little crawlies, ok?

Milly's Meals

Capru: says to you, "I'm glad to see you appreciate the beauty of these little creatures, Foiwomx. I believe that by appreciating the beauty in the natural world around us, we can catch a glimpse of its true spirit."

He then begins to talk about his centipede, Milly, and how sensitive and affectionate she is. Just nod and smile, agree with the large goat-man, ok?

Since he believes you are also fond of them, he asks you to bring Millie her favorite treat, Iceclad Cutlassfish. These can be fished in the waters around Lodizal in the Fina's Retreat area. If you have some in inventory already, you can immediately hail him again and complete the quest.

Reward: 29+ gold

Hungry Hungry Spiders

Millie was easy to cheer up, but now Capru is worried about his spiderlings.
Capru says to you, "Not just feeling down, I'm afraid they may be dying. Look at the way their little palps are drooping! It's their diet, I'm afraid; they aren't getting enough fresh insects this high up. I just can't catch enough in this cold climate. Perhaps you could help?"

Somehow you find yourself talked into making an insect trap and heading out to trap some nice, juicy jungle dragonflies.

Since you're going to have to do a bit of traveling, you may as well gate to your home city or guildhall, or somewhere else that you can find a convenient work bench. Scribe the "Capru's Insect Trap" that he gave you, and craft it on a work bench using 1 sumac, 1 titanium, 1 quicksilver, 1 ethereal coal.

Now you just need to find a suitable jungle with very large bugs. Fortunately, the front of the Feerrott has some marsh damselflies that will do the trick! Target one, right-click the trap from your inventory, rinse and repeat two more times. Then return to the very worried (and most appreciative) Capru.

Reward: 29+ gold

Snug as a Bug

Capru says to you, "You are truly a great help, a savior of spiderlings. It pleases me greatly to see how you care for animals. I wonder ... have you time to help some other creatures, even though they are not as pretty as these ones?"

Your idea of "not as pretty" and his may vary a bit on this one, as he is speaking of the snow gryphons. It seems that the mother of the current brood of eggs that the goahmari are guarding is unable to care for her eggs. Perhaps you could make some nest padding for them?

He will give you the recipe scroll for Silken Padding, and 5 no-trade cystalline spiderling silk threads.

Note that this recipe also makes a house item, but you can use the regular crystalline spiderling silk that you receive in another couple quests to make some for yourself. Use the quest threads for the quest! (Also, if you've already run the quest on a couple alts, and the one you are questing with has some of the tradeable silk on them already, make SURE to check the ingredients page carefully before beginning the combine, to make sure you are crafting with the quest threads, not the tradeable silk.)

You will need to make 5 of them on a sewing table. If you didn't bring a portable sewing table with you, the travel griffon can take you back to the Thurgadin docks. You will need to craft 5 of the padding, and each one will require the crystalline spiderling silk thread, 1 bamboo shoot, 1 mottled pelt, 1 ethereal filament. Return to Capru when done, in order to claim your reward.

Reward: 29+ gold, plus you keep the recipe for the house item "Silken Padding"

Silken Padding

Mend These Broken Wings

It seems one of the gryphons is very ill, and while Capru hasn't heard details, he would like to mix up some herbal medicine in case it is needed. Would you be able to bring some more ingredients for him?

You will need 3 goahmari herb, which are ground spawns around the goahmari village, and 3 spiceleaf from around the Thurgadin waterfall area. Gather those up, and return to Capru. Both items are also house items, and you can always gather more.

Spiceleaf Herb
Goahmari Herb

Reward: 29+ gold

To Capture a Dream

Capru believes that your spirit is growing closer to the world spirit's, and continues on in a bit of a mystical vein. His dreams, however, often slip away before he can be sure that he saw the world's spirit, and he has heard that the gnolls have a way of capturing dreams. Could you do him a huge favor and find out more information?

Head back to Fina's Retreat, then travel from there to the gnoll village. (If you are doing this quest before the Iceclad Ocean crafting quest series, you may want to hit up this quest guide and scroll down to the Ruffin section for a map showing you a safe route to the gnolls.

While you are visiting Ruffin, you may also want to harvest a couple more of the Frozen Parsnips from the ground spans there, as you will need at least one later in this quest progression.

Question Ruffin about the dream catcher.

Ruffin says to you, "Yes, the shamans make something they call a dream catcher. I can tell you myself how it's made, my mother was a shaman and I used to help her make them."

He gives you the recipe scroll, and some verbal instructions, then you're off to visit Capru again.

You say to Capru, "Their shamans make a weaving that hangs where they meditate. Supposedly it tangles the dreams and visions in its threads, allowing the shaman to study them more closely before they vanish."

Capru would love one, and you would be happy to make him one, but you need some spider silk for the weaving. Fortunately, Kltlk, the named spiderling next to Capru will now give you some silk if you "ask nicely" (Right click.)

This quest step unlocks the ability to collect 2 crystalline spiderling silk every 24 hours from Ktlk. This is the only way to unlock this ability, and you will find numerous uses for the silk, including future quest combines.

Dream Weaving

Right click on Ktlk, if you haven't already and collect your first day's silk from her. Scribe the recipe for the Snowfang Dreamcatcher if you haven't already, and head for a sewing table. You will need 1 crystalline spiderling silk, 2 amber, 2 quicksilver, 1 sumac, 1 ethereal filament. This dreamcatcher is also a house item, and you get to keep the recipe, so you can make yourself one later.

Return to Capru, and he takes the dreamcatcher ... and then asks you to come back the next day. 23 hours later, you can return to him, at which point he admits that he was testing you before entrusting a precious young gryphon to your care. You have passed the test, claim your reward.

Reward: 29+ gold, bauble to call the gryphon, plus you get to keep the recipe for the Snowfang Dreamcatcher.

Snowfang Dreamcatcher

Now What?

So, now you have a bauble that will summon a fluff pet young gryphon. Now what do you do?

Simple. You care for it until it is big enough to carry you. (Thankfully, this only takes a bit under 5 game days, as the little critter grows quickly!)

Hail him, and you will find he has five options. (Ignore the I am happy one, it isn't a questgiver.) You must complete each of the five quests once, and can only complete one every 18 hours.

(Wording on the options is approximate, from memory)

  • Fish Treats for Hungry Beaks: "You look hungry!" - harvest some iceclad cutlassfish if you don't already have some in inventory
  • Playing Fetch: "Let's play fetch!" (You must be in Great Divide for this step!) You'll have a bone drop into inventory when you accept this quest. Throw it, wait a couple minutes, then realize your pet apparently believes Fetch means Hide and Seek. Check both of the Great Divide maps, looking for the highlighted area for the quest. He can be a tricky little guy and really have traveled a long ways in the zone.
  • A Keener Sheen: "Let's take care of your coat." You receive a recipe for gryphon fur conditioner, which requires brontotherium meat (from frosty dens in the zone), 2 goahmari herb (that ground spawn in the goahmari village), 1 aerated mineral water, 1 ethereal kindling, and a chemistry table. This item is also a lovely house item, so thankfully you get to keep the recipe.
  • Growing Pains: "Is that a scratch on your forearm?" Sew up a silk bandage on a sewing table. The recipe will be provided, and, among other things, will need one of the crystalline spiderling silk from Ktlk.
  • Meaty Meals for a Growing Gryphon: "You look very hungry!" Harvest up some brontotherium meat if you don't already have some in your bags.
Gryphon Fur Conditioner>

Once you have completed all 5 quests, hail your young grypon again to receive your choice of two adult gryphons. (Remember, the mount that you choose will auto-drop into your mount tab, not into regular inventory!)
Frost Gryphon
Boreal Gryphon

While the images above, which were taken late in beta, show crafter level 90, they were then changed to level 85.

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