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CS: Crafting Quests Endline

This is the final portion of the Cobalt Scar questline added with Game Update 66. In order to obtain this portion of the quest series, you must have completed the crafting quests in Salt Breeze, the crafting quests in Yeppa's Last Stand and the crafting quests in Scarstone

Creating the Amber Storm

You say, "Hail, Plex"
Plex says to you, "Hail. You're the one causing trouble with Fahris, aren't you?"
You say to Plex, "I might be."
Plex says to you, "I have no time for games, answer me plainly."
You say to Plex, "I am, who is asking?"
Plex says to you, "My name is Plex. I've got a mission, and Fahris is less than useless. There's some equipment that I'm having trouble acquiring. I'm hoping that you can help. You're an out of the box thinker, and from what I hear, you get things done."
You say to Plex, "I do what I can."
Plex says to you, "Humble, too. Well, if you're up for it, I have a few requisitions to make. First thing on the list is some amber storm fulminant."
You say to Plex, "Sure, what are you using it for?"
Plex says to you, "I'm afraid that's classified."
You say to Plex, "Okay, well, payload size, then?"
Plex says to you, "Let's say ten stone worth."
You say to Plex, "Wow. You could wipe out the entire contingent here out with that much amber storm. You sure you're on our side?"
Plex says to you, "You can never be sure of anything, but those wyrms are all our enemy."
You say to Plex, "Fair enough. I'll see what I can do."

The recipe "Amber Storm Fulminant" is then autoscribed into your recipe book. You will need to find enough materials to make the amber stone fulminant. Lucky for you, you remember seeing those in the crates next to Angor (4430, -821, 433). You will receive 10 flash initiator, 10 amber, 10 cobalt powder. In addition to these provided ingredients, you will need 10 effulgent candle, and the nearby chemistry table.

You say, "Hail, Plex"
Plex says to you, "Do you have the amber storm?"
You say to Plex, "Ten stone right here."

You will receive tradeskill xp, AAxp, and roughly 1 platinum, 36 gold.

Communicating With Our Destiny

Plex says to you, "Good. Next up, I need seven cloaks that will dissipate light, and conceal their wearers."
You say to Plex, "That's a good bit tougher than amber storm. Anything I make will only be usable for a short amount of time. I'll need some exotic materials too."
Plex says to you, "A short amount of time is better than no time. What exotic materials would you need?"
You say to Plex, "Here, I'll write it down for you."
Plex says to you, "I can acquire those. In the meantime, we also will need seven devices that can communicate with each other. Whisperstones, subvocals, I don't care how, but they need to work at range."
You say to Plex, "That's much easier than the cloaks. Let me jot down the specifications you require, and I'll get working on this."

Hrm. Guess who you find near the forge? (4349, -821, 456). Can it be the former Quartermaster, Fehris, actually doing some work?

You say, "Hail, Fahris"
Fahris says to you, "What do you want?"
You say to Fahris, "Hi Fahris, I know we've had some difficulties in the past, but I'm hoping I can requisition some whisperstones."
Fahris says to you, "Difficulties!? You've ruined me, ruined my career. I told you not to meddle, now look at me!"
You say to Fahris, "Ruined you? I think you ruined yourself. Who is the quartermaster now?"
Fahris says to you, "Talk to your precious Grant. The nepotism in this camp is sickening."
You say to Fahris, "And it seems you haven't learned anything. Goodbye Fahris."

Head back down to Salt Breeze (the starting area), and you will find that Grant has moved a bit. (3678, -1015, 1690)

You say, "Hail, Quartermaster Grant"
Quartermaster Grant says to you, "Why hello, ___!"
You say to Quartermaster Grant, "Grant! Good to see you, looks like you've done well for yourself!"
Quartermaster Grant says to you, "I have, and it's all thanks to you. I guess there was some sort of kerfluffle up at the main camp, and before I knew it, I had a letter of promotion. "
You say to Quartermaster Grant, "Well, I couldn't think of a better man for the job. Congratulations are in order!"
Quartermaster Grant says to you, "Thanks again, ____. So what brings you down here?"
You say to Quartermaster Grant, "Well, I was hoping to requisition some whisperstones from the new Quartermaster. Think you can help?"
Quartermaster Grant says to you, "I can certainly provide. What's the purpose?"
You say to Quartermaster Grant, "That's classified, but I'm asking on behalf of Plex."
Quartermaster Grant says to you, "Plex? The Plex? Well, that shouldn't be a problem then. Here, go ahead and take these."
You say to Quartermaster Grant, "Thanks Grant, I really appreciate it."
Quartermaster Grant says to you, "It's my pleasure. You be safe. I need to start getting my things together to move on up to the main camp."
You say to Quartermaster Grant, "You be safe too, it's dangerous out there. Congratulations again, Grant!"

Make sure to give extra mental brownie points to the dev for a perfectly appropriate use of "kerfluffle" then head back up to Plex with the whisperstones that Grant has given you. (And yes, Grant really did call her "The Plex". I suspect he mentions your name, oh mighty ____, with almost as much reverence. Bask in that thought while you fly back up to Scarstone to chat with Plex.

You say, "Hail, Plex"
Plex says to you, "We have the materials you asked for. Do you have the communication devices?"
You say to Plex, "I do. Was a bit trickier than I first thought, but they should serve well."

You will receive tradeskill xp, AAxp, and roughly 1 platinum, 34 gold.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Plex says to you, "That's what I want to hear. Will this be enough for seven cloaks?"
You say to Plex, "It will."
Plex says to you, "Excellent. Here are the specifications for what I'm looking for. In the meantime, I'm going to write up what we'll need next, I'll have the list ready when you're done with the cloaks."
You say to Plex, "I'll get working on them now."

You'll be given: Ingredients for Plex's Cloaks, Parchment, Specification: Invisibility Cloak. Scribe the Specification to come up with the recipe for the recipe. Yep. You've now got the specifications, and you are going to create a recipe from it.

Head to the engraved desk, and in addition to the parchment, you will need 1 white peony tea leaf and 1 effulgent incense. Create "Invisibility Cloak", which is a recipe, and scribe it. Then you examine "Ingredients for Plex's Cloaks" in your bags, in order to get the ingredients.

You will need to make 7 cloaks. In addition to the ingredients that you just unpacked, you will also need 7 effulgent filament. Return to Plex once you have finished the 7 invisibility cloaks.

You say, "Hail, Plex"
Plex says to you, "Success?"
You say to Plex, "Yes, but keep in mind that you can only use them for a minute or so at a time. They'll recharge on their own, but it takes a full day."

You will receive tradeskill xp, AAxp, and roughly 1 platinum, 35 gold.

Seeing is Believing

Plex says to you, "A minute will have to do then."
You say to Plex, "So what's next?"
Plex says to you, "Two more things. We'll need a quick, lethal, painless poison, seven doses worth. Finally, we'll need spotting glasses."
You say to Plex, "Well, if I get your drift on the poison, that'll take me longest. Let me whip up some of those spotting glasses, and we'll address the poison later."
Plex says to you, "Works for me."
You say to Plex, "I have an idea for a recipe, I'll write it down, grab some materials from around here, and be back soon."

Yep, you have a really bright idea, create Magesight Overlay and Magesight Spotting Scope recipes on the fly and auto-scribe them into your recipe book. You really ARE a super crafter! However, you still need to find someone who might have lenses on hand. Maybe one of those gnomes that you found in one tent in the encampment while you were looking for crafting equipment earlier can help? (4427, -823, 491)

You say, "Hail, Hamish"
Hamish says to you, "Greetings! How can I help a fellow discoverer of invention?"
You say to Hamish, "You know of me? Good, that'll make this request easier, I hope!"
Hamish says to you, "A request! I love requests. They always lead to interesting things!"
You say to Hamish, "This is going to be far easier than I thought. I'm trying to track down some lenses to use in a set of spotting glasses. "
Hamish says to you, "Oooo, lenses! How fortuitous! I am a collector of lenses. They do not get the kind of admiration they ought to. Lenses make everything easier! Did you know that you can focus not only light, but magic through them?!"
You say to Hamish, "I was actually planning on using them that way. "
Hamish says to you, "Bestill my heart! You can't just use any lenses you know. You have to shape them and use secret methods. Of which I am an expert."
You say to Hamish, "Then I have come the right place! "
Hamish says to you, "You have! I don't sell these for anything less than 1,000 platinum. But for a brother-in-arms, they are my gift to you. How many do you need? "
You say to Hamish, "I'm... why thank you. I need seven. "
Hamish says to you, "Seven! What a fortuitous number! Here. I think this is exactly what you're looking for."
You say to Hamish, "Hamish, thank you. You've made this so much easier. You are a boon to this camp."
Hamish says to you, "I know what you are doing here, and it is far more a boon than anything I can contribute. Seven! What a great number. Farewell ____!"
You say to Hamish, "And farewell to you, Hamish."

Ok, at this point, you might want to swear off punting gnomes -- at least for however long it takes you to finish this quest. He really was amazingly helpful and that encounter was mostly painless, wasn't it?

Now, off you go to the workbench with the 7 alchemical lenses that he gave you. In addition, you will need a total of 7 iridium cluster and 7 effulgent coal in order to make the 7 magesight overlay. Once the overlays are done, it is time to finish putting the spotting scope together, with the recipe you already autoscribed. You will need a total of 7 amethyst and 7 effulgent coal, in addition to the magesight overlay, in order to make the 7 magesight spotting scopes.

You say, "Hail, Plex"
Plex says to you, "I assume you have the spotting glasses?"
You say to Plex, "I do."

You will receive tradeskill xp, AAxp, and roughly 1 platinum, 37 gold.

A Lethal Contingency

Plex says to you, "Amazing. These are more than simple scopes, this is far beyond what I asked for. Thank you."
You say to Plex, "Your thanks is appreciated, but I have a feeling that your success is necessary for all of our sakes. And now the final request?"
Plex says to you, "Yes. Hopefully we won't need it, but I can't overstate its necessity."
You say to Plex, "I understand, I'll get working on it right now. If I had to focus on one attribute, would you prefer painless or quick?"
Plex says to you, "That's an interesting question. If it ends up being necessary, focus on painless."
You say to Plex, "I'll make it so."

Plex hands you the specification, and a parchment. Examine the specification to scribe "Recipe: Plex's Poison" then head to the engraved desk to craft the recipe. In addition to the parchment, you will need 1 white peony tea leaf and 1 effulgent incense. Scribe the resulting "Recipe: Plex's Poison".

Now it is time to head to the chemistry table. You will need 7 matoppie roots, 7 iridium cluster, 7 amethyst, and 7 effulgent candle in order to make 7 Plex's Poison.

You say, "Hail, Plex"
Plex says to you, "You have returned."
You say to Plex, "Yes, and I have your poison."

You will receive tradeskill xp, AAxp, and roughly 1 platinum, 34 gold. You will also receive 10 A Mysterious Blue Coin.

Plex says to you, "Well, that's that then. I wish I could thank you, but officially, this exchange never happened. You've been a much better asset to the New Combine than Fahris could ever hope to be. Farewell, ____."
You say to Plex, "Good luck to you and your team."
Plex says to you, "Thanks. We'll need it."
You say to Plex, "Farewell, Plex."

A Helping Hand (Cobalt Scar)*

You're not done yet! Inside the main tent in Scarstone, you'll find that Quentin wants to talk to you again now that you've helped so many people.

You say, "Hail, Quentin"
Quentin says to you, "_____! Good to see you! From the sound around camp, you've been busy."
You say to Quentin, "We all need to pitch in and do what we can. I look at it as my duty."
Quentin says to you, "I also hear that you helped out the othmir? You've singlehandedly done what an entire contingent of our scouts couldn't. "
You say to Quentin, "I only did what I had to do. They refused to leave, so I had to help."
Quentin says to you, "As humble as always. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Vishra was looking for you, and give you my personal thanks. The Awakened won't know what hit them. "
You say to Quentin, "I'll seek him out, thanks for letting me know. And you're welcome, Quentin."

Vishra is only a few steps away from Quentin, so you don't have to go far to "seek him out."

You say, "Hail, Field Marshal Vishra"
Field Marshal Vishra says to you, "Why hello, ____. I'm glad you've come to see me."
You say to Field Marshal Vishra, "It's good to see you too, Vishra. Quentin sent me your way."
Field Marshal Vishra says to you, "Yes, it is a very important matter. You've done so much for us and our cause than any other individual. I hate to ask yet more of you, but I need you to take these."
You say to Field Marshal Vishra, "What... what are they?"
Field Marshal Vishra says to you, "These gloves have been handed down through the Bayle family line for many, many generations. The story goes that Mithaniel Marr himself gave the gloves to Antonius Bayle, the first, and that wearing these gloves, he laid down the very first stone in Qeynos."
You say to Field Marshal Vishra, "I... I appreciate the gesture, but I can't take a Bayle family heirloom. Something like this should go to Antonia, shouldn't it?"
Field Marshal Vishra says to you, "It should, but Antonia does not have much of an inclination toward building. The Hands sit, accumulating dust and memories. They have taken part in no great stories for ages. And besides, I gave you an order. You're only holding onto them - I expect them to be returned to the Bayle line when you or your line find they have no use for them anymore."
You say to Field Marshal Vishra, "Well, orders are orders I suppose. Thank you Vishra, you have my word they'll be put to good use."

Well, knock you over with a feather! You've been handed a very important historical artifact! Put it to good use! You will receive tradeskill xp, AAxp, and roughly 1 platinum, 35 gold. You will also receive The Hand of the Maker. Yummmm.

Field Marshal Vishra says to you, "Good, I'm glad to hear it. You've changed the tide of this battle, single-handedly. Qeynos, Freeport, and all of Norrath are in your debt. We owe you more than we can possibly repay. Farewell, ____."
You say to Field Marshal Vishra, "Farewell Vishra, be safe, and thanks again."

Bravo! That was a considerable chunk of quests that you just waded through! Now, go enjoy your new gloves, and the plat that you earned from all that!

In addition, you should now be able to use the world bell that is in Scarstone to travel to/from Cobalt Scar. This has been added on Test/Beta, but we are not yet sure if it will go live with GU66, or if it will make it into the next patch.

Total, from the quest series, you should have received 37 a mysterious blue coin, as well, which can be spent on furniture, or by your carpenter for furniture recipes, etc.

*There are currently three quests named "A Helping Hand". To prevent confusion, I have used the wiki's naming sequence and am calling this "A Helping Hand (Cobalt Scar)" to indicate which of the three quests it is.

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