ToV: Obol Plains Daily Crafting Quests

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that was released on November 12, 2013. This quest is unlocked by completing the "Fond Memories" crafting quest in Cardin Ward (Obol Plains).<./p?

After you have completed Fond Memories, Vanesta will offer you daily crafting quests that will earn you 1 draconic etyma each day, and your choice of a single charge AE buffing item. In addition, she will give you the recipes to craft a clean bedroll, keg of healing tonic, and polished focus crystal. One of the daily quests will also allow you to harvest pink and blue bixie shrubs - but only on the day that quest is offered.

These quests change every night at 11 p.m. Pacific

All dailies will give you one Draconic Etyma and your choice of one of the above runestones. Needed recipes will autoscribe into your recipe book.

Tonic For the Soul

The Wayward defenders could really use some Healing Tonic. Could you whip up four barrels of it for them? The stove and keg is over near Taldar (-300, 12, -39) and you will need 4 plump lychee, 4 ripe mangosteen, 8 white peony tea leaf, and 20 effulgent kindling. Of course, if you want to make a few of these house items for yourself while you're on the quest, you'll want more resources with you. :D

Herbs and Spirits

Vanesta needs six healing herbs from the area. You will find the area marked on your map, and you WILL find some aggro mobs around some edges, so be aware, k? You are looking for pink and blue shrubs as pictured up above. Make your life much easier, though, and make use of the Track Harvestables skill and track down "healing herb". On the day that this quest is offered, you can harvest extra of these shrubs for your home. (When you're grabbing for house items, please be considerate of others trying to quest, especially in the first few days of the expansion.)

Focused Fire

The defenders need more Polished Focus Crystals. Can you help? Make four of them on the nearby work bench. You will need 4 amethyst, 4 rhenium, 8 iridium, and 20 effulgent coal. You are also welcome to make more of these house items while you are on the quest.

Where Are All the Clean Bedrolls?

Forget about cleaning bedrolls, Vanesta simply wants you to make some new ones to keep the injured Wayward defenders clean and comfortable while they recover. You should find the Clean Bedroll recipe autoscribed in your recipe book, and you will need to craft four of them at a sewing table (there's one at -304, 12, -38). You will need 8 thick bear pelts, 8 matoppie roots and 20 effulgent filament for this quest. As mentioned above, this is also a house item, so you're welcome to craft more of them when on this quest!

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