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Crafter Leaper Mount Quest Series

This quest is for level 30+ crafters, and will reward you with crafting xp, AAxp, coin, Far Seas Supply Division tokens (1 per quest, except for the final quest, which awards 6) and your very own leaper mount, a horned mountain saliraptor.

A more fleshed-out quest writeup will be added later, but this will give you the basic details needed for this quest series that was added with the June 24, 2011 patch.

To save yourself some time and trouble, you may want to bring along the following items:

  • 5 supple loam
  • 10 rough opaline
  • 5 tussah root
  • 10 etched leather pelt
  • 10 severed briarwood
  • 5 glimmering sandpaper*
  • 5 glimmering incense*
  • 15 glimmering filament*

*The fuels can also be purchased in BBM.

You will NOT need to bring portable crafting stations, unless you're extremely tired of going up and down the ramp from the camp to the docks. All the needed crafting equipment that is not available at the camp, is available down below at the docks.

Begin by heading to the camp above the docks in Butcherblock Mountains, and seeking out the gnome Ellerith Groundspark.

Ellerith Groundspark says to you "Look! Look at all the bones! We have come across some bones from creatures from the long past, things that used to roam these cliffs before any other race stepped foot here. This could change all we know about the history of Butcherblock Mountains!"

Dirt Digging

Could you help dig and see if you can find any fossils in the fossil mounds that are scattered around the area? Dig up 5 fossils, then return to Ellerith.

Dirty Work

Next, he'd like you to do something that requires a little more skill - chipping the fossils out of the sediment that they are embedded in.

Scribe the Recipe: Fossil Cleaning Instructions that he gives you, and then head for a workbench and craft five cleaned fossil. You will also need 5 supple loam and 5 glimmering sandpaper.

Tools for Their Trade

The excavators really need more tools. Could you go down to the docks and, um ... pick them up? And pay for them, too, since the dig site is on such a tight budget?

Thankfully, the Sharpened Tools from Trader Darmlin on the docks aren't expensive (12 copper each), and you only need to buy 5, head back up to the dig site, and place them in the tool boxes in the area.

Further Research

He then sends you over to speak with Gallie Shimmercloud, assistant to Rell Ver'nief. From her, you learn more about the saliraptors, as they are calling them, and the process by which they hope to "revive" some. They really could use a hand deciphering more of the notes on the process.

Grab the document on the table beside her to obtain 5 unresearched notes and recipe for Gallie's Researched Notes. You will also need 10 rough opaline, 5 severed briarwood, and 5 glimmering incense, and an engraved desk. (There is one down at the docks if you brought all the materials with you.)

Hand her the 5 completed Researched Notes and she sends you back to Ellerith.

Over Their Heads

It seems the excavators have been working out in the elements because Ellerith was "going to" get them set up, but couldn't afford to buy them, and hasn't a clue how to make them. Of course, you being a skilled crafter, might be able to figure something out where he has failed....

Make 5 strong tents from the provided recipe. You will need 5 tussah root, 5 severed briarwood, 10 etched leather pelts, 15 glimmering filament, and a sewing table & mannequin.

Once those are complete, he sends you back to Gallie, who has fabulous news about their success in extracting a saliraptor from a fossilized egg. It seems that the notes you deciphered really helped a lot. They're so happy with your help that they want you to have it. (Note that she tells you to go over to the saliraptor near Rell, but I found it near her, not near Rell). Right click and get acquainted with your new mount!

Horned Mountain Saliraptor, 60% ground speed, 200% air (leap) speed, can be turned into a house item.

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