ToV: Vesspyr Isles Weekly Crafting Quests

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting/Housing Preview for the expansion that was released on November 12, 2013. This quest is unlocked by completing the "Construct Deconstruction" crafting quest in Falinpol (Vesspyr Islands).

Once you have completed the Vesspyr Isles crafting quest series, Ethan will be visible in the tower in Falinpol to offer you a weekly crafting quest. Each of these quests will reward you with 10 draconic etyma, a random item from the list below (the same list you get from the level 90+ crafting apprentice), 2000 Far Seas Supply Division faction (handy for alts who want a pack unicorn!), and a Far Seas Trading Company Token.

The weekly quest changes every Wednesday night.

Yes, the pouch is a reward change from what we saw on beta, and reflects the reward that was given after launch, and you will get a random "something" from the list.

Note that these involve wandering out into areas where there is potential aggro, and act accordingly.

Far Seas Trading: Botanical Divergence

Ethan will send you to talk to Claudia (you'll need to use the teleporter), who will want you to bring her five plant leaf samples of Vesspyr Flora. You will be looking for "Vesspyr Flora" on the very edges of three islands: Aeterna Gardens*, Veeshenna Tol, and Sothshae. They can be tracked using the Track Harvestables skill. (*Be aware that Wuoshi is on one end of Aeterna Gardens, and if you move too close without having completed a certain overland adventuring quest, you will be pushed back, possibly into aggro mobs. So, just watch your step near that ginormous dragon if you're squishy. He won't harm you, but the plant life will!

When you have five plant samples, return to Claudia, who will dump recipes (autoscribe) into your recipe book for "Plant Collection Record Sheet" (you will need 5) and "Bound Plant Collection Record Book" (craft one). You will also need 15 matoppie roots, and 30 effulgent coal.

Teleport back down to Captain Ethan once done with the record book, and receive your reward.

Far Seas Trading: Reporting Home

Ethan wants updates from some of the people that came with him turned into a pretty report to be brought back to Mara, so prepare to run in circles! :D

You will need to speak with Roy, Kate, Jeremy and Claudia, all of whom are in the tower (use the teleporter for Jeremy & Claudia). Once you have spoken to them, return to Ethan, who will give you Far Seas Trading Company Expedition Report (it autoscribes). Craft the recipe on an engraved desk. You will also need 2 matoppie roots and 5 effulgent incense.

Then you get to travel to Mara to hand in the report to Captain Ingrid, who is sashaying up and down the dock. Once she has the report, return to Ethan for your reward.

Far Seas Trading: Fishing Up Fauna

Ethan will have you talk to Kate, who needs you to harvest 5 fish from the Vesspyr Isles. There's a pond nearby, there's also fishing to be had on Karak Peak, and another fishable area on Aeterna Gardens. All of them require dodging aggro. (Due to the new change to harvesting skills, they do not need you to work up your fishing skill first, if you have been lagging behind.)

Once you have the 5 fish, return to Kate, who will give you "How to Study Fish". Scribe it and go to the engraved desk next to her. You will need to craft five "Diagram of a Fish Sample", then bind them together using the "Wildlife Sampling Report" recipe. You will also need 7 matoppie roots and 30 effulgent incense. (There's a drakota that sells fuel in the tower.)

Bring the finished report back to Ethan for your reward.

Far Seas Trading: Researching the Recordings

Remember those recording devices that you inserted during Construct Deconstruction? Well, it is time to get feedback from them. Captain Ethan will send you to Jeremy (use the teleporter), who will want you to gather recordings from five Daar sentinels. He will give you a sonic tranquilizer and away you go!

Zap those Daar sentinels, move closer, right-click and Remove Recordings, then rinse and repeat on four more sentinels. (And they have to be the Daar sentinels, not the Falinpol ones.)

When you return to Jeremy, he gives you a recipe (that should autoscribe) for Recording Transcript Record Book. Hit the teleporter to go to the engraved desk to craft it. You will also need 2 rhenium ore, and 5 effulgent incense.

Return to Ethan with the completed record book for your reward.

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