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Prelude: Sundered Ground

The Malicious Threat prelude event has come and gone, leaving us with quite a few questions as well as portents of things to come. Many of those questions will continue to be unanswered ... for now.

The lands of Norrath suddenly find chunks of ground torn asunder. Strange golems roam these sundered areas, raising yet more questions and concerns.

What does it all mean? Where do they come from?

In this next prelude installment, Sundered Ground, you will find a few answers, and a lot more questions. You will also find a crafter- and decorator-friendly reward for your participation in this prelude quest.

Quick Notes

  • The Sundered Ground event will run from September 24, 2015 through November 3, 2015.
  • A new drop will come into play, Arcane Umbra Gravel, which will be used in crafting.
  • You will no longer be able to earn Primordial Malice Baubles directly ... but keep reading for the indirect part!
  • The vendor from the Malicious Threat prelude will return with all the items from that prelude, as well as conversions from the new Arcane Umbra Gravel into Primordial Malice Baubles for those who want to purchase more of these items
  • There will be some method for obtaining more gravel "going forward" after this event, but we don't know what it is.
  • You do NOT have to have completed the Malicious Threat quest in order to do the Sundered Ground quest.

More Details

Once the event begins, players should speak with Lanxena T'Xith of Neriak's The Spurned, or Mathal Dewpetal of Kelethin's Order of Arcane, to aid them in their search for answers.

Once you have picked up the quest, the golems should be in pretty much every overland zone other than the Ethernere. (We were told they are found in 28 zones across Norrath.) The area should be visible from a distance due to the huge dust cloud that is generated over them.

The Arcane Umbra Gravel is a body drop from the golems in those areas, so be sure you are looting all the corpses! (Members will receive 2 gravel upon looting, instead of 1 - this is awaiting a Test patch right now.)

Once you have completed the quest, yes, you can continue to farm golems for the gravel.

Why would you want to farm gravel? In addition to a title for completing the quest, you are rewarded with a level 2 artisan recipe book, Building on Sundered Ground, containing 22 recipes - building block sets of granite and of sandstone, including new triangles! The recipes themselves will be level 10 combines, and will use iron, turquoise and glowing sandpaper. (Gravel will be returned on a failed combine.)

While only these two sets have triangles at this time, fret not! More triangles are in the works, but we haven't been told which ones or how to get them yet.

Granite Blocks
Sandstone Blocks

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