DoV Drunder Crafting Quests

This quest series was added with Game Update 60 on May 31, 2011 and is meant for level 90 crafters (the books are level 89 to scribe). It is strongly, strongly recommended that you have obtained your crafter flying mount or some other method of flying, since you will be required to reach the Drunder zone, which is high up a mountain wall.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

There is no combat involved in this quest series, and even level 90 crafters who are low-level adventurers are able to do these quests as long as they can reach Drunder via flight or a summons.

This quest series is NOT tied to the Eastern Wastes othmir crafting quests. You do not have to have started, much less completed, those quests in order to obtain this quest series.

Finding Drunder and Brontis

To begin, you need to access Drunder. Don't worry, as much as you've heard about this fortress, and the brutally nasty heroic/epic content, the entry zone is safe for even squishy crafters!

The entrance to the zone is located wayyyyy up a cliff face in Eastern Wastes at approximately 799, 425, 3650. Now you can see why I recommended that you be able to fly! :D One handy hint is to access Eastern Wastes via the Velious port painting that has the burning tree of growth pictured on it, drop the above waypoint on your map, and start climbing almost straight up from your zoning spot.

Once you have zoned in, you want the path to your right, to where there are two chained giant constructs (and an orc!) slaving away. You want to speak with Brontis, one of the two Thudomatonian constructs. His quest book is hard to see because he is so tall, and you're likely to have to really crane your neck to speak with him, but if you're a skilled crafter, he will speak with you and give you the quest "Bindings of Brontis".

The Bindings of Brontis

Brontis says to you, "Greetings fleshy small one. I am Brontis, eldest of the Thudomatonian Constructs. Tell me, why do you mortals insist on the pursuit of torment? Perhaps you would be one lucky enough to receive a proper death over eternal slavery. My collective was not so lucky."

You say to Brontis, "You are enslaved?"

Brontis says to you, "Do you think that our endless toil is a matter of choice? The Rallosian Army captured us in their siege of Thudos, many millennia ago. Our inescapable destiny now is to forge tools of war for all of eternity -- the bindings that hold us here are unbreakable."

You say to Brontis, "Perhaps I can remove those bindings from you."

Brontis says to you, "HAH! You truly believe that YOU, a mere mortal, can free me from these bindings? Only a seasoned court jester would make such a suggestion. Thank you, I haven't had a laugh like that since Montis fell in the forge several hundred years ago."

You say to Brontis, "Our magic and technology are more advanced than you might expect. Have faith -- I will see what we can do about this."

Brontis says to you, "Silly naive mortal. Rallos Zek had his minions imbue these chains with indestructible magic. There is no key, and there simply is no escape. The pursuit of the impossible is a good way to waste a short life. You simply must accept what you cannot change."

You say to Brontis, "No! Nothing is impossible Brontis! We'll get you out of here!"

At this point, you need to find an expert who knows more about the bindings on Brontis. Thurgadin would be a good place to start. So, off to Thurgadin you go!

Believe it or not, as you're wandering through the Velium Keg area of Thurgadin, there's a new gnomish bard serenading folks with some odd verses.

You say, "Hail, Thunderstomp"

Thunderstomp says to you, "Hello there! Have you come to hear the tales of the great fortress of Drunder? Perhaps a dirge about the plight of Brontis and the Thudomatonian's is more your fancy! "

You say to Thunderstomp, "Brontis! You know of the great golem?"

Thunderstomp says to you, "Brontis! Yes! I saw him and the other Thudomatonian golems a fortnight ago. Slavery is quite a sad state for an immortal being. Makes for excellent songwriting material, though!"

You say to Thunderstomp, "I'm trying to free Brontis. How do you think we can break his chains?"

Thunderstomp says to you, "Oi! Trying to break his bindings...that would go against them being "unbreakable" and all. I know nothing about them other than the fact that they are magical, and they are unbreakable! I suppose if I were you, I'd be looking for help from other people as well. The pursuit of the impossible is much more fun in groups!"

You say to Thunderstomp, "Where would you start?"

Thunderstomp says to you, "There's quite a few scholarly types of all disciplines around Thurgadin lately. I would seek them out. They will surely know how to approach this quest of yours....or at least they will know better than a minor minstrel such as myself. You know, I think I'll write my next diddle about you. "Niami and Brontis, sitting at the forge. K-I...""

You say to Thunderstomp, "Thank you for your time, Thunderstomp."

You say, "Hail, Frizella Emberblossom"

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "Leave me to my research, Niami. I'm sure whatever you think you need from me can be handled by someone else."

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "Actually, this can only be handled by a wizard of your status."

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "Oh? And what might this super pressing matter be? Is it more important than my research on Rallos Zek? His fortress *did* just drop from the planes outside. But I guess that's not a concern to a pub-jumping ruffian like yourself."

Wow. Rude much?!

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "Actually, this does directly relate to defeating Rallos Zek. I am attempting to free his imprisoned Thudomatonian Constructs. Without them to create tools of war for his army, they will be severely crippled."

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "Hmm. So, where do I come into this plan? I'm sure if you could have freed them by yourself, you would not be speaking to me about it."

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "The bindings that hold the Thudomatonian Constructs at bay are of a magical nature. I need them properly analyzed to figure out how we will remove them."

You receive 34 Gold, 13 Silver, 58 Copper for completing Bindings of Brontis.

Thudomatonian Monotony

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "Well, if that's the case, you need to bring me a sample of the chains. If they are indeed magical, you should be able to trap some of the essence of the chain in a pocket-sized dimensional trap. Here, take this schematic and these components. You should be able to create the trap at any forge. Now, off with you. I need to get back to my studies."

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "That makes sense. I shall return."

You receive quest items: Bottled Lightning, Extra Thick Glass Vial, Ultra Dense Magnetic Coil, Pocket-Sized Dimensional Trap recipe. Scribe the recipe, craft the trap (details later, I am missing some notes), and then head back to Brontis in Drunder.

You say, "Hail, Brontis"

Brontis says to you, "Have you given up on the pursuit of the impossible yet?"

You say to Brontis, "Actually, I am here to take a sample of the aura on your bindings."

Brontis says to you, "Do what you will. Fate is inescapable."

You say to Brontis, "Hold still. This should only take a second."

You receive 31 Gold, 10 Silver, 59 Copper for completing Thudomatonian Monotony.

You receive:Aura-Filled Pocket-Sized Dimensional Trap

Accuracy is Everything

You say, "Hail, Frizella Emberblossom"

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "Do you have the binding sample, Niami?"

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "Yes. Here!"

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "Hmm. Nope. These bindings are definitely not arcane. I cannot help you further in this matter."

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "What!?"

Frizella Emberblossom says to you, "That simply is the truth. You might want to seek out other magic specialists for further assistance. Those bindings are not in my field of studies."

You say to Frizella Emberblossom, "Thank you for your help, Frizella."

Apparently you "should speak to a different magic specialist. A druid should be sufficiently different" Head over to Remembrance Park in Thurgadin and look for Neren Gladefire.

You say, "Hail, Neren Gladefire"

Neren Gladefire says to you, "Greetings traveler. What brings you to the Remembrance Park today?"

You say to Neren Gladefire, "An urgent matter has brought me here. Thudomatonian Constructs are enslaved in the Fortress of Drunder. I wish to free them."

Neren Gladefire says to you, "The Thudomatonian Constructs! How can such powerful beings of the earth be enslaved? "

You say to Neren Gladefire, "Bindings made out of this material are holding them in place. What do you make of it?"

Neren Gladefire says to you, "These bindings are not anything similar to what I work with. They seem to be formed of pure malice and evil. I could not begin to figure out how to unravel a spell made from this. Perhaps you could seek out someone more practiced in the dark arts to learn more about this. Normally I would never suggest speaking with one of evil origins, however, the circumstances must dictate our actions."

You say to Neren Gladefire, "Thank you for the advice, Neren. I will do so."

Sounds like necromancer time to me! Coicidentally, one has been seen recently lurking near Yelniak in Thurgadin...

You say, "Hail, Arthex D'Nim"

Arthex D'Nim says to you, "Greetings. Are you here to admire the near immortality of Yelinak as well? His being emanates many aspects that I could incorporate into my art."

You say to Arthex D'Nim, "I am trying to free other immortal beings. Perhaps you can study them when I have succeeded. Bindings made out of this hold them in place - what do you make of it?"

Arthex D'Nim says to you, "Oh...oh my. These bindings are of necromantic origin. However, they will not be able to be removed by a simple dispel. They have a protective layer on it that will need to be broken before you can attempt a dispel. Who are the beings that are locked down by this magic?"

You say to Arthex D'Nim, "The Thudomatonian Constructs. They are being restrained in the Fortress of Drunder."

Arthex D'Nim says to you, "The Thudomatonian constructs! Ancient beings from Thudos...being able to study them would be an immense boon for my art."

You say to Arthex D'Nim, "Where do you suggest we go from here?"

Arthex D'Nim says to you, "That I cannot say for sure. A gnomish specialist would probably be able to create the mechanical device necessary. A cleric can then bless the device, thus enabling it to shatter the protective barrier."

Gnomes. Why does it always have to be gnomes? :D

You say to Arthex D'Nim, "And what about actually performing the dispel once the barrier is broken?"

Arthex D'Nim says to you, "For the dispel side of things, use this Canister of Dispel Magic. Like any smart mage, I always keep several on me in the off chance I'm silenced and standing in a wall of fire. After the barrier is broken, open the canister. If you're quick enough, the magic contained should remove the restraints."

One wonders how often those occurences happen simultaneously ...

You say to Arthex D'Nim, "Thank you, Arthex."

You receive 32 Gold, 15 Silver, 55 Copper for completing Accuracy is Everything.

You receive:Canister of Dispel Magic.

A Holy Adventure

This should be the point where you should be speaking with Mergus in the Temple of Brell, to talk him into being ready to bless the device once it is constructed. However, I am missing a chunk from my logs, and will have to add it in later. After speaking with him, you need to find a gnome ...

Remember that Thunderstomp is in the Velium Keg area of Thurgadin. "Perhaps Thunderstomp knows of a master gnomish experimentor".

You say, "Hail, Thunderstomp"

Thunderstomp says to you, "Hello again, future savior of the Thudomatonians! What can I do for ya?"

You say to Thunderstomp, "I'm looking for an expert gnomish experimental tinkerer. Given your lineage, I assume you know of one?"

Yes, you're typecasting, but he IS a gnome ...

You receive 33 Gold, 15 Silver, 56 Copper for completing A Holy Adventure.

Gnome Hunt

Thunderstomp says to you, "Yes, yes indeed! I have an uncle back in Steamfont that specializes in...all things mechanical and explosive! His creativity is a bit dangerous sometimes, so be careful around his shop. He goes by Lumzig Schepwicket. Here, I'll mark his location for you on your map. He should be easy to find when you get to Steamfont."

You say to Thunderstomp, "Thanks Thunderstomp, I'll give your uncle a visit."

You'll find his uncle's workshop up in the mountains in Steamfont at -956.17, 156.56, 734.96.

You say, "Hail, Lumzig Schepwicket"

Lumzig Schepwicket says to you, "What the cog! What do you want?! I'm extremely busy trying to further overclock this device. If it's not almost exploding from too much pressure, it's not as efficient as it can be."

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "Sorry to disturb you, Lumzig. Your nephew Thunderstomp sent me. I need assistance in creating a device that will free some Rallosian slaves."

Lumzig Schepwicket says to you, "I haven't seen Thunderstomp since he changed his name and started on his adventure of Norrath. I'm just a simple tinkerer, I don't want to get tied up in Rallosian disputes!"

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "Perhaps we can work out a deal. I am a skilled artisan -- I'm sure I could speed along your current project."

You receive 34 Gold, 10 Silver, 56 Copper for completing Gnome Hunt.

Doing the Dirty Work

Lumzig Schepwicket says to you, "Yes, yes, yes! I could use some assistance. If we put a massive heatsink on the side of this whirlygig, we can lower the internal temperature, and thus increase our overclocking headroom! Here, take this schematic and these materials. Return when you have created a heatsink, and then we will talk about your request."

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "I will return."

Finally, a chance to craft something in this quest series!!

You receive 1 Slender Slab of Metal, Heat Spreader Fins, Thick Thermal Adhesive, Schematic: Massive Heatsink. Scribe the schematic and head over to Gnomeland Security for fuel and crafting tables. When you have made the heatsink, return to Lumzig.

You say, "Hail, Lumzig Schepwicket"

Lumzig Schepwicket/a says to you, "Hello, hello, hello! Do you have the heatsink?!"

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "Yes. Take it."

Lumzig Schepwicket says to you, "Excellent, fantastic, stupendous work on this! Just a quick adjustment here, a tightening here, and..."

Gnomes. So easily distracted ...

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "And what about what you were going to help me with? I've helped you, now I require your assistance."

Lumzig Schepwicket says to you, "Ahhh! Yes yes yes. Tell me exactly what the problem is, so that I can devise an exact solution."

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "I need a device capable of shattering extremely large chains. Then, I need to use a Canister of Dispel Magic as soon as possible."

You receive 35 Gold, 11 Silver, 55 Copper for completing Doing the Dirty Work.

Blessing the Bit

Lumzig Schepwicket says to you, "Hmm. This doesn't sound too difficult. Let me modify one of my schematics here...Okay! This mighty drill should do the trick. It has two triggers on it. One will start the drill cycle. The second trigger will puncture the canister and deliver the contents through the drill bit. Given your success with creating that exquisite heatsink, I'll leave the creation of the drill up to you."

You say to Lumzig Schepwicket, "I think this will do just fine. Thank you Lumzig."

You receive Canister Holster, A Pair of Hand Grips, Oversized Drillbit, Gnomish Trigger Array, Schematic: Spiritshatter Drill. Scribe the schematic, craft the drill (head back to Gnomeland Security if need be), and then speak with Mergus in the Temple of Brell.

Note, I seem to be missing the part of the log where I spoke with him the first time, but I'll get it in there soon.

You say, "Hail, Mergus Stonesledge"

Mergus Stonesledge says to you, "Are you ready to receive my blessing yet, Niami?"

You say to Mergus Stonesledge, "Yes Mergus. Please bless this drill."

Mergus Stonesledge says to you, "Okay. Give me the drill."

You say to Mergus Stonesledge, "Here."

Mergus Stonesledge/a says to you, "The blessing is complete. It should now penetrate any barriers on the Thudomatonian bindings."

You say to Mergus Stonesledge, "Thank you, Mergus."

You receive 30 Gold, 12 Silver, 60 Copper for completing Blessing the Bit.

You receive: Blessed Spiritshatter Drill.

Assaulting the Chains

You say, "Hail, Brontis"

Brontis says to you, "Our vigilant hero has returned."

You say to Brontis, "Yes Brontis. I have come to break you free. Hang on!"

Brontis says to you, "I can feel the bonds weakening! Continue, small fleshy one!"

You say to Brontis, "[Activate the Dispel Magic Canister]"

Brontis says to you, "I AM FREE!!!! Quickly, free Montis."

Scamper over to to Montis, and repeat the process.

You say, "Hail, Montis"

Montis says to you, "You have freed Brontis! Such ingenuity from a mortal being is truly impressive!"

You say to Montis, "You're next Montis. Hold on."

Montis says to you, "The bonds are weakening! Continue, mortal!"

You say to Montis, "[Activate the Dispel Magic Canister]"

You receive 75 Gold, 55 Silver, 59 Copper for completing Assaulting the Chains.

Montis says to you, "Such freedom! Thank you, Niami! You should go speak with Brontis again. We decided that we would share our extensive recipe collection with you if you were successful. We had doubts, but those have been shattered, much like our bonds."

You say, "Hail, Brontis".

Brontis says, "Thank you for freeing us. Our recipe books are open to you, great mortal. Our collective will need skilled artisans to infiltrate the towers and assist the adventurers. This will happen once the adventurers have started a proper diversion. Check back with me soon. We will need you again, friend."

Brontis will now be activated as a vendor, and has a lovely collection of heirloom recipe books for you to buy, each costing 1 copper. The books include the new all-class Drunder armor recipes (and the ore refining recipes to go with them), one recipe book per class for mnaking items from the aspect of War (the carpenter book also has 5 furniture recipes, with two more incoming with GU61), and, also with GU61, one more all-class recipe book for 10 lovely tiles for your home.

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