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Crafter Glider Mount Quest Series

This quest series requires that you be a level 60+ crafter. It begins in Tenebrous Tangle, at the Breeding Grounds, with Darga. The reward is a glider mount, as well as crafting xp, AAxp, coin and Far Seas Supply Division tokens (1 per quest, except for the final one, which rewards 6).

A more fleshed-out quest writeup will be added later, but this will give you the basic details needed for this quest series that was added with the June 24, 2011 patch.

It will save you much time if you bring the following supplies along with you when you head out to do this quest:

  • 14 hanging root
  • 11 horned leather pelt
  • 11 rough lumbered rosewood
  • 6 flying fish
In addition, you will need the following fuels, that can be purchased off Chans Ellin in the treehouse above Captain Velgre
  • 5 scintillating sandpaper
  • 17 scintillating kindling
  • 5 scintillating filament
Speak with Darga, who sends you over to Captain Velgre, standing at the base of a nearby treehouse.

Digging for Grubs

The drakes have been hunting the komodos whenever possible. However, they also seem to love the grubs that are in the area. Perhaps if you use some of those grubs as bait in traps, just outside the perimeter. Harvest grubs from 5 nearby porous rocks. (You should have a map ROI of the area where the rocks are found.) This will require that you have at least a 5 gathering skill.

Come and Get It

Craft those grubs into bait. If you have 5 hanging roots and 5 scintillating kindling on you, you can use the nearby cookpot, otherwise you will be traveling to get your supplies, then using a stove & keg somewhere.

Once finished, you will be placing the bait in the traps that are found at 5 marked POIs on your map (all in that same area of the Breeding Grounds). Expect to do some aggro-dodging if you're on the squishy side as far as adventuring goes.

Warm On the Outside

Head up to speak with Shio - she is at the top of the treehouse, and you will find the ramp up right next to Captain Velgre.

It seems the drake attacks have left a lot of orphaned eggs without parents to care for them. Shio wants you to make five egg warmers to try to save some of them. If you brought supplies with you, you can craft at the woodworking table that is also in the tree house with her. (5 horned leather pelt, 10 rosewood, 5 scintillating sandpaper)

When you are finished, gather five wind komodo eggs. Again, you will find you have a map ROI for the area in which you can find them.

Warm On the Inside

The drakes are making the area unsafe for the adults to properly forage, and some are becoming malnourished and weak. Perhaps you can whip up some sort of food for them? Create six warm komodo meat (6 flying fish, 6 hanging root, 12 scintillating kindling at the cook pot down below, or at a stove and keg, and bring them to Shion.

When she mentions that they allow her to hand-feed them, and you realize how docile they are, you begin to think that maybe they'd be suitable as mounts. After a bit of conversation, Shion agrees it might be worth a try, but that she isn't sure she could make a saddle from the recipe that Captain Velgre gave her.

Fruit of Your Labor

This is, of course, right up your alley as a skilled crafter. You will need 6 horned leather, 3 hanging root, 1 rosewood, and the nearby sewing table & mannequin.

They're so pleased with your work that they'd like you to have the very first wind komodo glider mount.

Bridled Wind Komodo: 60% ground speed, 200% air (glide) speed. Can also be turned into a house item.

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