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A bit of Fire, a bit of Ice

This quest is available to level 70 alchemists. Completion of the quest will grant the alchemist recipes to convert the byproduct dusts that are obtained from the creation of Adept IIIs into the next-higher tier's dust. There is no adventuring requirement for this quest, though there will be some dangerous areas to travel through for the low-level adventuring alchemist.

Each recipe requires fuel as well as three of that tier's dust. Completion of a pristine combine will produce one of the next tier's dust as well as return one of the current tier's dust. (Example: three tier 1 dusts, plus fuel, combine to make one T2 dust and one T1 dust, on a pristine combine.)

Speak with Alchemist Janicia located in the Fool's Gold in Rivervale to receive the quest. (Each of the requested items will be a ground spawn in the designated area.)

You say, "Hail, Alchemist Janicia"
Alchemist Janicia says to you,"Greetings ____, I am glad to meet a fellow Alchemist out here! I see from those chemical stains on your fingers that you must be a very experienced alchemist. Would you have time to help me with this experiment? I'll be happy to share the results of my research with you, I think it might be something not even you have seen before!"
You say to Alchemist Janicia, "You're working on some new type of alchemy? You have my attention, please do tell!"
Alchemist Janicia/a says to you,"Well, I've been working on this new theory, but I can't leave these experiments while I go out to get the components I still need. In order to finish distilling these, I need some naturally occurring sources of heat and cold. This is not something that I can trust a novice to handle, as you can imagine! Would you mind collecting the samples for me?"
You say to Alchemist Janicia, "I would be honored to assist."
Alchemist Janicia/a says to you,"Oh, thank you! Here's a list of what I need. I've found in the past that these locations hold the best sources of the extreme temperatures I need. I just need a small sample from each; once you have located them, bring them back and we'll see if my experiment works!"
You say to Alchemist Janicia, "I will return with the samples as soon I can."

Find an ice crystal in Everfrost. I might find some ice crystals forming under the dock.
When you arrive in Everfrost run to the north end of the wooden dock and jump off the left side. Take a deep breath, dive down, and harvest the large ice crystal that is nestled against the dock support near -54, -30, 157.

Collect a frostfin scale in Everfrost. These will probably be found near the waterline. I'd better avoid the hungry sharks!
These are at the edge of the first iceberg to the north, when you are standing on the dock, around the area of -200, -21, 108.

Find a lava crystal in Lavastorm. I will probably be able to find some lava crystals somewhere on the beach.
This was easily found on the eastern end of the beach, and requires 1 mining skill to harvest.

Find a maga wormling scale in Lavastorm. I will probably be able to find some scales near the rocks where the magma wormlings bask on the hot beach.
This was easily found on the western end of the beach, and required 1 gathering skill to harvest.

Reward: Alchemist Distillations, uncommon, weight 1, level 69 alchemist, recipe book.

Other notes for lower-level adventurers: There is sometimes an aggressive, see invisible, heroic Fire Toad on the beach in Lavastorm. As long as you watch out for him, you should have no problem avoiding him, since what you need is to either end of the beach, and he stays in the main middle area of the beach. Everfrost, of course, has different perils, with lots of heroic sharks, as well as a chance of running into the Epic shark, Dreadwake. Be sure of your locations, watch pathing carefully, and only dive in when you are sure the coast is clear. An otter totem or other form of enduring breath is a good idea.

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