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ToV: A Harrowing Tale

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that was released on November 12, 2013. This quest is unlocked by obtaining the "Fond Memories" crafting quest in Cardin Ward (Obol Plains). The quest NPC, Baelfang, is located directly next to the quest NPC for Fond Memories, so she shouldn't be too hard to find. :D

Required materials: You will need:

  • 9 matoppie roots
  • 8 thick bear pelts
  • 2 iridium clusters
  • 1 effulgent candle
  • 20 effulgent filament
You will also need to access a sewing table and an engraved desk, both of which can be found in buildings in Cardin Ward.

Rewards: This quest offers you your choice of your advanced level 93 recipe book (which most of us have, but some may still be missing), or 10 Far Seas Trading Company tokens. It also offers crafting xp for those that need it, AA xp, a little over a plat in coin, and the recipes to craft two house items: matoppie pillow and matoppie blanket.

Baelfang says to you, "Hello, newcomer. If you won't be going to join your deity immediately, please take care to avoid the Harrowing Horde. Although things are improving, they are still not entirely under control."
You say to Baelfang, "Who or what is the Harrowing Horde?"
Baelfang says to you, "The Harrowing Horde are the caretakers and overseers for Drinal here in Ethernere. They assist Drinal's Steward in keeping the order and absorbing or moving along spirits who do not belong here."
You say to Baelfang, "Well that sounds like a useful task, why were they out of control?"
Baelfang says to you, "During the time the gods were absent, people in Norrath did not cease to die. The spirits all came here, but could not move on. The Horde became so strong from all the extra spiritual power that they started to lose identity and become out of control. The situation is slowly returning to balance but there are still some dangers."
You say to Baelfang, "Is that what these mages are doing at the entrance to the village?"
Baelfang says to you, "Yes. Some of the Horde remain highly aggressive and attempt to absorb even the spirits they should not. Some of the Wayward here in Cardin Ward are holding them back. I am no fighter, but I'm helping the wounded to rest and recover."
You say to Baelfang, "But if everyone here is dead, how can they be wounded?"
Baelfang says to you, "Those who stay long in Ethernere need to maintain a strong self-identity to prevent us from becoming lost. We recreate the illusion of the life we had before, so the Horde damage to the spirit appears as physical wounds."
You say to Baelfang, "So if we got them some clean pillows and blankets to keep them warm and comfortable, it will help them feel better and heal faster?"
Baelfang says to you, "That's the idea. You have the look and the callouses of an experienced craftsman, can you stay long enough to help before you go to meet your deity? I haven't many supplies, but maybe you can come up with some ideas."
You say to Baelfang, "I believe I can do that."

Click on the bedroll beside her to obtain "List of supplies that are needed", and "Notes on Useful Supplies for Baelfang" will autoscribe into your recipe book. Craft the recipe at an engraved desk, to create "Recipes for Matoppie Bedding", which should scribe into recipes for Matoppie Pillow and Matoppie Blanket. Craft two of each of pillows and blankets on the sewing table, then head back to where Baelfang is. Click on the green glowie that will appear next to the bedroll at her feet to place the supplies. You may then hail her for your reward.

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