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This is part of the Altar of Malice Crafting/Housing preview. As with any expansion content, this means that there may be changes, tweaks, etc. for a while after the expansion launches. I'll wander through and clean things up as I catch corrections, additions, etc.

Upon completion of the "Return To Refuge" quest in the AoM Crafting Quest Series, daily quests with Skrit on the Isle of Refuge will unlock, as will weekly quests with Quartermaster Robbins at Castle Highhold.

I don't think I have all the dailies or weeklies noted yet, nor do I have the sequence sorted out, for what order these are offered in. Eventually, we'll get all the information noted, but for now, here's some quick information on the ones that I scribbled down notes for.


Each of these dailies will reward you with tradeskill xp, AA, 1 plat 40 gold 40 silver, +500 Far Seas Supply Division faction, and 5 Far Seas Trading Company tokens. Dailies change at 11 p.m. PT.

Fruitful Foraging (Saturday)

Harvest 50 hylocereus fruit, Kith peppers and/or sulfur fruit to replenish the stores. You must harvest these from pygmy brambles nodes while on the quest.

Sampling the Danger (Sunday)

Help keep an eye on the magical corruption around the ruins of the tower by gathering 10 soil samples. Yep, around the tower. If you're a squishie, I recommend picking the most crowded version of Tranquil Sea available, in hopes that the mobs around the tower are being cleared out.

Sour Tooth (Monday)

Those pygmies sure love their pickles! Make up 5 more batches of pickles that can be used for trade. You will need a total of 5 kith peppers, 5 leonid root, 10 hylocereus fruit and 25 effulgent candles. You cannot mass produce for quest credit.

Grim Running (Tuesday)

Use a tinkered snare stun (provided) on one of the grimling runners out near the digsite. You'll see the ROI for him on his map. (For the wide area across the bridge, he runs around the edge of the highlighted aggro.) He's aggro, but they've toned down his aggro range a little, so you should be able to zap him without getting hit, if you place yourself in the right spot. Right-click him while he's stunned, and in addition to the quest update for Skrit, you end up with a lovely Rallic Pack pattern! (Random chance to get the pack any time that you do this quest.)

You will examine the pattern to have it spit out the recipe, and the pattern stays in inventory (you need it for the combine). The level 100 artisan recipe is lore, no-trade, no-value, no-commission. The pack is 64 slots of loveliness, but is also lore and no-trade. This means that you can make one pack. For yourself. You will not be able to make this for your alts, etc. The recipe requires the rallic pack pattern, 1 crystalline spiderling silk, 1 pristine leathery hide (AoM leather rare) and 15 effulgent filament.

Legendary Pepper (Wednesday)

Harvest 10 pepper from piperacea plants that will spawn in the area while you are on this quest.

Salve Supplies (Thursday)

You will need 5 dogwood shrubs from the area, in order to make 5 healing salve. You will need a total of 5 leonid roots, 10 handama leaf, and 25 effulgent candles. You cannot mass produce for quest credit. Also remember that this harvestable can be used as a house item, so this is the day to grab extra if you need them. (The dogwood should be harvestable during the entire day)

Small Arms for Small Arms (Friday)

Craft 5 pygmy daggers (there's a forge next to the mender in IoR). You will need a total of 5 iodocus cluster, 5 cadmium ore, 10 larix lumber, and 25 effulgent coal.


Each of these weeklies will reward you with tradeskill xp, AA, 1 plat 40 gold 40 silver, +2000 Far Seas Supply Division faction, and 15 Far Seas Trading Company tokens. The weekly tasks change on Wednesday night at 11 p.m. Pacific.

Feeling Defensive

Craft 10 improved barricades for the defenses. You will need a total of 10 leonid root, 20 larix lumber, and 50 effulgent coal. When done, deliver the barricades to Armsmaster Ryan then return to Robbins.

Blessed Healing

Create 4 healing Poultice. You will need a total of 4 tunarean trumpetleaf from the Blessed Knoll area, 4 leonid root, 8 handama leaf, and 20 effulgent candle. Combine on the chemistry table. Apply the poultices to the injured defenders lying on bedrolls near Ryan by clicking on them then return to Robbins.

Weapon Crates Restock

Craft 10 spare defenders swords. You will need a total of 10 iodocus cluster, 10 cadmium ore, 20 larix lumber, 50 effulgent coal. When done, deliver the weapons to Armsmaster Ryan then return to Robbins.

Weapons with Benefits

Craft 5 spiteweed brew. This requires that you go out and harvest 5 young spiteweed, then return to craft the brew on a chemistry table. You will also need a total of 5 kith pepper, 10 hylocereus fruit, 25 effulgent coal. Apply the brew to the weapons rack near Ryan, then return to Robbins for your reward.

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