DoV: Eastern Wastes Crafting Quests

This quest series was added with Game Update 60 on May 31, 2011. You must have completed the Iceclad Ocean Crafting Quests involving Mira before you can obtain this quest. (This also means that you: are at least a level 85 crafter, since Mira's original quests require 85+, and that you have the Destiny of Velious expansion.) It is also strongly, strongly recommended that you have obtained your crafter flying mount or some other method of flying, since you will be required to reach the flight- (or summon-) only Drunder zone.

There is no combat involved in this quest series (though some creative mob-dodging!), and even crafters who are low-level adventurers should be able to do these quests.

And, before yet more people ask, while this quest grants more Othmir Artisans faction, there is not anything to actually do/buy with this faction.

To begin, speak once again with Mira in Fina's Retreat in the Great Divide. She will give you the quest "Aid to the East", which sends you to Nipik's Haven, an othmir settlement in the Eastern Wastes.

Aid to the East

Mira says to you: Thistlegrub, I'm glad you came by. I have had news from our other settlement. It is hard for us to send help, but I thought that your people, with your fancy flying beasts, might be able to assist them."

If you have never been to Eastern Wastes, there are several ways to get there (Velious port painting "Withering Forest" to the burning tree of growth, griffon flight path to EW that is unlocked when you visit the Scar Bridge griffon pad in Great Divide, direct flight from the southeast portion of Great Divide, etc.) This questline will also give you a new way to get there in the future, in the form of a lovely house-item shell that will teleport you directly to Nipik's Haven.

Once there, head for Livi in Nipik's Haven, on the eastern side of the map (-1149, -533, 3385). Hail her for crafting xp, achievement xp, 150 Othmir Artisans faction, and about 30 gold.

Surveying the Land

Livi says to you, "As you may have seen, the giants are causing great destruction in this region as they raze the forest to fuel their wars. We need to keep an eye on how close their deforesters have come to here. Do you think you can help?"

Livi wants you to be sneaky. Don't overdo the sneaky part, though - you need to actually be able to see what is going on in the area. (i.e., fly high enough to avoid aggro, but if you're not getting an update when you fly through the highlighted area on your map, you're likely flying too high, out of range of the update area.)

Once you have the update for the flamespout fields scouting, you're going to need to aggro-dodge. You will need to use your Catalog Creature ability from your knowledge book, and catalog a Duhjalm Deforester (2-headed ettin). You'll need to be on the ground for this one, but you can scout from the air, find a safe spot to land, swoop in, catalog, then fly back up.

Return to Livi for another 30g or so, 150 othmir artisans faction, crafting xp and AAXP. You will also receive Gift of Nipik's Haven - a lovely house/guildhall item that can port you directly to Nipik's Haven.

Sampling the Damage

While they're not ready/able to confront the giants head-on, Livi would like to slow down the damage that they are doing to the area.

Livia says to you, "We are not a fierce warrior people, Thistlegrub, and the giants could wipe us out easily if they chose to try. But we do what we can to slow down their destruction. You could help us by gathering some of the deforesters' axes, if you are willing."

You are looking for 5 axes embedded in the base of stumps in the highlighted area. You will want to dance a fine line while flying, as, if you get too high, you can't see the axes. If you get too low, you'll be attracting aggro. The axes are scattered throughout the highlighted area on your map, embedded in the stumps of trees that have been chopped down by the giants.

Return to Livi for what will be your default reward for these quests - 30g or so, 150 othmir artisans faction, crafting xp, and AAXP.

Not For Use In Tea

Livi says to you, "Now for a touch of sabotage. We find that the saliva from the ancient wurms has a very corrosive effect. We also discovered a particular musical tone can put the wurms into a trance-like state which allows you a few seconds to collect some of their saliva. Would you care to give it a try?"

Yep, you get to collect wurmspit.

Scribe the "Notes on Wurm Control" that she gives you to learn the recipe for "Hypnotic Othmir Flute". The firepit beside Livi is actually a forge, so as long as you have the right materials on you, you can immediately craft the flute. (1 sumac, 1 titanium cluster, 2 quicksilver cluster, 1 ethereal coal.) The othmir "Claud", also beside the firepit forge, can also sell you fuel if you don't have the coal handy.

Head up the hill to the nearby wurms, and carefully edge closer to them. Use the flute from just out of aggro range, knock them flat, then right-click to collect saliva. As long as you're careful and watch pathing, even the squishies should be able to get through collecting 3 wurm saliva without mishap.

When you hand this quest in for the coin/faction/crafting xp/AAXP, you'll find that you get to keep the flute ... for now. There are later steps where it might be handy to knock out a wurm or two, so the flute stays around until you earn the house item version of it later.

Salivating for Sabotage

Livi says to you, "Exactly what we need, Thistlegrub! Now, please treat the axes you brought me with the saliva solution, and then switch the weakened axes with undamaged ones the deforesters have left lying around the forest."

Scribe the "Othmir Notes on Wurm Saliva" that she gives you, then craft three Weakened Axe. This time you are given the ingredients, and will just need 3 ethereal coal in order to perform these combines in the firepit/forge beside Livi.

After you have made three, fly to the highlighted area on the map, and look for those axes embedded in stumps from earlier. Right-click on three to replace the good axes with weakened ones, then return to Livi for your reward.

Seed Sampling

Livi says to you, "Good work so far, Thistlegrub. If you're willing to help further, some of us are trying to gather nuts from the remaining trees before they are all destroyed. You'll need a rake to sift the soil at the bases of the trees, as the nuts may be trodden into the ground by the wurms."

She gives you a recipe scroll titled "Othmir Gardening Tools." Scribe that and then make a "Gardener's Rake" from the recipe. You'll need Sumac Lumber, Titanium Ore, and Ethereal Coal for that.

Now take your rake and go nuts (sorry). The nuts appear as green sparklies, and you don't have to go far in to find them. The wurms will still be there, so you can use your flute to stun them while you collect nuts.

Rake the sparkly to expose each nut, then pick it up. Once you've collected 5 nuts, return to Livi for your reward of 30gp, +150 faction, and TS XP.

Replanting Efforts

Livi says to you, "We'll store some of the nuts for future replanting, and plant some right away also. Take a shovel, and plant a nut beside cut down stumps. Replanting the lost trees will take a long time, but may help the forest recover eventually."

Guess you'll need a shovel for that, huh? Craft a "Gardener's Shovel" from the recipe Livi gave you. It will require the same fuel and materials as the rake.

The green sparklies will show you good planting sites, usually right next to a tree stump. Plant the nuts, then return to Livi for 32gp, +150 faction, and TS XP.

Thunder in the Hills

Livi says to you, "Thank you, Thistlegrub. We'll continue to do what we can also, but you've seen the scale of the destruction. It's all happened so fast, and we still don't really understand why."
You say to Livi, "When exactly did all this start? I thought the giants have been around here for centuries."
Livi says to you, "We don't know exactly how long the giants have been here, but things changed recently. There was a terrible thunder in the mountains and the land shook like leaves in the wind. Soon after, the giants' destruction of the land started, nonstop day and night, as if something was driving them to great urgency."
You say to Livi, "Thunder in the mountains? You mean Kael Drakkel, up there on the hill?"
Livi says to you, "No, it sounded more distant than that, but we can't get close enough to find out more. Oh! Thistlegrub, perhaps you can use one of these mighty gryphons your people ride to fly up the mountains and learn more. Could you investigate for us?"

Well, of course you'll investigate. Your first task is to find someone who can tell you more about the event. You'll find a Geonid named Drumlin who can tell you more. You'll find him at (640, -330, 3650). If you go through the Caverns of Living Stone to the Wakening Lands exit, Drumlin will be up and to your right on a ledge.

You say, "Hail, Drumlin"
Drumlin says to you, "Shattered and shaken, burned and broken, what will become of us?"
You say to Drumlin, "Excuse me, are you referring to this region?"
Drumlin says to you, "Yes I am, abandoned and abused it is. Once this was a sacred land, full of growth and life. Now, we are displaced and disowned. Wuoshi has vanished and we are all that remains to fight for the land."
You say to Drumlin, "I wonder if you can tell me more about that strange structure in the cliff above? How long has it been there, and who built it?"
Drumlin says to you, "It was not long ago. Foreign stone it is above, neither built nor carved. It appeared, shattering and shaking. The mountain cried and trembled. It is bad stone, invading our rock, not our kin."
You say to Drumlin, "Thank you for the information."

Hmmm. Well, the only structure up on the cliff is the Fortress of Drunder. Now you know why you need a flying mount....

Make your way up to Drunder by whatever means you can, and zone into the lobby to get the quest update. The return to Livi.

Livi says to you, "Were you able to learn any more?"
You say to Livi, "I did - there is a strange structure in the mountains. According to some of the locals, it just appeared there, with a great noise and crashing of boulders - no doubt the thunder sound you mentioned."
Livi says to you, "A building of some sort in the mountainside? But what is it?"
You say to Livi, "It's made of a hard black material, like nothing I've ever seen before anywhere on Norrath. I took a quick look inside, and it seems to be somehow related to Rallos Zek, the god who created the giants."
Livi says to you, "This is disturbing news, Thistlegrub, very disturbing. If the gods are behind the giants' current actions, it is unlikely to be good news for this region. But thank you for bringing us the information. I will let the Speaker know, and we will seek guidance. Please let us know if you learn of any immediate danger to the othmir."

Your final reward is 30gp, +150 faction, TS XP, plus a house-item version of the Othmir Flute.

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