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Shipwrecked Quest Series

This lovely questline will offer one quest per crafting tier, up to level 100. It will also include a new bit to the questline in Obulus Frontier with the release of the Kunark Ascending expansion on November 15, 2016. Each quest will include a recipe scroll with two recipes on it. One of the recipes on each scroll will be for an Artisan's Amalgamation. It is important to note that the various amalgamation recipes use different tiers of resources, and different tiers of fuel, but ALL stack together as a single type. This is so that you can more easily use up whatever surplus materials (fish!) in whichever tiers that you desire.

The second recipe in the book will be something loosely having to do with what you were doing during the quest. For example, Blessing of the Prime from the level 5 quest. In the case of the final quest, "Pirates!", you obtain twelve (yes, 12) new level 100 poison recipes. (4 each handcrafted, Expert and Superior)

If you are a higher level crafter doing several of these in one fell swoop, you will want to zone/relog after completing each quest to force trigger of the next email quest starter. Reading ahead in the quest guide can help you see if you want to zone somewhere specific, or if you want to just camp to your character in order to be still in place for the next step in the quest.

If, for some reason you deleted the email quest starter for one of the below quests, speak with Jerol, who is standing near the mailbox in Mara.

Level 5: Shipwrecked!

Level 5 and above crafters will receive mail from the Harbormaster. Read the mail and accept the quest in order to receive the house item "Message in a Bottle". You can either place it in your home or you can use someone else's (it cannot be placed in a guildhall or dungeon, FYI). Right-click to read the message and select the option to activate the spell.

You will be zoned into an Abandoned Isle. Look around for survivors. Raffik is lying down to your left. Ask if he needs a healer, and he lets you know that he is a healer, and there's nobody else left. Awww, poor little guy!

Search the wreckage for anything that might help, and you will find a clickable book on the ground. Click to receive "How to Heal Your Healers". Scribe it have Blessing of the Prime dropped in your recipe book. (Book is level 2, recipe is level 5).

Harvest 1 each of jumjum, white tea leaf, and black coffee bean. Grab weathered coal from old barrel of coal in shed. Use the makeshift workbench next to the small coal barrel to create Blessing of the Prime. (1 jumjum, 1 black coffee bean, 1 white tea leaf, 1 weathered coal). Use the blessing of the prime on the wee fellow.

You receive tradeskill xp, 2 silver, and a scroll "Blessing of the Prime" (level 2 to scribe, level 5 recipes). This contains recipe for Basic Artisan's Amalgamation and Blessing of the Prime. Each amalgamation using this version of the recipe requires 1 aerated mineral water, 200 of any common 1-9 harvests, and 5 basic candle. Each Blessing of the Prime requires 10 Artisan's Amalgamation and 5 basic coal.

The examine info for this one leaves a LOT to be desired. It basically summons the equivalent of a res feather from a healer. (i.e., it is a temporary, single-charge item that will allow you to rez your healer if they forgot to summon a rez item for everyone.)

If he's lost his parents in that shipwreck, is it any wonder that the poor little guy wants some time alone after you heal him? Click on the rowboat to be sent back to the mainland. (EL docks)

Level 10: Castaway

You receive more mail from the Harbormaster, along with a pointed reminder about litter and the mail system. Hit up a message in a bottle somewhere to return to the Abandoned Isle.

Whoops, you took the only boat with you as you left poor Raffik, and he's hungry! He's been eating raw fruits and veggies because, while he's found his father's recipe for vulrich drumsticks, he's not a crafter like his parents were. He turns those pitiful little eyes on you, asking you to help, then hands over his father's recipe. (Vulrich Drumsticks should drop into your inventory - don't forget to scribe it!)

You'll need 3 vulrich meat, and 2 weathered kindling. You can either kill the roaming vulrich mobs (level 15), or harvest the carnivore dens in the instance. The kindling is in a pile outside the shed, right next to a cookpot that you can use to cook the drumsticks. Note that the drumsticks are also a house item! (You may return to the Abandoned Island via the message in a bottle at any time to make more of the house item, since you'll need the special kindling found there.)

While you were cooking for him, Raffik was searching the wreckage for his parents' recipes. Apparently they were master crafters with quite the recipe collection. If you'll make him one of their teleport spells, he'll let you keep the recipe for yourself.

Scribe the level 10 recipe Globe of Homecoming, then harvest up 2 electrum cluster, 2 tuber strand, 2 turquoise cluster and grab another batch of weathered coal. Craft 2 globes and return to Raffik. He'll give you tradeskill xp, AA, 3 silver, a functional Globe of Homecoming and the Globe of Homecoming recipe scroll, which contains 2 level 10 recipes. The Glowing Artisan's Amalgation recipe requires aerated mineral water, 200 of any level 10-19 common harvests and 5 glowing candles. The Globe of Homecoming requires 10 artisan's amalgamation and 5 glowing candle.

Level 20: Piratical Fashion

You'll be relieved to note that you will receive no further grumpy mail messages from the Harbormaster. Instead, the next email that you receive is actually from Raffik. (And yes, he definitely needs a bit of tutoring in spelling!.)

Travel to Butcherblock and head down the beach a little to speak with Raffik. Still shirtless and clad in raggedy pants, he has found no sign of his parents. Therefore, he wants to become a pirate with his own ship, so he can to search more places for his folks. Since he feels people aren't taking him seriously due to his ragged state, he wants you to ask the Harbormaster who made his spiffy clothes, and get a pirate set made for him.

Dockmaster Wraulon Highpebble willingly preens for you, and sends you over to a fae on the docks who made the outfit. Find "a fae tailor" at the loom on the docks. She's busy for the next few weeks with the Dockmaster's fall wardrobe, but when she hears who it's for, she gives you a free pattern to make him an outfit. Scribe the level 20 "Mutagenic Essence" scroll to learn "Pirate Outfit (extra small)". You will need 1 belladonna root, 1 boiled leather pelt, 1 gold cluster, 2 sparkling filament.

You receive 8 gold, tradeskill xp, aa and the level 20 recipe scroll "Harvester's Balm", containing the recipes for Sparkling Artisan's Amalgamation and Harvester's Balm. This version of the amalgamation recipe uses 200 of any level 20-29 common resources, aerated mineral water and 5 sparkling candle. The Harvester's Balm requires 10 artisan's amalgamation and 5 sparkling candle.

Level 30: Adorning the Pirate

It is time for more mail from Raffik. This time he's right on the BBM docks, standing at the forge. He's learning how to make a sword, with the help of the mender, and needs a hand with adorning it once done.

He gives you three level 1 rusty daggers to transmute, and you need 2 lapis lazuli fragments (from them, from the broker, what have you, but transmuting practice is transmuting practice, so you may as well use the freebies :D). Then head over to the adorning merchant, Tyla Maki and ask for a recipe. She hands you the level 30 "Piratical Weapon Adornments For All Ages" scroll. If you are NOT already an adorner, be sure to learn the adorning skill while there and buy and scribe the 6 Ability items from Tyla to make the crafting saner. Scribe the scroll to learn "Adornment of Pirate Energy". The recipe is a 150 adorning recipe, but since the scribing requirement for it was a level 30 crafter of any type, you can make it, with a bit of work, even as a starting adorner. You will need 1 basic coal in addition to the two lapis lazuli fragments. The coal is sold next to the Highland Outpost griffon post, and there's a work bench up there for the combine as well.

Return the finshed item to Raffik for 85 gold, tradeskill xp, AA and the level 30 Mutagenic Essence scroll. This contains recipes for Glimmering Artisans Amalgamation and Mutagenic Essence. This version of the artisan's amalgamation requires 200 of any level 30-39 common resources, aerated mineral water and 5 glimmering candle. The Mutagenic Essence requires 10 artisan's amalgamation and 5 glimmering coal.

Level 40: Encompassing Goal

Time for more semi-literate mail from Raffik! Trust me, he's nowhere near as irksome as Qho is in his requests. :D

Find Raffik near the mount station outside Klak'anon. A good pirate needs a good compass, as any navigator should know, and Raffik has decided that the ones built into the clockwork salvagers would fit the bill. Can you check with the gnomes up in Gnomeland Security for a way to disable the salvagers so you can snag one?

Ginnie Hebblethwaite is too busy to make you one, but she's happy to share the level 40 scroll "Clockwork Salvager Stun". You will need 1 velium cluster, 1 rough opaline, 1 feyiron cluster, 1 glimmering coal. Once you have crafted one, the salvagers are near Raffik at roughly -642, 85, 1223 Zap one, and right-click to remove the compass, and return to Raffik.

You will be rewarded with tradeskill xp, AA, just over 3 plat, and the level 40 scroll "Bulwark of Zek".

If you've been paying attention to the recipe information up to this point, you likely can figure the following out: The Luminous version of the Artisan's Amalgamation recipe will use 1 aerated mineral water, 200 of any common level 40-49 harvests, and 5 luminous candle. The Bulwark of Zek recipe will use 10 artisan's amalgamation and 5 luminous coal.

Level 50: Halasians for Hire

Well, this one should be interesting. Just how is he planning on going about hiring pirates?

Head to New Halas in the Frostfang Sea. If the overhead map shows a quest book out in the ocean for him, ignore it, and head to 92, 153, -174 to find Raffik standing next to the mercenaries for hire in Halas.

He wants to hire some mercenaries for his crew, but wants help with his mother's recipe to make mercenaries stronger. As usual, he's happy to share the recipe with you as long as you make him some. He hands you a level 50 scroll "Henchman Adornment Pack". Each henchman adornment pack requires 1 soluble loam, 1 beyrillium cluster, 1 succulent root, 4 lambent coal, and you will need to make 5 for him on the work bench. (Mass production does not work with this quest.)

Reward is tradeskill xp, AA, just over 9p, and the Henchman Adornment Pack scroll. The Lambent version of the Artisan's Amalgamation recipe will use 1 aerated mineral water, 200 of any common level 50-59 resources, and 5 lambent candle. The Henchman Adornment Pack will take 10 Artisan's Amalgamation and 5 lambent coal.

Level 60: Halasian Hangover

This time, your email isn't from Raffik...

You'll find a prone Raffik in the bar that is at the back of the crafting/housing area in New Halas.

Ohdear ... Halasians are an intemperate lot, but to get a young ratonga drunk seems to be a bit irresponsible to me. They want to put fur on his chest? But he's already furry!

Thankfully, the bartender hands over a level 60 Coldain Cure-All scroll. You will need 1 squash, 5 aviak meat, 5 ravasect meat and 1 scintillating candle on the chemistry table.

Reward is tradeskill xp, AA, over 9 plat, and the Coldain Cure-All scroll. The Scintillating version of the Artisan's Amalgamation recipe uses 1 aerated mineral water, 200 of any common level 60-69 resources and 5 scintillating candle. The Coldain Cure-All takes 10 artisan's amalgamation and 5 scintillating coal.

Level 70: Hired Scales

In this episode of the Misadventures of Raffik, Raffik learns the hard lesson that mercs aren't always as skilled as one would hope. His merc is currently receiving some basic combat training from an iksar tutor in Teren's Grasp (TG) and is looking for other ways to help his mercenary out. (TG, for those unfamiliar with it, is in Kylong Plains, and a wizard spire will take you directly to TG.) Xhary, the combat tutor, suggests a charm that will aid in gaining/reducing the enemy's attention, so it is off to a chemistry table to create a Charm of Expertise. You will also need 1 raw cranberry, 1 cabilis cocoa bean, 1 lichenclover root, 1 smoldering candle.

Reward is tradeskill xp, AA, over 12 plat, and the Charm of Expertise scroll. Smoldering artisan's amalgamation, yaddayadda, level 70-79 resources, smoldering candles. Charm of Expertise, 10 artisan's amalgamation, 5 smoldering coal.

Level 80: Air Fare

How bad could the "grate" idea be, right? Better head to Paineel in the Sundered Frontier and see.

Raffik is now enamored by the idea of a flying ship. If he gave you his parents' recipe for a potion to make refining more efficient, could you make one, and then check with the erudites to see if they'd make a flying ship in return for some of the potions?

Head to a chemistry table and bring along 1 marr cherry, 1 lapsang tea leaf, 1 canyar nut, and 1 ethereal candle. Then head over to the crafting area in Paineel, and speak to Aalithiana. No matter how tempting the potion is, the answer is that they can only make flying disks that carry a single person, not large enough to carry a crew. Raffik is ... disappointed, but still determined.

You receive tradeskill xp, AA, just over 15 plat, and the scroll for Potion of Nimble Fingers. Blahblah, ethereal artisan's amalgamation, blahblah, level 80-89 resources, etheral candles, blah blah, can you tell Mum is tired?

Level 90: Flying Feathers

Forunately, Raffik isn't anywhere nearly as demanding as Qho, and he has you risk life and limb a lot less, too! However, that doesn't stop him from having some rather fanciful and impractical ideas.

This time he's enamored with the gryphons at the goahmari village in Great Divide. I'm not sure how he thinks even a crew of juvenile ratongas could be carried on a single gryphon, much less a proper pirate crew, but he's determined!

The library in Thurgadin Harbor is a good spot to look (this is the library above the docks, containing 2 levels, not the library in Thurgadin). You need to collect five Gryphon Research, which can be tracked with the track harvestables prestige ability. After you find the 5th batch of research you are granted the level 90 recipe scroll Essence of the Zephyr. Head to a chemistry table, and bring along 1 plump lychee, 2 matoppie roots, 1 aduki bean and 1 ethereal candle. Return to Raffik after you have created the potion.

Sadly, the potion only works to make the gryphons faster, not stronger, so you suggest that he check out the Far Seas Trading company ships.

You receive tradeskill xp, AA, just over 11 platinum, and the Essence of the Zephyr recipe scroll. I bet you can guess where Raffik is when next you hear from him!

Level 100: On a Boat

You get one last mail from Raffik, explaining that he's on a boat in the Isle of Mara. It isn't a very large boat, but he's not a very large ratonga.

When you ask if this means if he's a pirate now, he explains "Not exactlys. I asks the Far Seas traders if they gives me a pirate ship, but they explains a lot of complicated things about trade being better than pirates and more profitables too. But anyway, they says to practice with this one, and maybe one day I's become a captain." Since he suspects that part of the reason they helped him was because he mentioned your name, he wanted to thank you.

Of course, there's a catch. He also wants to thank Captain Ingrid, and since he's learned her favorite drink, he's hoping you will help make it for her. The drink is made from flowers found in Vesspyr, which is not somewhere he can go, but he somehow knows it is somewhere that you can travel.

This is the part that I meant when I mentioned that he has you risk life and limb a lot less than Qho. It isn't totally danger free for a non-adventuring crafter on this step, but if you've done the ToV crafting line by this point, much less the AoM crafting line, you know that if you're squishy, you need to know how to watch in every direction and dodge wisely. :D

Head to Veiled Thessk in Vesspyr, land carefully, and call up your track harvestables skill. You will need to harvest two wild flameflowers for the quest, and they will be consumed as part of the quest. You may also grab a few extra for house items. (They have been changed so you can also harvest them after you complete the quest, but you might as well snag them while you're there!)

Once you're done picking posies, you'll need to combine 1 hylocereus fruit, 1 sulfur fruit, 2 wild flameflower and 1 effulgent candle on the chemistry table to make the Brew of Readiness. Return to Raffik with the brew, and you will receive tradeskill xp, AA, 16 or so plat, and the recipe scroll Brew of Readiness.

If you think Raffik is just "too cute for words", wait an hour, and Raffik, in all his furry fury wonder, can be hired at the Mara docks, next to his ship, as a mercenary.

Even if you don't want to keep him as a mercenary, once the Kunark Ascending expansion has hit, you may want to hire him for a short time so that you can quest to obtain the recipe to make almalgamations from Thalumbra (level 100) common mats.

Level 100: Pirates!

This quest will require that you own the Kunark Ascending expansion, and will become available on the live servers on November 15, 2016.

If Raffik is not your current mercenary, you will wish to hire him from his little houseboat on the Mara docks. Then you will need to bring him with you to the Obulus Frontier (and by bring him with you, have him hired and summoned when you hit the below location). Since Raffik is enamored of the pirate life, it only makes sense to explore some beaches with him, most notably the beach at around -329, -241, -888. The poor little guy gets all excited when he spots pirates on the hill above you and he really wants you to talk to them in case they've seen or heard of his parents. It may be against your better judgement, but up the hill you go. (Yes, there are aggro mobs up there, so don't go barreling up full-tilt, just start strolling up the ramp towards them.)

Unnnnnfff. Something/someone hit you from behind. When you come to, you are a prisoner aboard a slaver ship called the Frillik's Tide.

The walkthrough for this non-combat instance is long and fussy, so I am including it as a separate article: The Frillik's Tide. Once you are finished with that instance, you will find yourself back on the beach with Raffik and his parents, and will be awarded the recipe scroll "Piratical Poisons." In addition to a recipe to make Artisan's Amalgamation from Thalumbra commons, this scroll contains recipes for 4 handcrafted, 4 expert and 4 superior versions of poisons. They will need amalgamations for the handcrafted, amalgamations and deepstone root (ToT rare) for the Expert, and amalgamations and shadeweave root (Obulus rare) for the Superior versions.

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