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Erollisi Day 2014 - Curtain Call

Pinking Shears loved all things textile, from the basic spinning of thread and weaving of fabric, to painstakingly stitched clothing creations. Every once in a while, though, she just needed to "go out and smish things" to let off steam, as her friend Niami would say.

Today was one of those days. She was supposed to be out in the Vesspyr Isles, checking various local plants and animal leathers to see if any were of use in her sewing business. Her assistant Mera was manning her clothing booth at the crafting workshop where she rented space, she'd already summoned her favorite warder, and she'd even gone as far as paying a healer mercenary a ridiculous fee to accompany her.

All she had to do first was quickly drop off some curtain fabric samples for Lizabethan at the workshop, use the spirit anchor to Vesspyr, and she'd be on her way to a productive day of combat harvesting. No annoying customers changing their minds six times during the construction of a new dress, no flighty elves thinking that they could come in at the last moment wanting a ball gown, and expect one to materialize out of thin air.

No muss, no fuss, no stress. Just her, her warder, and her mercenary hireling, weaving a pink tapestry of mayhem across the Vesspyr Isles in the name of textile research.

Somewhere, Bristlebane must be laughing.

Her neon pink flippers made soft flap-flap-flap noises as she hopped across the workshop towards her booth, a bundle of purple velvet cloth carried carefully in her arms. The lovely halfling Lizabethan had been helping experiment with some new curtain designs, and now that they had an acceptable mockup worked in scrap fabrics, it was time to break out the good cloth for Liz's new curtains.

Her hopping footsteps were quickly drowned out, however, by a growing racket -- coming from her own beloved sewing booth?!

It sounded almost like someone had taken a barrel full of goblins, shaken them up repeatedly, then dumped them in a heap smack in the middle of her area. Nobody would be that cruel ... would they?

Apparently, they would.

Her othmir assistant Mara was stress-shedding like mad. Nearby booth owners were giving her dirty looks. Goblins were clambering and shouting all over the place, some even fighting with each other over scraps of fabric.

She spun around to face her mercenary, Stitches. "Take this velvet, and Patches, and take him out to graze. Guard the fabric carefully! Since you're already pre-paid for the next half an hour, you can earn it keeping an eye on my warder and my velvet!"

She knew the dwarf was unamused, not only at having to keep an eye on the noisy, and often mischievous berry bovoch warder, but also at the eye-searing outfit that the lady froglok made him wear every time he accompanied her. Too bad. He had a strict no-refunds policy, so she was going to put him to work.

Drawing in a tremendous breath, she turned back to the goblin-induced chaos, her rubbery chest expanding massively.

"FFRRRRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKK!" Her shouted croak was a deep basso rumbling that resounded around the planetarium-turned-workshop.

In the momentary stunned silence that followed, she swore she could hear, not a pin, but bits of Mara's fur, drop to the floor.

One lone goblin burp echoed in the silence, before several goblins opened their mouths, ready to resume the racket.

She immediately drew in another deep breath, and the goblins stopped again, clearly awed by her lungpower. Before they could start up again, she pointed at one at random.

"You! Tell me what is going on here. The rest of you, be quiet!"

"We iz going to have Erollisi footga party! Bristlebritches sez we need footgas! You stitchy-stich frog gets us footgas! Furry on iz no help! She sayz no footga, but we smarty-smartpants. We see footga right there!

As if on cue, several goblins started chanting "Foot-ga, foot-ga!" as another goblin pranced around with the much-patched and marked up curtain sample pattern wrapped around himself.

Pinking thought quickly, absently bouncing up and down on her flippers while making quiet "phllllbbbb" sounds with her large pink lips. She wasn't even aware she was fribbling until the goblins started giggling. "Oh, hush!"

Footga? Footga? What she wouldn't give for a goblin-to-froglok, or even a goblin-to-common translator right now. Foot-

"TOGAS? You want togas?"

"Like toe-ga, only bigger, so footga!" The gobblin nodded his head wildly. "We no understand why it called that, though, since any smarty-smartpants goblin knows it covers the body, not feets. But we wants stuff for feets, too!"

"All of you goblins. Sit on the floor and hush for a moment. I want to make sure that you all get proper togas, erm, footgas, and I need to get more supplies first."

She beckoned to Mara, whispering to her in an undertone. "Find all the scrap muslin and all of the failed dye experiments that have been stored for using for pattern mockups. It should be all out in my storage shed. Pull yourself together while out there, but be back in 15-20 minutes, ok?"

Next, she summoned her pack pony and gathering goblin.

"Warp, go mug some skeletons for love notes." The pony's eyes lit up with a mischievous gleam, as he adored holiday events that would allow him to go "bowling for skellies." The silly thing took great glee in stampeding them and knocking them over with a resounding clatter before snagging their notes and candies in his teeth and galloping off again to repeat the process with another skeleton.

"Weft, I need some roots and leather and such. Can you go snag some from Oakmyst for me?" The gathering goblin looked less thrilled with his task than the pony had, so she added a bit of extra incentive. "I promise, I'll save a bright orange footga out just for you!"

Mentally sending a prayer of thanks to Mithaniel Marr for goblin fashion sense, or lack thereof, she began throwing together togas out of scraps of this and that. There was no way she was going to let them use the better fabrics, especially since goblin money sense wasn't the best. Bleached muslin with colored chalk lines drawn on it from pattern mockups, dyed muslin that had been unevenly dyed, or had a tendency to fade, ragged ribbons and bric-a-brac for big-toe-ties for those who insisted there be something foot-related to their outfits.

She just might survive this with some shred of her sanity intact ... or not.

"Me'z Chief Garbage Sorter! Needz better footga!"

"An' me'z Chief Bottle Washer! Needz chiefs footga too!

The two goblins started shouting and grabbing at the curtain mock-up that had been thrown to the floor at some point.

"Wait! Wait! I have two of them! A left one, and, um ... the other left one! One of you gets one, the other gets the other." The mockups were true eyesores - chalk markings, holes for curtain rods cut in the tops, pieces of fabric hand-stitched to other pieces due to making the mockup larger after cutting, etc. "See, we put them like this, with these holes at the bottom, and we tie bits of colored fabric in the holes to make them more, erm, chieflike!"

Now came the part that she dreaded more than she dreaded a drought hitting her beloved frog pond.

"It is time to pay and go home now. After all, you need to get ready for your, um, footga party." As feared, not a single one of them had a scrap of gold on them. They started producing bits of string, lint-covered candy, poorly scrawled love notes, copper pieces, shiny rocks ... Ooh, shiny!

The two "chiefs" of the week actually had sapphires in the rough, and she knew a jeweler who would give her good coin for them. Now, if only she could keep her conscience from complaining too loudly.

Inspiration struck as she watched the gem owners eye some of the other "payments" longingly.

She pointed to half the goblins. "You gobbies, give your payments to Chief Bottlewasher. You other lot, give your payments to Chief Garbage Sorter. Chiefs, you're important goblins this week, so I'm going to let you have all those valuable things, and just take these shiny rocks as my payment."

The chiefs were happy and thought they'd gotten an amazing deal, Pinking was happy with the gems, the other workshop inhabitants were happy with the return of peace and quiet after the goblins traipsed out. Life was better.

But now she REALLY needed to go out and smish things ... or drink heavily. Or maybe both.

While there is a lot more to Erollisi Day than just the curtains mentioned in passing in the story above, so far the curtains have been the biggest "win" with decorators who have heard about them. I'm not sure how the goblins wormed their way into the story, but the Muse acts in rather unexpected ways now and then...and there's just something about the mental image of the racket made by a barrel full of goblins that tickled my fancy this past week.

This annual Norrathian celebration of love is currently set to run from February 6, 2014 at 12:01 AM PST time until February 19, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST time on the live servers.

As in past years, there will be a few quests that can be done, new craftables that can be made, and new buyables at the vendors. In addition, sentient* mobs throughout Norrath will have a chance to drop a love note or hard candy specific to their race. These notes and candies can be converted into a single type of love note for easier stacking (if you are planning on crafting), or into Erolissi coins (if you are planning on shopping). Vendors and conversion NPCs are found near the mercenary guilds in Qeynos and Freeport. (Other home cities have an Erollisi Day promoter NPC who can teleport you to the main cities so that you can join in the festivities.)

*Confused about what is considered a "sentient" mob? Basically, if it is smart enough to have a language and/or a lore and legend, it probably has enough brains to be called a sentient.

New Craftables

One new recipe book will be sold by the merchant Steven (found near the mercenary guilds in Qeynos and Freeport), containing recipes for the following items. (Many thanks to Kaitheel and Nytefyre for the sharper images!)

A Delicious Chocolate
Frosted Cake
A Delicious Pink Cake
Bow Mounted
Rose Garland
Flowered Purple Velvet
Curtains - Left
Flowered Purple Velvet
Curtains - Right
Flowered White Velvet
Curtains - Left
Flowered White Velvet
Curtains - Right
Flowered White Velvet
Curtains - Detail*
Honor's Hanging Rose
Ornate Urn of Compassion
Ornate Urn of Honor
Purple Velvet
Curtains - Left
Purple Velvet
Curtains - Right
Red Velvet
Curtains - Left
Red Velvet
Curtains - Right
Silver Gilded
Rose Garland
White Velvet
Curtains - Left
White Velvet
Curtains - Right
Yellow Rose Topiary

*As you can see, the flowered white velvet curtains have extremely subtle shading at the moment on Test. You cannot tell the difference between them and the regular white velvet curtains without being at extreme close range.

New Buyables

Douglas (also located near the mercenary guilds in Qeynos and Freeport), has a few new offerings along with many returning favorites:

Blackened Rose Cordon
Blackened Rose Garland
Insurrection Armor Crate
Pink Rose Topiary
Violet Vesspyr Bloom

New Quested

There is only one new quest reward option this year, for the top reward in the Hearts a'Flutter race Antonica and Commonlands (just outside the front gate area for both cities)

White Rose Topiary

Achievement Rewards

Some of the various Erollisi Day achievements offer house item rewards. Once you have completed the achievement, you not only get one of the items as a reward, but you unlock the ability to purchase more from the Erollisi Day vendors (available only while the event is running). Along with rewards retuning from last year is one new one:

Golden Rose Cordon

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