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ToV: The Smell of Home

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that will be released on November 12, 2013. This quest is unlocked by obtaining the "Fond Memories" crafting quest in Cardin Ward (Obol Plains).

Reward: This quest offers you your choice of your advanced level 95 recipe book (which most of us have, but some may still be missing), or 10 Far Seas Trading Company tokens. It also offers crafting xp for those that need it, AA xp, and a little bit of coin.

Required Materials: You will need 3 dough, 3 effulgent kindling, and access to a stove and keg, which happens to be placed right next to Taldar.

You say, "Hail, Taldar D'Aryth"
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "Innoruuk's blessings upon you."
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "I will respectfully decline those blessings, but thank you. And why would a worshipper of Innoruuk be helping stray spirits here?"
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "I look forward to joining the Father when my time has come, but my current calling is to help guide the lost spirits who come here. Some who arrive are disoriented and forget who they are, or do not know they are dead. These can stray and become lost."
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "So you've found some way to help them? Why?"
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "For the glory of Innoruuk, of course! If any of the lost are followers of Innoruuk, it is my duty to help remind them and send them to meet him for judgment."
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "And followers of the other gods can stay lost, I presume? I begin to understand. So how do you restore their memories?"
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "Trial and error, but I've found that the familiar foods can bring back very strong memories. Today I'm cooking Kelryne V'Ziath's famous cookies, beloved by every child of Neriak. The smell of these can bring lost memories back in seconds."
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "That's an interesting technique. Do you need any help?"
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "There is no end to the arrival of new spirits in the Ethernere, help is always welcome. Supplies and the recipe are on the counter there; cook up a batch!"
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "Consider it done."

As he says, supplies and the recipe are on the counter, so click on the paper to grab the recipe, then click on the bags to get the supplies. Make sure you have 3 dough and 3 effulgent kindling, and cook up 3 batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies of Seething Malice. (If you are missing dough or kindling, Margo McNerian, in the same building, can sell you some.)

You say, "Hail, Taldar D'Aryth"
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "How are you doing with the cookies?"
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "One batch of cookies ready to go."
Taldar D'Aryth says to you, "Ahh, they smell just like my childhood. Wonderful! Now, try offering them to some lost souls outside the city. You can just leave the high elves and paladins out there to be lost, of course; there's no use in helping that type."
You say to Taldar D'Aryth, "I'll take that into consideration..."

Now comes the potentially dangerous part, if you are squishy. You have to go outside the walls and hail 3 NPCs. The first NPC is generally in a "safe" spot, but the other two can be perilously close to the aggro tuatara and some sort of bat whose name escapes me. Tread carefully if you're a low-level squishy. (You may be able to find an adventuring-type to clear a couple mobs for you, or "ride on their coattails", by standing close to town and catching the NPCs as they run in from being hailed. They poof once they get inside the walls, so you'll have to be quick if you try that route.) If you're a sturdy type, well, just smish anything that tries to smish you on this step. ;D

The responses when you hail the three spirits are amusingly different:
a lost Wayward spirit says to you, "What is that delicious smell? It reminds me of chocolate and hatred, two important parts of my childhood in Big Bend. But wait, this isn't Big Bend, and who are you?"
Um, go hatred?
a lost Wayward spirit says to you, "Ugh, what is that smell! It reminds me of singed hair, and the time my brother picked a fight and blamed it on me. Wait, I remember my brother. And my family ... where am I now?"
Bleargh. Who wants to eat singed hair? At least it jogged his memories a bit, I guess.
a lost Wayward spirit/a says to you, "That smell ... I remember Neriak ... and the temple priests scolding me for eating cookies during the service! Where am I?"

Once you have received your three updates, head back to Taldar for your reward.

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