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Bristlebane Day 2014 - Killer Bunnies?

Agnor was a very confused Coldain -- and a very suspicious one. Here it was, the start of the Bristlebane Day celebration, and Mum was ... making paper? Something was very wrong when noted worshipper of Bristlebane, Niami Denmother, wasn't diving into mischief the moment that the celebration officially started.

Then he noticed the pile of vegtables and mixed greens on Mum's front lawn. So, she was up to something. He had no clue what, but he almost didn't want to ask, for fear she'd rope him into some sort of mischief.

He lasted five whole minutes before curiousity got the better of him, but he didn't want her to know just how curious he was, as he idly worked it into the conversation.

"Don't you have enough parchment from the local sages, Mum? It seems awfully labor-intensive this way."

"Och, aye, lad, frae th' normal stuff, there's plenty o' parchment. Howe'er, this is frae a special book, an' I am experimenting wi' different plant an' vegetable fibers frae texture an' coloring." Her hands were steady and sure, as she mixed some bilious yellowish green goop into her current batch of pulp that was floating in her washbasin.

He winced at the color being produced as he attempted a nonchalant tone, "Ah, so that would be why you have this pile of veggies on your lawn? For the experimenting?"

Mum expertly swirled the pulp around, then slipped a mesh and wooden deckle into the mixture. "Aye. Well, that an' frae th' killer rabbit an' th' patchwork badger."

Her tone may have been casual, almost absent, and to anyone else it may have seemed like she was intent on her papermaking, but Agnor knew better. She wasn't going to fool him ... this time!

"Right. Killer badgers and patchwork rabbits it is. I'm off, then, to do a bit of harvesting." He shook his head, snickering, as he turned to leave.

He may have been forgiven for missing what she said next, as her tone was quiet. "Nae, lad, killer rabbits an' patchwork badgers. Ye'll see, soon enough."

Mum had already decided she wasn't going to prank anyone during the Bristlebane Day celebrations. After all, Pinking was still restocking her fabric supply, and the goblins were still running amok in their new togas after the Erollisi Day "footga" incident. Agnor was also still smarting from the Brewday deception that left him with a nonfunctional Barrel Room on his front lawn. Making mischief now, when folks expected her to make mischief, just seemed like overkill. However, if Agnor wanted to jump to conclusions and think she was pranking him, then it was his own fault if he ended up with a rather rude surprise when he went out harvesting.

Several hours later, when a battered and bedraggled Agnor showed up on her front lawn, she hid another grin.

"All right, Mum, you actually weren't pulling my leg, but you forgot to mention the patchwork bears, wolves and crabs. The bunnies didn't seem that ba- ... GAH!!!!"

The patchwork badger and the sweet innocent little rabbit that had been nibbling on the greens on her front lawn stopped eating long enough to stare at the fleeing Coldain before they returned to their feast.

Mum merely smiled before whispering softly. "Gotcha."

Calling all tricksters, jokers, and lovers of merriment and mischief! The time is upon us once again* to join in the celebrations of the god of Mischief, the grand Trickster himself - Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. Make sure to set aside some time on his highest of Feast Days, April 1, for some extra one-day-only events in the Enchanted Lands! This event will run on the Live servers from March 28, 2014 through April 10, 2014.)

New Craftables

The Bristlebane Day merchants in the various home crafting societies sells a new recipe book this year "Perfectly Serious Items to Craft V". This book contains fifteen new crafting recipes. (14 house items, 1 appearance item)

Bottle of Aged Thundermist Merlot
Festive Yellow and Purple Ewer
Flowered Teal Velvet Curtain, Left
Flowered Teal Velvet Curtain, Right
Indecorous Mask
Jester's Golden Cordon
Jester's Golden Streamer
Pile of Fools Gold
Rather Ridiculous Smoke Stack
Royal Beaded Pillow
Stack of Gold Bars
Teal Velvet Curtain, Left
Teal Velvet Curtain, Right
Yellow Velvet Curtain, Left
Yellow Velvet Curtain, Right

The Jester's Golden Streamer has a falling coin particle effect.

New Buyables

This year adds a new event currency: Fool's Gold Coin, and all repeatable (yearly repeatable, and the unlimited repeats on the two races) quests will have an option added for Fool's Gold Coins. The Bristlebane Day vendors in home crafting societies will offer ten new items, all of which will be available for purchase via Fool's Gold Coins. (Another item, the Mounted Festival Beads, is unlocked for purchase for 18 silver after the completion of an achievement.)

Brilliant Bristlebane Day Cap
5 Fool's Gold
Bristlebane Bouncer**
10 Fool's Gold
Fireworks: 52 card pickup
2 Fool's Gold
preview not available
Jocular Patchcraft Growler Plushie
20 Fool's Gold
Jocular Patchcraft Growler Plushie
(front view)
Jovial Patchcraft Thrasher Plushie
20 Fool's Gold
Jovial Patchcraft Thrasher Plushie
(front view)
Rivervale Conveyance Blueprints
10 Fool's Gold
Rivervale Vine Knot Door
30 Fool's Gold
Wild Boar (housepet)
30 Fool's Gold
Merrymakers Salmon
4 Fool's Gol
Mounted Festival Beads
unlocked by achievement

**The Bristlebane Bouncer actually bounces you up in the air, with the same effect & sound as the ones in the bounce race in Sinking Sands. Wheeeeeeeeee!

The Mounted Festival Beads have a falling coin particle effect.

The Merrymakers Minstrel Crown, which is a new buyable, is awaiting a developer response (it currently shares a graphic with a returning quest reward).

New Achievements

Complete all of the repeatable Bristlebane Day quests, including both races, and you will receive the Mounted Festival Beads pictured above. You will also be able to buy more of them from the Bristlebane Day vendors.

Find and kill 25 of the Patchcraft mobs that will look similar to those patchcraft plushies pictured above, and you will earn "the Crafty Killer" suffix title. Additional titles are then unlocked for more kills (100, 250, etc). Patchcraft mobs can be found in: Antonica, The Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, Greater Faydark and Frostfang Sea.

On April 1 only, there will also be a series of achievements for collecting the bunny rabbits that have begun appearing around Norrath. (The bunnies will be around year-round, but you'll only be able to interact with them on April 1.)

About Those Patchcraft Critters ...

As mentioned above about the patchcraft achievements, there are patchcraft mobs that can appear in starter zones. When they spawn, they are non-attackable until someone gets to within a certain distance of them, at which point they will turn into a level-appropriate aggro mob. In addition to being an amusing way to hunt and kill for an achievement, they can be tamed as warders for beastlords. All four types have a yellow/green/blue and a purple/pink/yellow version.

Patchcraft Growler - Frostfang Sea, Greater Faydark
Patchcraft Howler - Commonlands, Darklight Woods
Patchcraft Thrasher - Antonica
Patchcraft Snapper - Timorous Deep

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