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Journeyman Service

With the release of GU38, the grandmasters of Norrath found that they were behind on handling orders, and wish for the assistance of journeyman (level 20) and higher crafters to aid in filling the need. The followup to this quest is the level 30 Tradesman Service quest added with GU42.

This quest is available for level 20 and higher crafters of all crafting professions, and does not require any of the expansions. Harvesting in Thundering Steppes (Tier 3) is required, so crafters who wish to complete this quest need at least one harvesting skill to be 90 or higher. This quest cannot be repeated, so choose your reward carefully.

Reward for this quest is a small amount of tradeskill experience and your choice of one of the level 20-29 advanced (rare) recipe books for your tradeskill class. For all classes other than provisioner, these are the same Advanced recipe books that you have been able to get from chest drops all along. Provisioners, on the other hand, will be offered Provisioner Mastery Volume 1, a brand-new recipe book that is only available via this quest.

With the release of GU42 a few details regarding this quest changed. The quest now gives out 250 faction with your city's crafting society, it gives achievement experience for completing a quest, and the Hair of the Dog recipe dropped down to level 25 (from level 35), to be in-line with the other items from Provisioner Mastery Volume 1.

To begin the quest, speak with the Grandmaster found in or around the main crafting society for your city:

  • Ironforge Exchange (North Qeynos): Grandmaster Kimbialis, downstairs in the instance
  • Coalition of Tradesfolke (West Freeport): Grandmaster Kawayzer, upstairs in the Coalition building (NOT down in the instance behind the building)
  • Tunare's Pages (Kelethin): Grandmaster Feldmanus moved with GU44, and is now located near the broker in Tunare's Pages
  • (Neriak): Grandmaster Zyrythius in the Dockside Markets portion of Neriak
  • (Gorowyn): an NPC by the name of Jayak is in the crafting/housing area
  • (New Halas): Grandmaster Cheri Glodsdottr in the crafting area

First, before anything else can be done, more resources are needed, so you are sent off to harvest fifty of any type of T3 resource in Thundering Steppes ... sort of. Updates are virtual, and you get one update per successful harvest of a node, regardless of if you harvest one unit of a resource or five. This means that you can/will harvest more than fifty actual items, which you will get to keep. I recommend that you harvest resources that are useable by your tradeskill class, as you will need some for the next step.

Return to the grandmaster, and he then requests that you craft tier 3 items appropriate for your crafting class. Provisioners are asked to craft six oolong tea. The other crafting classes are given a list, and told to select an item from a list and craft three. All other classes but provisioner have one item on the list that they can craft: crafted vase (carpenter), carbonite short sword (weaponsmith), ash buckler (woodworker), carbonite kite shield (armorsmith), defender of the harvest foliage (tailor), Bria's Entrancing Sonnet (jeweler),Coldshield (sage), Intercept (alchemist) In most (possibly all) cases other than provisioner, the quest completion credit is granted after the creation of one item, instead of the listed three items.

Hand those items in, to be awarded your choice of a level 20-29 advanced recipe book for your crafting class, some tradeskill experience as well as 250 faction with your city's crafting society.

Make sure to visit this same NPC once you have hit level 35 for the second quest in the series, Tradesman Service.

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