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ToT: Daily and Weekly Quests

Once you have completed the ToT quest series at least through "Containing the Stone", you will be eligible for 7 daily and 1 weekly quest from Gwynvyn in Maldura. (As long as you can spell her name, you can ask a guard to point the way, if you haven't gotten used to Maldura yet.)

These quests include:

  • "A Cure for Maldura" - daily repeatable
  • "Arming Maldura" - daily repeatable
  • "Healing for Maldura" - daily repeatable
  • "Monitoring Maldura" - daily repeatable
  • "Malduran Medicine" - daily repeatable
  • "Malduran Mouths to Feed" - daily repeatable
  • "Malduran Refills" - daily repeatable
  • "Restocking the Deepforge Depot" - weekly mission

They will reward you with plat, AA, Coin of the Grand Artificer (3 for the weekly), Ancient Arcannium Coin (heirloom, sellable for guild status, from the dailies), 2K faction with Deepforge Founders, 1K faction with Shields of Maldura.

There is a bit of a different mechanic going on with these compared to normal, based upon requests from the community.

You can do all the dailies at once, if that is easier on you than trying to remember to stop in each day on each alt. Keeping track of when you can next pick them up could be confusing if you don't organize yourself properly, since the dailies don't use the mission timer.

The weekly uses the weekly mission timer, which means it "should" reset Wednesday night at midnight.

Quest Details

"A Cure for Maldura" (daily repeatable) - You will auto-scribe the recipe for Progress Report Binding. Talk to Brumley in Alcove of Reason who will give you a Tinkered Scanning Gadget. Enter the heroic version of the District of Ash instance. Go up and/or down the steps to the east and west and find an immolated invader. Yep, they're aggro and nasty, so watch pathing carefully for a few before you get too close. (Not all are stationary). Target one and use the tinkered scanner from maximum allowed distance. Rinse and repeat. Craft the progress report on an engraved desk (there's one near Brumbley), and return to Brumley with your findings.

"Arming Maldura" (daily repeatable) - Recipes for Maldura Tower Shield, Forged Arrows and Forged Short Sword will auto-scribe into your book. The quest will ask you to craft 5 of a specific item. Deliver them to Quartermaster Lysslyn by zone in to Maldura

"Healing for Maldura" (daily repeatable) - Recipe for healing salve infused bandages will auto-scribe into your book. Harvest 5 fibrous roots at the bottom of great drill in Thalumbra and 5 healing fungi in the Splitiron Mine, also in Thalumbra. (These locations should be familiar, as you harvested these two items to make bandages for Brythel during the crafting timeline.) Craft 5 bandages and deliver them to healer Dalryl in Maldura around -134, -3, -78.

"Monitoring Maldura" (daily repeatable) The recipe for a Mana Battery will auto-scribe in your book. Talk to Brumley in Alcove of Reason then craft 4 mana batteries on the nearby work bench. Replace batteries in scanning devices that you installed during the crafting timeline. (By the door in Alcove of Reason, in north and south Sublevel Access Antechamber and by the door in the Mushroom Bar and Grill.) Return to Brumley.

"Malduran Medicine" (daily repeatable) - You will auto scribe recipes for Maldura Regeneration Potion, Maldura Healing Potion and Maldura Antivenin Potion. You will be asked to craft 5 specific ones. Deliver to Healer Dalryl in Maldura around -134, -3, -78.

"Malduran Mouths to Feed" (daily repeatable) - You will auto scribe recipes for Mushroom Tempura, Mycelium Moussaka, Trout and Tempeh Bibimbap and Truffle Macaroni and Mycelium. You will be asked to craft some of a specific one, which you will then deliver to Quartermaster Lysslyn near the entrance in Maldura.

"Malduran Refills" (daily repeatable) - You will be asked to refill supply crates near Quartermaster Lysslyn (near the entrance to Maldura). Click on the appropriate crates to refill the supplies, then return to Gwynvyn.

"Restocking the Deepforge Depot" (weekly mission) - harvest 50 of random assigned item in Thalumbra, return to Gwynvyn.

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