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ToV: Fond Memories

This was part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview that was released on November 12, 2013. It is recommended that you obtain the quest The Captain's Lament before going to pick up this quest, since that quest will transport you to the proper area.

Reward: The main "reward" of this quest is the unlock of several more crafting quests. It introduces you to some of the lore for the area, and will also give you a plat or so, some tradeskill xp if you aren't already max level, and some AA experience.

Quest Details

Whether you took my recommendation to simply wait until The Captain's Lament sent you to Obol Plains, or you decided to head up to Cardin Ward on your own, Vanesta Leaftraveler is standing in an open area in Cardin Ward.

You say, "Hail, Vanesta Leaftraveler"
Vanesta Leaftraveler says to you, "Hello, you're a newcomer here."
You say to Vanesta Leaftraveler, "Yes, I am. What is this place?"
Vanesta Leaftraveler says to you, "This is Ethernere, where the deceased await final judgement by their deity before they go to their final rest. And we are in the Loping Plains as your spirit perceives it: how it should be, or could be, or might be."
You say to Vanesta Leaftraveler, "Why are there so many people around then? Does it take a long time?"
Vanesta Leaftraveler says to you, "Now the gods have returned to Norrath, most spirits pass through quickly. But some, like me, choose to remain, so long as Drinal's Steward allows it. We are known as the Wayward. But please excuse me for now, I need to finish this work. Why don't you speak to a few others if you want to know more."
You say to Vanesta Leaftraveler, "Thanks, I will."

You'll find you now have three people to talk to, and your map should happily display them for you.

Baelfang is standing directly next to Vanesta. She will offer you "A Harrowing Tale" after she gives you your quest update.

Catha is nearby, directing some of the defenders. She will offer you "The Essentials of Battle" after she gives you your quest update.

Taldar is in the building with the stove and keg. He will offer you "The Smell of Home" after he gives you your quest update.

As soon as you have the quest updates, you can return to Vanesta for quest completion, a plat or so, and a bit of tradeskill/aa xp.

Vanesta Leaftraveler says to you, "Hello again, I hope you're feeling less disoriented now?"
You say to Vanesta Leaftraveler, "I spoke to some of the others, thanks."
Vanesta Leaftraveler says to you, "You'll need to decide soon whether you are gong to stay here for a while, or move on to meet your deity's judgement. I saw the things you made for the defenders; if you do decide to stay, we could certainly use the help of a skilled crafter such as yourself."
You say to Vanesta Leaftraveler, "You talk as if it's a choice everyone can make, but one of the others said some people, like you, can't leave."
Vanesta Leaftraveler says to you, "The deity I worshipped is not yet returned. However, I was killed by the influence of another deity, Bertoxxulous. I have the option to be judged by him, but I definitely do not want to go there. So I stay here, and work to heal people and fight the influence of Bertoxxulous."
You say to Vanesta Leaftraveler, "Keep up the good work! Is there anything I can help with?"

Killed by the influence of Bertoxx, and named Vanesta? Does that ring any bells? Yep, you, as a younger crafter who didn't always think of the consequences, sort of helped kill her in Advanced Journeyman Tasks. Meep!

At this point, Steve Echgar should appear in a tent near the building containing Taldar. He will offer you "Captain Overboard?" and, if you qualify "A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave"

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