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ToV: Construct Deconstruction

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that will be released on November 12, 2013. This quest is unlocked by completing the "Captain Overboard?" crafting quest in Falinpol (Vesspyr Islands).

Rewards: 10 Far Seas Trading Company tokens, and a house item Daar Sentinel Model (which can be enlarged by quite a bit :D) Plus, of course, the standard coin, tradeskill xp, aa xp.

Required Materials:

  • 16 rhenium ore
  • 6 swamp ash lumber
  • 2 amethyst
  • 30 effulgent coal

After you complete the final step of the Captain Overboard? quest with Claudia, you will note a froglok, Jeremy, standing near her who suddenly needs some help.

You say, "Hail, Jeremy"
Jeremy says to you, "Froak! I am Jeremy. You have been helping Claudia with her research, yes?"
You say to Jeremy, "That's correct."
Jeremy says to you, "I can see you're a highly skilled crafter. Do you have time to help me? I have some good ideas, but I need a mastercraftsman skilled enough to turn my notes into actual creations."
You say to Jeremy, "I would be happy to help. What's your idea?"
Jeremy says to you, "You may have noticed the Daar sentinel constructs around here. They seem to be created by the draconic forces to fight the Harrowing Hordes. My plan is to add a little recording device to the constructs, so we can use them to collect information about the area!"
You say to Jeremy, "An interesting plan. Where do I come into it?"
Jeremy says to you, "I think I've designed a sonic tranquilizer device that should immobilize the constructs long enough to implant a recording device. And I've got sketches for a recording device too. Do you think you can figure out how to make working versions?"
You say to Jeremy, "Give me your notes, and I'll give it a try."

He will hand you his notes, which will autoscribe into your recipe book as "Recording Device" and "Sonic Tranquilizer". You will need to craft five of the recording device and one sonic tranquilizer on the work bench, then head out the nearest door and look for daar sentinels to zap. You will find the effective range of the tranquilizer is a little bit longer than the aggro range of the sentinel. Once you have tranquilized the sentinel, run closer to it, and right-click to install the recording device. Then run off and repeat the process on four more sentinels. When finished, return to Jeremy for your reward.

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